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The Best Bench Grinders to Buy Now According to Over 7,300 Customers

A bench grinder might not be something you’ll need on a daily basis. But when the right time for its usage comes, it never fails in giving you that perfect finishing on whatever tool you use it for. It is a standard and essential equipment mainly found in metal fabrication shops.

Just like many other workshop tools, the bench machine has its variety that ultimately depends on the bond and the grade of the grinding wheel. I was personally amused at its capability when I had my first use back in my school’s engineering workshop.

It gives a lovely performance on sharpening tools that can only be achieved when you use a high-quality bench grinder, and we are here to help you find your best match from a myriad of options.

10 Bench Grinders We Tested and Reviewed

01 DEWALT DW758 8-Inch (Editor’s Choice)

DEWALT DW758 8-Inch

DEWALT DW758 is simply the best in term of its features, performance, and usability, according to our findings. Let’s see how it satisfied the Drillly team that we ended up making it our first choice.

First off, it has a ¾ hp induction motor power that provides potential power supply enhanced with a grinding speed at 3600 rpm for heavy-duty grinding projects. This feature alone boosts its score in versatility by a significant rate. It appears relatively large and weighs about 40 pounds (18kg).

Also, precision-machined aluminum tool rests are available to allow you to carry out your activities in a more accurate manner with comfort. The designers were sure to capture a situation whereby working without the ideal tool rests could compromise proficiency as it could lead to frustration. Also, as an efficient wheel grinding measure, rear exhaust ports in the wheel guards are installed to give smoother operation on workpieces.

The wheels depict its designate, 8-inch and have both the 60-grit for conventional grinding of workpieces as well as 36-grit for rapid removal of materials from associated tools. DEWALT DW758’s wheels are set apart by 12.5 inches so that you can run your various metal workpieces with sufficient space. You can associate this tool with a wire wheel to get amazing performance when deburring and smoothing a weld.

Another fascinating feature is that it comes with big eye guards that are supposedly large enough to provide protection for either eye. The adjustable eye guards are very easy to adjust to your preference. The bench grinder is highly durable, so you don’t need to worry much about intrinsic body build faults for a longer period.

Most physical/e-stores put up this machine for sale attached with offers including a 3-year whooping warranty for consumers. It’s only natural that such a long period of warranty is given to such a product of high unique capability amongst others.


  • Adjustable tool reset
  • ¾ horsepower, 4.2 AMPS
  • Corded power plug tool
  • 5/8 inch spindle diameter
  • 16 inches tool length
  • 39.5 lbs tool weight
  • 3600 rpm


  • Works perfectly for a bench grinder with the ability to perform general operations on heavy-duty or industrial tasks
  • Does not occupy much space in a workshop
  • The motor is equipped with remarkable power for any associated project
  • Industrial cast iron base keeps it firm to the ground when working
  • Wheels are separated far enough for adequate workspace
  • Tool rests and eye guards are easily adjustable
  • Offers a long period of warranty


  • A relatively heavy bench grinder
  • Grinding wheels may wobble

Our Verdict

The features and several pros defined by this ultimate model of a bench grinder are beyond enough reasons for you to try this grinder. Since no machine can possess perfect efficiency, I believe consumers can cope with the few downsides which may not apply to all machines. Ideally, the DEWALT DW758 bench grinder is suitable for every workshop owner, especially people who work in technical industries that require related powerful tools.

This top rated bench grinder is versatile and highly useful in almost all necessary ways expected from a conventional sharpening tool or a trimming tool. It is also known to perform its operations quickly and smoothly for any workpiece. In conclusion, what our intuition tells us is that a tool is a solidly-built machine that comes with the most delicate features you expect from a benchtop grinder. The price range is reasonable, and when bought once and for all, you significantly make this critical aspect of your workshop projects improve as it is worth every penny.

02 WEN 4280 5 AMP 8” (Best Variable Speed Bench Grinder)

WEN 4280 5 AMP 8”

The WEN 4280 is a top-rated bench grinder in the category of variable speed feature and has a 4.3-star rating on Amazon. It is a beautiful grinding machine that efficiently works on neat resuscitation of blunt blades of a wide range of tools, including screwdrivers, chisels, and so on. Do not be confused by its small compact nature as the grinder equally possesses great power capacity accompanied by a 5-amp variable speed motor. WEN also has another model, WEN 4282, at a low price with 4.8-amp motor.

Claims from our research on related reviews about this product include its reliability to function as active as usual upon tough metal workpieces. It incorporates 36 and 80 grit wheels significantly for quicker material removal and general strong grinding ability, respectively. There are two-piece tool rests that are independently adjustable to improve security for possible wheel wear and achieve more accurate angles as well. Moreover, you can turn it into a bench grinder polisher by using a buffing wheel or a fiber wheel.

The 5-amp motor works smartly on start-up with a smooth and quiet operation. The variable speed measures between 2000 and 3400 rpm are altered with a simple turn on its knob control to the desired speed. Increasing the speed is valued more when working on debarring additional, intense material from a workpiece while reducing the speed favors better precision on sharpening small tools.

Also, you get a nifty pair of eye guards that are adjustable to stay fit on the face. The guards prevent the pieces of your workpiece from interfering with your eyes while grinding. A flexible work light is attached to show exact lighting in an area and to compensate for poor illumination based on changes in atmospheric conditions. Inadequate supply of light in a workshop when using the machine can affect accuracy and precision.

With the WEN 4280, you no longer need to spend much money on replacing broken rusty tools because this model eliminates ragged edges, sharpens and cleans tools properly. These terrific features depict your best bet on getting all your projects nicely done, especially when you have to get the job completed in time. It’s definitely the ideal among its other competing family for maximum productivity.


  • 8-inches wheel grinder
  • Adjustable tool rest
  • 5-amp variable speed motor
  • 41 lbs tool weight
  • 16-inches tool length
  • Corded power plug tool
  • 2400-3400 rpm


  • Sturdy cast iron base with mounting holes prevent wobbling and displacement
  • 36-grit and 80-grit grinding wheel
  • Flexible work light for enhancing lighting operations
  • Adjustable speeds for improving application
  • 5-amp powered motor that speeds from 2000 to 3400 rpm
  • Operates smoothly and quietly


  • Does not support high-pressure resistance against all tough workpieces
  • Relatively heavy
  • Motor becomes fairly warm after extended usage

Our Verdict

WEN 4280 is undoubtedly the best option if you wish to get your work done in a fast and neat condition. Its excellent variable speed happens to support this feature because of the power motor rpm range applied from the wheels. I loved its fascinating performance, especially when I realized how fast and quiet the machine was while I was operating it.

This bench grinder is also found to be more adequate for homeowners and tool-based artisans. The variable-speed wheel offers a significant advantage if you are not sure about how much material you need to take off. It is believed to improve angling which invariably promotes the precision and accuracy of your workpieces. Due to the flexibility of this particular model of the bench grinder, it surely makes a beautiful asset to every workshop or site.

03 Jet 578008 1hp (Great for Industrial Use)

Jet 578008 1hp

The Jet 578008 is a powerful industrial benchtop grinder designed to withstand the substantial impacts of any workpiece subjected to sharpening, grinding or smoothening. It’s the perfect grinding machine to carry out heavy-duty jobs – the essence of its excellent build quality.

Many technological industries select this machine because of its ability to work with high volume demands of projects in the busy environment. It is safely operated as it comes with a toggle switch key plus adjustable safety shields. Also, it tends to portray great resistance to high-pressure loading and equally stands firm to the ground.

One property to account for this potential feature is its 1hp power capacity that can work over an extended period of time without emitting much heat. On powering the bench grinder, its motor speed starts up fast and quiets down to a low hum upon revolving. It operates on low vibration and has LED lamps as well as pre-drilled bases for mounting work benches on site though they are optional.

Sealed bearings for maintenance-free grinding are present for its typical construction, and it is officially CSA/CUS certified. Considering a possible fault or problem while working, you get a free entitlement to contact Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) for complaints. The tool weighs 44 pounds, dimensioned 21 inches tall and 13.75 inches wide which makes perfect sense since it’s the kind you might like to mount in an industrial environment.

A corded-electric power source is designed for the grinding machine with a stipulated voltage value of 115volts to function effectively. Its 8-inches wheel diameter has wheel grits (36 / 60) and a 5/8 inch spindle. Thus, among all our sets of 8-inch bench grinder reviews, Jet 578008 industrial bench grinder can be merely called behemoth. But, if you are ready to spend almost two hundred dollars more, you can go for Jet IBG-8VS 578208 that comes with massive cast-iron construction.


  • 8 inches wheel grinder
  • 21 inches tool length
  • Corded power plug tool
  • 2-1/2 inch dust port size
  • 1hp motor power
  • 115volts AC voltage rating
  • 5/8 inch spindle diameter
  • 44 lbs tool weight


  • 1hp motor power capacity
  • Smart start-up upon powering
  • Quiet operation with a low vibration effect
  • Sealed bearings for maintenance-free grinding
  • CSA/CUS certified
  • OSHA compliant
  • Toggle switch with safety key
  • Heavy-duty construction for demanding environment
  • Two years of warranty


  • Very heavy for carrying within the preferred site area
  • Requires high power supply
  • Not suitable for homeowners

Our Verdict

Any industry looking for a recommended model of bench grinder to carry out tasks involving heavy-duty workpieces can now end its curiosity. The Jet 578008 grinding machine plays the most active role when it comes to handling such types of welding and fitting projects. Once the tool is bought, mounted and subjected to an adequate power supply, you happen to eliminate virtually all the associated downsides.

Jet 578008 bench grinder is deemed reliable. Its ability to withstand harsh environmental workforces is just captivating such that every technology company will likely place high bids to get a limited edition of the machine. It may not be appropriate for homeowners, generally, but discard that fact if you own a large workshop with enough workspace to grind those other dull tools around.

04 Metabo DS 200 8-Inch

Maintenance Unit: Metabo DS 200 8-Inch

This 35.9 lbs heavyweight is a good value for money product. It is a very sturdy unit with high-quality aluminum protective covers. Its particular design makes it coherent to deduce and allows it to operate on low vibrations when compared to other grinders akin.

In addition to its low vibration feature, the machine works with a reduced tendency to make noise that can be irksome. Unlike inferior grinding machines that may portray loud noise but work powerfully, Metabo DS 200 counteracts the former and even gives neater outcomes on workpieces. These features alone make it dominate over many powerful machines in this category of proficiency.

Durability and reliability are particular when it comes to this machine plus a whopping 3-year warranty if bought on some e-stores, including Amazon. Naturally, this means its user is looking at a bench grinder with an excellent low-maintenance grinder as it is complemented with a maintenance-free induction motor.

This 8-inch unit runs up to 3570 rpm which may depict only a minute or two before the sanding disc becomes stationary. It doesn’t take much time to begin revolving either way though. Its motor is especially designed for single phase alternating current and a protective cover bayonet lock that is used to make fast and easy wheel alterations. An emergency stop switch (red color) is also added for shielding it from dense dust particles in the air when working.

Accompanying this machine are large and adjustable spark protection guards that protect your eyes. It functions on 4.8 amp capacity and works appropriately with adequate power supply. The grinder, even as sophisticated as it may sound, actually has a simple setup and will be sharpening your tools optimally in no time.


  • 8 inches wheel grinder
  • No-load speed (rpm): 3570 and Arbor size: 1 inch
  • 4.8 AMP powered motor
  • Motor for single phase alternating current
  • Work-piece support adjustable
  • 35.9 lbs tool weight
  • Corded power plug tool


  • Designed powerfully for high requirements
  • Low noise and vibration
  • Maintenance-free induction motor
  • Sturdy die-cast aluminium protective covers
  • Restart protection to prevent accidental start-up after power supply interference
  • Vibration-damping rubber feet for safe support
  • Protective cover bayonet lock for disc change


  • Relatively heavy
  • There have been reports of poor quality machine screws
  • It’s on the expensive side

Our Verdict

Metabo DS 200 is one of the most beautiful bench grinders you can find in the market. Our designated unique feature regarding its low maintenance makes it a splendid asset for every industrial or domestic workshop. I saw some pictures and really liked the way it was designed to come with two different colored toggle buttons in green and red of which the red is raised slightly higher for easy distinction. That should probably be for quicker reach upon emergency.

I know many stores labelled a relatively high price on the grinding machine. But in reality, the build qualities of this grinder and its performance are worth the price range. Besides, it has a really long time of warranty if anything might go wrong. But the odds of that are quite low due to attention requiring no high maintenance measures.

05 SKIL 3380-01 6-Inch

SKIL 3380-01 6-Inch

First off, SKIL 3380-01 is a sturdy, quality tool sold at a great price. Just get that this is not the typical tool you may find in industrial workshops but an entry-level bench grinder constructed for light sharpening and eliminating rust.

It has a 2.1-amp motor that is strong enough to rotate the wheels up to 3450 rpm, which is relatively impressive for the most basic grinding tasks. The machine has two 6-inch wheels that significantly perform in entirely different purpose. The medium wheel is meant for general grinding activities while the course one can be used to obtain faster outcomes based on your workpiece in a nifty manner.

Stop all forms of material chips (debris) or sparks from having contact with the eye as this bench grinder comes with friendly, adjustable eye guards. You might still want to use a pair of safety goggles to effectively supplement the protection. The bench grinder also has LED lights to enhance illumination while you work on workpieces in the workshop. This lighting design is different from the types that come with lamps instead.

Adjustable tool rests are also added to this model with a dial on every inner side of the tool rests to make preferred adjustments to the machine. Carry out all your newbie works on this bench grinding wheels without having to worry about it wobbling or displacing. It possesses a cast iron base and rubber feet at the bottom as well. The grinder itself is not heavy (20.8 pounds) and can be transferred to different parts of the surrounding conveniently.

Upon proper purchase process on some e-stores, you get to be legitimately entitled to an exclusive 3-year warranty for the product. SKIL 3380-01 is definitely the ideal grinding tool that can easily be bought and used efficiently for minor projects.


  • 6 inches wheel grinder
  • 2.1-amp motor capacity
  • No load rpm: 3450
  • 120 volts rating
  • Built-in LED lights
  • Electric-powered power source
  • 8.48 lbs tool weight
  • 15.4 inches tool length


  • Quiet but quite influential on a 2.1-amp motor
  • Capable of reaching 3450 rpm
  • Lightweight, Portable & Durable
  • Built-in LED lights over both wheels


  • It cannot withstand high pressure on the wheels
  • The lights are integrated into a fixed area on the machine, not all flexible

Our Verdict

We recommend this best cheap bench grinder in case you are an amateur or newbie in the grinding business and looking for a competent model for the money. Naturally, you get to appreciate more advanced tools when working with the basic types at first. The SKIL 3380-01 is a very reliable tool that is easy to use. It performs great at producing extremely affordable items that bring about several exciting features, including excellent durability.

It is an excellent machine suitable for making the most of your metalworking tools that might be getting rusted or dull. This can be achieved because of its ample power that is enough for working on light projects.

06 True Power 199 Mini Multi-Purpose

True Power 199 Mini Multi-Purpose

TruePower 199 is a relatively small bench grinder (3”) but shouldn’t be misjudged by its size as it is powerful as well. The small-sized design merely is meant to aid portability. Its motor has a power value of 150W (0.2hp) and voltage rating, 110 volts which portray an impactful feature concerning the size. The exceptional wheels run up to 10000 rpm when not subjected to any loading. The speed is only this high compared to other bench grinders because of its size.

Notwithstanding, as small as this the wheels appear, they still carry out grinding activities up to an excellent standard for necessary projects. Nice addition to this model is the variable speed control feature. The control knob is easily located at the anterior surface of the machine for making speed adjustments as desired. You can always reduce the speed in case it may be too fast for your grinding exercise or increase it otherwise.

TruePower 199 also comes with a wheel housing that is durable and provides security against sparks in the work area. A nifty eye shield is included among the security accessories to protect your eyes from being in contact with debris (tiny material chips). It is positioned over the top of the wheelhouse opening and merely is raised to get the workpiece directly underneath.

Tool rests are available for users to get the best of precision and accuracy while using the bench grinding machine. It also happens to give you a perfect angle on whatever you may be working on. This grinder is really lovely and suitable for small tasks like sharpening drill bits, hence, having a tool rest attached as a component naturally helps the grinding process.

Particularly, TruePower 199 is deemed a terrific grinding machine because it comes with a lot of extra attachments. It has a flex shaft to make mounting of different things simple. A collect wrench and a hex wrench is included to make things easy when setting up the bench grinder (instructions are in the manual). It even comes with a grinding and polishing wheel (both 3”) to begin grinding tasks immediately.


  • 3 inches wheel grinder
  • 7.2 lbs tool weight
  • 11 inches tool length
  • Electric-powered power source
  • No load: 10000 rpm


  • Variable speed control
  • Light-weight bench grinder
  • Excellent compact size
  • Great for jewelry


  • Not designed for heavy-duty tasks
  • Reports have been made concerning the polishing ability
  • It may slowly run up to full speed

Our Verdict

Are you fond of woodworking, jewelry making or engaging in related technical activities? TruePower 199 may be a must-have around your residence. It is the portable, compact bench grinder that you can use to carry out fine grinding processes to enhance the efficiency of your tools or objects.

I believe anyone who intends to buy this grinder has to be realistic about all it can do, of course. It’s a tool for performing light grinding operations which it does to an optimal level. The fact that it can also be carried allowed without worrying about its compatibility or weight is so fascinating.

07 RIKON Professional 8 inch Bench Grinder Slow Speed, 80-805

RIKON Professional 8 inch Bench Grinder Slow Speed, 80-805

Rikon 80-805 offers a somewhat heavy-duty grinding. It is modeled with a quick, smooth start-up mechanism employed by its ½ power motor which operates at a speed up to 1750 rpm. The relatively large width (1”) and slow speed constitute why it’s especially designed for slow-speed sharpening activities.

Also, the construction of the machine tends to lower heat build-up after an extensive usage period. This reduces the chances of the workpiece being affected by excessive grinding exercises, such as material elimination from a workpiece. It can equally minimize the feasibility of “bluing,” especially on sharpening small tools.

The wheels are of 60-grit, and 120-grit composition that is accompanied by a diamond wheel dresser used prior beginning subsequent grinding operations. Rikon 80-805 has a sturdy cast iron base that provides anti-vibration rubber feet and mounting of holes to a workbench or grinder stand.

Additionally, adjustable polycarbonate eye shields and spark resistors are available to offer protection to your eyes from debris like real chips in the workpiece and spark particles while grinding. The bench grinder has sealed, lubricated bearings found in the motor ENVIRON, and thus, there is no necessary requirement for lubrication from the operator.

The adjustable tool rests are provided to improve your sharpening exercises on Rikon 80-805 in order to control or increase accuracy and precision for your projects. Some e-stores render up to 5 years of warranty that cover a lot of possible circumstances or problems faced.


  • 8 inches wheel grinder
  • ½ hp motor capacity
  • 120 volts rating
  • 1750 rpm
  • 37.2 lbs tool weight
  • Electric-powered power source
  • 16.4 inches tool length


  • Adjustable tool rests
  • Powerful ½ hp motor
  • Cast iron base with anti-vibration rubber feet
  • Low speed for optimal sharpening operations
  • Adjustable safety eye shield and spark resistors
  • Wheel Dressers


  • Not ideal for extreme duty operations
  • Vibration intensity is not so great

Our Verdict

Sometimes, getting to apply the best technique to a strategy or procedure can involve unconventional or strange processes. I wondered why a bench grinder should be designed to have a slow speed, precisely. Little did I know that the most efficient outcomes from grinding are performed under mild, steady and meticulous operations.

Rikon 80-805 was able to take a place in our list because it worked great for subjecting tools for effective sharpening with lower chances of accidents in the process. It is also deemed the a great choice for sharpening wood lathes among others in this list.

08 DEWALT DW756 6-Inch Bench Grinder

DEWALT DW756 6-Inch Bench Grinder

One of our most-favorites that performs all kinds of grinding operation is DEWALT DW756. It possesses a powerful 5/8 hp induction motor that runs up to 3450 rpm for doing sharpening or removing tasks over a wide range of tools. This property merely defines its ability to do all concerned operations from a standard bench grinder, including sharpening, deburring, grinding, cleaning, and polishing workpieces.

This machine has many features that contribute to its outstanding quality among 6-inch bench grinders in stores, making it a model that can be used for years without observing many issues. Its powerful motor enables you to even venture on any delicate woodwork workpiece at a decent speed. There are eye shields and spark resistors added to this bench grinder: the former for protecting the eyes against debris and the latter for preventing spark particles from contacting the eyes too.

Projects carried out on this machine are done without too much efforts and technicalities. One of the intriguing qualities about this bench grinder is its ability position metals to enhance accuracy and precision on workpieces. This makes you accomplish your tasks in the most optimal way possible with low possibilities of making mistakes.

The distance between the two wheels makes it appropriate for more extended and more massive grinding exercises. Though the tool might seem complicated to operate perhaps due to its overwhelming capabilities features at a glance, it’s actually easy to set up! It can be kept in workshops of homeowners or industries and work appropriately without much maintenance as long as it is used rightly. You also get a back up 3-year warranty upon purchase which covers defects due to machine faults or workmanship.


  • 6 inches wheel grinder
  • 28.1 lbs tool weight
  • 16.8 inches tool length
  • Electric-powered power source
  • 110 volts rating
  • 3450 rpm


  • Powerful 5/8 hp induction motor
  • Can withstand heavy duty operations
  • Industrial cast iron base
  • Motor environ (housing) to promote durability
  • Build quality has a long life cycle
  • High-power motor that runs at 3450 rpm
  • Extensive versatility
  • Available eye shields and spark resistors


  • Wheels might take a while to stop after powering off
  • The tendency to undergo wobbling
  • Not apt for long-term projects at a stretch

Our Verdict

DEWALT DW756 is a top rated bench grinder with its captivating features. Its application in the industrial and domestic workshops is one of its very many interesting I find, personally. DEWALT designers must have put much thought into just how versatile a bench grinding machine can be. Well, there we have! A sturdy and durable machine that is ideal for every workshop and workpiece which performs all related grinding operations, effectively.

09 JET 577102 JBG-8A 8-Inch

JET 577102 JBG-8A 8-Inch

This grinder is known to perform well under massive duty operations. It is modeled with a remarkable motor power of 1hp and 8-amp, which is naturally twice the power competence of most of the cheap bench grinders out there. Jet 577102 operates on a single speed of 3450 rpm which is powerful enough for most types of grinding operations, especially regarding its 8-inch wheels that run smoothly.

The wheels are separated into two options having both 36-grit and 60-grit compositions. The medium grit especially works to grind away rough edges on workpieces while the fine (coarse) grit is for performing more delicate tasks. This way, you get to attain an efficiency from your tools at an optimum state for subsequent use for more extended periods. Jet 577102 weighs 58 pounds and is 19 inches tall.

The massive structure is compensated by an ideal build quality that is deemed reliable and highly durable even. But it cannot be easily transported from place to place due to its hefty base that possesses a dense metallic property. The wheel guards are made of cast iron as well, and there are ports integrated to the machine serving as a dust collector.

One of the core reasons behind Jet 577102’s smooth feature is the presence of pre-lubricated ball bearings that are entirely enclosed which invariably keep the spindle rotating real smooth. There are spark guards and eye shields that work in the common goal to protect your eyes from foreign particles. The accessories are said to be adjustable as well. You also get entitled to a 2-year warranty upon purchase from the e-store.


  • 8 inches wheel grinder
  • 19 inches tool length
  • 58 lbs tool weight
  • 1 hp motor power capacity
  • 3450 rpm
  • 5/8-inch shaft diameter
  • 115 volts rating
  • Electric-powered power source


  • Has a very efficient build quality
  • Runs very smoothly and undergoes low-vibrations
  • Can work for an extended period at a stretch
  • High power capacity for withstanding heavy loading
  • Adjustable spark guards and eye shields


  • Too heavy for easy transportation
  • Does not come with attached lighting accessory

Our Verdict

Jet 577102 actually portrays a more flexible and competent role in industrial workshops than national workshops. One sure thing I have learned about this machine is that it’s an excellent piece of work with features that are just somewhat astonishing at a glance. It seems as if almost nothing can go wrong which makes the durability feature perfectly coherent.

Its exceptional power and speed capacities are enough to work with over a wide range of tough projects. A rare event will be a situation whereby you find a quality bench grinder that can work significantly better than Jet 577102.

10 ATD Tools 10558 8” 3/4 HP

ATD Tools 10558 8” 3/4 HP

This is a massive duty ball-bearing machine designed to work under harsh conditions. The most prominent feature found in the 8-inch ATD Tools 10558 is the flexible shatter-resistant eye-shield. There are cases wherein small or large material chips tend to crack the eye guards of a typical bench grinder. However, it’s the opposite situation for ATD Tools 10558.

The adjustable eye guards tend to show two more distinct features as well. One of which has the property of magnification while the other is the standard eye guard. These impressive safety features merely discard the need for putting on safety goggles for enhanced protection because their lenses are impenetrable (shatter resistant). In addition to this feature comes metal tool rests and spark guards.

It has broad and flexible work light for improving illumination when carrying out grinding operations. Pre-cast holes for mounting to stand or workbench are also included in this bench grinder model. There is a dust-proof switch integrated into the machine as well as a cooling tray that helps during an extensive period of heavy grinding exercises.

ATD Tools 10558 is relatively heavy (33 lbs) and possesses a potential 3/4 hp motor power capacity. When not subjected to external loading, its wheels can speed up to 3450 rpm. The grinding wheels have medium and coarse grits that grind workpieces and apply neat finishing to the work, respectively. The bench grinder works on 4.8-amps and 120 volts rating.


  • 8 inches bench grinder
  • 3/4 hp power motor capacity
  • No load: 3450 rpm
  • 34 lbs tool weight
  • 20.8 inches tool length


  • Adjustable tool rests
  • Adjustable shatter-resistant eye shields
  • Metal tool rests and sparks guards
  • Large flexible work light
  • Dust-proof toggle switch
  • Cooling tray


  • Wheels may tend to wobble over time
  • Reports have been made concerning poorly installed screws

Our Verdict

Honestly, when it comes to ultimate lighting potential in a grinding machine, ATD tools 10558 is definitely worth your purchase. The fact that it immediately dismisses the need for me to use my safety goggles while working, plus the additional spark guard, is merely exciting to know. It is now enhanced with additional, quite rare features such as the coolant, the dust-proof switch and of course, flexible shatter-resistant eye shields!

I do not need to emphasise much on its excellent build quality because since it’s entirely on the visible side. The bench grinder also has beautiful architecture (maybe it’s just the prominent eye guards and metal tool rests) and works with a reliable and efficient 3/4 hp motor at a terrific speed.

Bench Grinders Buyer’s Guide: Everything You Need to Know

Best Bench Grinders Buyer’s Guide

That being said, we shall now lay proper emphasis on the things to consider when purchasing a bench grinder from the store. Some months back, I had a colleague who often complained about his bench grinder being inefficient for some of his works. Not until recently did I figure out that the model he bought (portable bench grinder) wasn’t good enough to carry out the specific kind of task he wished to complete in time and adequately.

As a result, we got an automotive bench grinder with adjustable speed settings to help maximize time during the tasks associated with it. The dilemma of my colleague experienced was merely due to insufficient knowledge on the selection of an apt bench grinder for the nature of most of his projects. Intuitively, he was probably intrigued by the portability and ideal light weight of the machine which caused him to make a wrong choice.

In case you are a novice, an explained set of information has been provided for you so you don’t face such predicaments in life regarding your choosing skills. The primary factors to consider when looking for the perfect bench grinder are:

1. Motor Power

This property is usually labelled in watt (W) or horsepower (hp) depending on the model or country you intend to purchase the grinder. The latter is actually more common in most e-stores; but for the sake of unforeseen events, you might want to recall that 1 hp = 745.7W. By logic, the higher the value of the motor’s power means the more significant the power efficiency of the machine.

For instance, a bench grinder using ¼ hp will be 4 times less potent than a grinder using 1hp. For example, if you want to use the machine to sharpen a mower blade and do related tasks then the ¼ hp will be good enough for you. But if you need to really clean up your steel, or remove or shape the blade, the 1hp power motor will be ideal.

2. Construction & Durability

You surely want your investment to serve you for a long period of time. You need to make sure your preferred choice has a good build quality so you get good return from your investment.

3. Speed

Different top grinding machines come with wheels that are designed with variable speeds. Our research shows that a variable speed bench grinder is predominant amongst artisans and recommended for aiding optimum outcomes for projects. There are different types of wheels as stated below.

4. Types of Wheels

  • Straight wheel: It is the most popular of all types of wheel and is usually used for sharpening of chisels, gouges or similar tools. The straight wheel grinder is typically applied for tasks involving surface grinding or centreless grinding.
  • Cylinder wheel: This type of wheel is relatively large and hollow in design to be applied on huge, tough materials, such as large metal sheets.
  • Tapered wheel: Tapered grinder discs have their wheel narrowing towards edges. This design is mainly meant for exquisite kinds of tasks like grinding metal threads or sharpening of gear teeth during which the edges become tapered.

You can also choose from the dry wheel and wet wheel options when purchasing a bench grinder.

5. Safety Measures

I urge you also take proper safety precautions when dealing with bench grinders because there are quite a number of possible hazards that are accompanied by this machine if not adhered to.

  • Spark protection: No single glove is enough to provide complete protection for every work situation, so it may be imperative you get specialized (spark) protection when working with tools like bench grinders
  • Guards and tool rest: Make sure you have wheel guards in good condition for your grinding machine and set tool rest about 1/16 to 1/8 inch from the wheel
  • Anti-vibration feature: It is essential to reduce or limit vibrations of the grinding machine as they could cause poor surface finish or even accidents
  • Eyeshield: Guard your eyes while grinding to prevent grinding chips, metal pieces or little particles from contacting the eye
  • Rubber feet: It is ideal to mount your grinder to sit on rubber feet to subject it to firmness while you work on the machine. This can reduce errors or accidents when in use

6. Adjustable Speeds

With reference to speed being among the necessary factors to consider, bench grinders are best operated with an adjustable speed feature. It helps its user monitor and control the rate at which the wheels can exercise their performance on a workpiece so as to prevent uneven trimming or sharpening.

7. Warranty

A full warranty for your machine is a must-have, and it goes beyond that. The information should include a detailed explanation of the warranty coverage and what is not covered upon purchase of the bench grinder. More favorably, if you’re able to get a warranty for over 12 months then go for it without much hesitation. That way, you can account for the general performance of the machine for a longer time and feel secure about your budget.

8. Budget

You will find price ranges starting from $50 to as much as $600. On the other hand, angle grinders are cheaper when compared to bench grinders.

The Bench Grinder & Its Types

Bench grinders are commonly used to drive abrasive wheels, usually Aluminum Oxide stones, that sharpen or shape a workpiece (usually metals) for better efficiency. The various models of bench grinders invariably have a unique property that defines their purpose and the commonest bench grinders you will find are automotive, woodworking, and portable bench grinders. Some of them also come with a belt sander to help users grind and sand various materials.

Automotive bench grinders are quite the most prevalent type you will find around. This versatile machine can be used for grinding a whole range of cutting tools and shaping different metal equipment by the modern blacksmith. Consequently, an automotive bench grinder is designed to be stable with only a few adjustments to keep you going on the bench properly.

Woodworking bench grinders work per their designation – wood. They are specially constructed to smoothing cutting edges of woods that are dull and grinding wood, of course. This kind of grinder requires good precision and can be effectively gotten from a high-quality unit.

Portable bench grinders merely give us a hint that they can be transported around as preferred due to their lightweight. You can modify them to pedestal grinders with a sturdy stand. The only downside to this type of grinders is that they are not as strong as bigger grinders which may not be handy for tough metal works.

Why Use Bench Grinders?

So, what could be the reason that I would need a bench grinder for in my workshop? Considering the multiple metal and wood pieces I have there, I believe anyone who is need of a shaper or sharpener for optimum efficiency of these reference tools should keep a bench grinder at their arm’s reach. It may drive someone nuts when having to work on a project with blunt tools or inapt workpieces in general.

A bench grinder always makes our jobs more accessible by providing a flexible usage on our casual workpieces that tend to deteriorate over time. For us to keep all our tools in their nifty conditions from time to time, a bench grinder serves that purpose well. This is why it is recommended for construction specialists, tool based workers, or even homeowners. But you should also know how and where to use a bench grinder properly for maximum output.

Bench Grinder Care & Maintenance

Bench Grinder Care and Maintenance Tips

Hunting out the top quality bench grinders isn’t enough, you need to take good care of the tool to make it long-lasting. Follow these tips and get served by your investment years after years.

  • A regular inspection on your grinding machine keeps you in-check for possible damage(s) in the nearest feature
  • Make sure you clean the machine when necessary. Remember to do this when unplugged or powered off
  • Lubricating the bench grinder from time to time improves the life cycle of its bearings
  • Cover up the machine when not in use for a long while and store in a safe place (dry, no solar heat contact)
  • Use proper cables to power the bench grinder. Failure to do so can cause interruptions and may even blow a fuse

It’s Time to Wrap Up

There are so many choices with different features and specifications that you may feel confused and not know how to make an informed buying decision. This merely tells us that when browsing among the numerous options, it takes more than just knowing the specifications. However, we were able to overcome this conservative perspective by reviewing more elaborate details about various grinders and their most remarkable, outstanding properties. Hope this article has given you sufficient insight on how to select an apt bench grinder. A better re-evaluation on reviews so to say!

Some reputed brands like Central Machinery, Bosch, Ozito, Creusen, Wilton, Hitachi, Wolf, Gmf, Task Force, Draper, Ryobi, Aeg, Linishall, Porter Cable, Parkside, Shopcraft, Kinzo, Waldown, Abbott & Ashby, Steel Grip, Mac Allister, Terratek, Ashland, Mastercraft, and Cummins Mack failed to match our benchmark. As a result, no model from them made it to our final list. Besides, vintage brands like Valley, Blue Point, Thor are now outdated and lack the required features to top among the new comers.

And in case you are still not able to make up your mind, compare the 8-inch grinders mentioned above, for instance, DEWALT DW758, Jet 578008 and Metabo DS 200. You surely have noticed that these products have quite some similar features but are yet unique in their specific ways. Do your work and you will definitely be able to make your choice sooner or later.

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