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The Many Uses for a Bench Grinder in Woodworking and DIY Jobs

bench grinder uses
Written by Willie Osgood
Last Update: May 3, 2023

Professionals and hobbyists seem to love a bench grinder for its ease of use and little safety concern. But, to many experts, the versatile uses for a bench grinder are what make the tool close to being an indispensable tool for a wood workshop. So, knowing how many things you can do with this grinder should help you understand what to expect from a bench grinder. Let’s take a good, quick read!

Uses for a Bench Grinder

Uses for a Bench Grinder

A bench grinder is also one of the versatile woodworking tools that can be used for some projects. Briefly we shall be looking at some of the common uses for a bench grinder before we go further to look at some of the specific tasks that can be accomplished with it.

1. Common Uses

The everyday woodworker makes use of the bench grinder for several purposes like clearing the surface of a wooden piece or metal materials. A lot of other use it as a sander to clear the surface of metals from rusts and woods from any obstruction. It is also used as a sharpener to make it possible for wood or metal pieces to be able to fit into other pieces comfortable.

i) Areas of Applications

A standard bench grinder should be convenient and portable for anyone who knows how to operate it but can also be used in different places. It is a tool that can be used by homeowners in their homes or industrial workers. Also, the bench grinder can also be used by woodworkers and metal workers both in their woodworking and metalworking stations respectively.

ii) Specific Tasks That Are Accomplished

The versatility of the bench grinder should not be mistaken at any point to think that there are no particular tasks the bench grinder can be used for. To clear the air on this, let’s look at some of the specific functions that can be achieved with a bench grinder.

  • Shape a Workpiece: When shaping a workpiece is your priority, a bench grinder is there to help. While some workpieces need to be shaped for particular designs, others need to fit in well into other pieces to make a beautiful piece as a whole.
  • Treat a Rusty Item: Do you wish to make that rusty workpiece seem all good looking again? Then this can be done specifically with a bench grinder. As a sander, it can wipe off unwanted rust off the metal.
  • Sharpen a Metal Object: The strength of the bench grinder makes it a great sharpening tool with its blade that doesn’t necessarily damage the metal object.
  • Bring a Fresh, New Look to Metal Objects: No metal work can be wasted except you want to use it as a scrap metal piece. If you look forward to giving any metal object a fresh new look, then look to no other tool than the bench grinder.

2. A Minute Please, to Understand the Grinding Wheels

Those who know and pay attention to the grinding wheels of the bench grinder are the real users of this machine. No bench grinder delivers more than the strength of its grinding wheels. Understanding the grinding wheels and which fits best for a task, is wise to pick the best bench grinder. Don’t neglect the grinding wheels if you want a perfect experience with the bench grinder.

The uses for a bench grinder are so varied that you can consider it for both woodworking and metal working projects. However, it is not enough to get caught up in the many uses if a bench grinder that you forget to pay attention to all the details required of a task or project. Remember that the more versatile and straightforward a tool is, the more attention is needed to operate such, and the bench grinder is one of such. Also, your knowledge of bench grinder uses will not be complete if you discard operational safety procedures provided for a bench grinder. Love yourself as much as you love your bench grinder to keep yourself safe always while making use of it.

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