A Thorough Review of Genesis GDP1005A

Do you worry about drilling holes through the hard surfaces? Are you worried about the power and capacity of your drill press? Genesis has brought a powerful benchtop drill press that can add value to your drilling efforts by offering ample power. Also, quality parts and accessories are available to increase your overall efficiency. GDP1005A has an adjustable worktable to provide convenience while making holes with precision.

Using GDP1005A, you can make the hole successfully with little effort as there are five speeds to handle the hard material for making deep holes. You do not have to repeat or duplicate the work for the deep hole as it offers functions for burring the holes at a single attempt.

Do you want a drill machine that can handle back to back operations? This benchtop drill press can set up two vertical drill press units to perform back-to-back operations, and there will be no wrench on it. GDP1005A does it jobs perfectly as the belt adjustment system has two rods held it in place by two screw which is very simple and basic in design.

01GDP1005A Overview

Genesis takes less floor space and place strongly in its cabinet underneath which make it more appealing to the industrial users. It also offers more height capacity which is very suitable for the long or heavy materials. So, it is best suited for drilling a hole in the long pieces.

It also offers the changeable speed, and this multi-spindle speed is applicable for metal and wood simultaneously. As the metal requires a lower speed, and the wood needs higher speed, this 10-inch drill press is very appreciable.

For convenience and visibility, it offers the illuminated light compatible with your demanding requirements. The larger 5/8" chuck and 4.1-amp motor deliver power and performance for your drilling projects.


  • Item Weight: 52 pounds

  • Product Dimensions: 23.2 x 16.9 x 10.4 inches
  • Size: 5/8 Inch
  • Style: 4.1 Amp
  • Measurement System: Metric
  • Warranty: 2 Years

03Feature Analysis

3.1 Induction motor

The 4.1-amp induction motor has the highest rotating capacity, and the speed depends on the spindle wherever you choose. The use of this induction motor is very economical as it helps your energy saving mission with minimal cost. The induction motor in this genesis enables you to make the hole very fast, and this motor does not make any vibration or sound in the field of drilling. The induction motor is obvious for quiet and smooth performance.

3.2 Speed gearbox

The speed gearbox or cogwheel in this 10 drill press has a perfect rotating capacity having cut teeth, or cogs, which mesh with another toothed part strongly to transmit torque. This geared device can change the speed, torque, and direction of a power source. This speed gearbox allows for a compact gear ratio as too low or too much high gear ratio is very difficult to handle.

3.3 5/8" chuck for larger bits

GDP1005A is designed with a drill chuck which provides better drilling applications on this portable bench mills, lathes & more. This chuck also allows smooth jaw movement with advanced gripping torque to provide better services for the professional drill users. This high-precision chucks use ball thrust bearings to reduce friction in the closing mechanism and maximize drilling torque. This high capacity chuck allows the largest drill bit to use on that machine.

3.4 Tilting & Rotation

This adjustable work table can rotate to 360° and tilts 0-45° so that you need not have to adjust the heavy workpieces frequently as you can adjust it by rotating the table easily. This rotatable worktable provides smooth operation and flexibility to work with.

3.5 Rack-and-pinion Table Height Adjustment

GDP1005A provides an adjustable height work surface. The work table can support vertical motion inside columns from a base. A drive connected to the work table and the base changes the height of the work table and is located between the columns and posts. Each post carries a rack that engages with a pinion supported by a column for rotation about a common axis. The rack and pinion structure maintain the work table in a horizontal position during adjustment and use.

3.6 Integrated Work light

You can use this 10 drill press at any dark area as it comes with a work light that illuminates the drill press table. There is no risk of mistakes as you can identify the target areas for deburring with precision through this work light. It reduces the burden of handling torchlight when there is no electricity.

04Pros & Cons

4.1 Pros

  • Less floor space required

  • More height capacity
  • Suitable for long or heavy materials.
  • Offers changeable speed
  • Increase visibility through the light

4.2 Cons

It seems to have a bit of a wobble when I run it at high speeds.

05Final Verdict

The GDP1005A is very impressive regarding quality, and it is very easy to setup and operation. The workbench has sufficient accuracy for drilling as it provides the perfect gear ratio and adjustable workbench based on the customer requirements.

In this GDP1005A review, we have mentioned that when you run it on a heavy speed, you may face a bit of wobble and the base may move here and there. But you can handle this issue technically. You should run at medium speed when the bench begins to wobble. You can also place this benchtop drill press beside wall rather than placing in the open area.

By creating consciousness about this issue, you can get the maximum advantage from this GDP1005A. After all, it is a product with considerable features. Now, it's your call.

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