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The Best Cabinet Table Saws, According to 800+ Customer Reviews

Every serious woodworker needs a table saw to complete different woodworking tasks smoothly. Cabinet table saws are an exclusive inclusion to the realm of table saws. They come in a rigid construction, providing more stability and less noise than regular types. That’s why professional woodworkers prefer cabinet saws to other types of table saws.

Since these heavy-duty table saws don’t come cheap, you need to make an informed buying decision and invest in the right product. We’re here to help!

Our Best Cabinet Table Saw Choices

01 SawStop PCS175-TGP236 (Best Overall)

SawStop PCS175-TGP236 Cabinet Saw

This is a professional table saw with maximum power to operate for hours in the woodworking activities. The saw delivers a high performance ensuring that nothing goes wrong; it never fails.

With this saw, you need not worry much about the quality of the blade as the hypersensitive blade which senses skin contact and immediately stops rather than making a fatal saw-cut injury.

As an added advantage to your working space, this machine has a dust collection mechanism with 99% perfection making your working space ever clean. The mobility of this saw is easy as it is fitted with a mobile base.

The aluminum braking system attached to the blade offers instant stoppage of the blade minimizing injury chances of the woodworker making it a safer saw.

According to statistics, accidents with table saws happen nearly every 9 minutes of the day in the United States. There is an average of 10 amputations that are done nearly every day. This cabinet saw that has excellent security features to the point of sensing skin contact saves lives, injuries, and jobs.

For a serious woodworker looking to make a longer-term investment in a top of the line machine with top of the line security measures then this is a saw well worth taking a look at and well worth the money!

As it comes with wheels it is mobile and can easily be moved to another location, especially as it does not need a dedicated plug socket, unlike some cabinet table saws that require a dedicated socket.


  • The motor is 1.75 horsepower
  • The tabletop has dimensions of 20 x 27” and 44 x 27” and comes standard with wing extensions with the dimensions of 12 x 27”
  • The arbor is 5/8” and it has a 10” blade with left side tilt
  • The saw has an 8” dado and a 5/8” arbor
  • The saw comes standard with a 4” dynamic dust collector for clean air and working environment
  • It has a 2mm thick riving knife
  • The machines diameters are 69 x 33 x 34”


  • The “always-on protection” is an advanced safety system that prevents injuries
  • The saw offers “sure lockdown” to prevent deflection
  • The fence is a T-Glide system that is 36” for a smoother woodworking feel


  • It is not easy to reassemble

Our Verdict

This saw is worth buying. It has got all the necessary features, specifications and design for ample working at all woodworking levels. Professional, hobbyist and those just starting out will benefit from this saw with its advanced safety features, cast iron table tops, professional T-glide fence and mobility options.

If your budget allows for it this may be the saw to invest in, especially a novice as the skin sensor will give added peace of mind whilst learning to operate your new saw.

02 SawStop PCS31230-TGP252 Pro (Also Great)

SawStop PCS31230-TGP252 Pro Cabinet Saw

This heavy-duty professional cabinet table saw is a fully engineered for workers who have taken woodworking to another level. This means you will have a smooth cut in your wood due to its 10-inch cutting blade that cuts to a depth of 3 1/8 inches that cuts to a 0°.

It has a dust collection port for easier breathing while working with the saw as well as for a cleaner workplace, protecting the blade as the debris gets deposited into the bins.

This saw offers 3 horsepower of professional cutting to deliver smoother more precise cuts. The patented safety features of this table saw brand give you peace of mind as just the teeniest touch of skin to the blade will trigger the shut down the blade in a matter of milliseconds; thus preventing a major injury although you may still need a plaster you will not need stitches or worse lose a limb.

The riving knife comes equipped with built-in protection like that of a band saw to minimize kickback that typically occurs with non-through cuts. The power chord of the system does not require any special socket attachments or fittings as it uses 220-volt power

The wheels at the base of the set make it easy to move and position in the workshop or garage. Making it easier to be able to store the machine in one place and take it out when using it. This saw would suit a professional woodworker and a serious hobbyist as it is a very powerful saw and well worth the price tag it comes with.

It is a long-term investment that is built to last and if used right will bring about great returns on your investment.


  • SawStop Patented security features and skin sensing blade mechanism
  • Require less effort to install as compared to other
  • Power efficient and better for the environment
  • Comparatively easier blade adjustments than most other products
  • Built to last
  • Value for money


  • Need an adapter kit
  • The main alignment is difficult

Our Verdict

The effective safety systems and locking mechanisms help this table saw stand out. If one of your main criteria for a table saw is safety this is the machine that you should go for. Its easy mobility, large cast-iron tabletop, easy glide Professional T-Glide fence, and dust collection parts are made from sturdy durable materials designed to last as long as the machine itself.

This is a perfect saw for professionals and hobbyists looking to invest in a cabinet table saw.

03 Grizzly G0690 (Budget-Friendly)

Grizzly G0690 Cabinet Table Saw

If you love woodworking, you should consider having a cabinet table saw with a riving knife like this one which is convenient for use at any place; whether at home as a hobbyist or in a professional workshop. Its 3HP motor with is 220V single-phase Leeson makes it a versatile fit in any suitable sized space with a plug socket.

Built as a gold standard in 10ft cabinets of the left-tilting Cabinet Table Saw persuasion this is the saw you are going to want for your workshop.

The cast-iron trunnions are heavy duty along with a cabinet that is “powder coated”, “precision-ground” table also made from cast-iron. The table has a “T-slots miter gauge”. This makes the saw to be highly durable and built to give you many good years of woodworking pleasure.

The saw may take some setting up and fine tuning but once it is all set this machine will not let you down. From the most professional woodworker to the novice this machine will give you precise cuts with less wood burn.

Built-in safety features and a dust bin help to give you peace of mind while operating the machine. It also helps you to breathe better and keeps both the workspace and components clean.

Although this is the best budget cabinet table saw out there, this machine comes with a lot of added extras, is tough and will not let you down. It is one of the best cabinet table saws for the money and will work effortlessly for you for years to come with the proper care and maintenance.

The machine is suitable from the novice to the serious woodworker and will do well in a workshop or garage.


  • Durable
  • Includes quick release riving knife, quick release blade guard and push stick


  • Difficult to transport due to heavyweight
  • High power consumption due to 3 HP motor

Our Verdict

If you’re looking for a cheap machine with a price tag under 2000 USD but has optimum strength, durability, and top safety features, this is exactly what you should consider. It is also not one of the easiest saws to operate but has a high-quality output that will give great precision cuts with a minimal wood burn.

While not recommended for the beginner this saw would suit a professional woodworker that has worked with cabinet table saws previously or the serious hobbyist.

04 Powermatic 1792001K PM2000 (Premium Choice)

Powermatic 1792001K PM2000

This table saw is a power-packed saw which performs well over a long period of time. It is accurate to its cutting edge due to its well calibrated and professional fence that comes along with it. A wood router once mounted is an exceptional accessory to use with this machine and requires minimal operational skills to use.

It has an excellent dust collection port which ensures a clean cut and clean surface while at work. The cuts of this saw are smooth and void of blade vibration which is caused by the large arbor diameters of the saw and the heft of the cost motion in this model.

It comes standard with a quick release riving knife to prevent the risk of kickback. It has a patented (or patent pending rather) caster system that makes the unit more mobile. This saw is excellent for workshops/garages with limited space.

The machine can easily be moved into place when needed and then back out of the way to be stored. A great plus for a cabinet table saw as some come with a need for a permanently dedicated workspace and plug socket.

It has its advanced trunnion system with a rigid box-style cast iron base that has been designed to stand the test time. This gives many solid hassle-free woodworking hours for those that love to lose themselves in the creation of beautiful woodwork pieces.

This is a great device for any level of woodworker with its smooth cut vibration-free design. A machine that would fair well in any workshop or garage environment.


  • Rout-R-Lift: and Rout-R-Lift structures
  • A table saw that comes standard with 50” accu-fence system.
  • Available with or without Rout-R-Lift.
  • Specifications: -3HP 1PH. Assembly
  • Is going to need assembly
  • Dimensions: 39” H x 37” W x 85” D


  • Well, fixed and meter gauged fence comes along with it too for clean and accurate cuts.
  • It has a magnetic switch on/off which allows disabling of the machine when in use and protects against accidental startups caused by power fluctuations.
  • Healthier and working environment as the saw has a dust shroud which encloses much of the blade for optimum dust collection.


  • Requires regular replacement of the blade for efficient working.
  • Uses a corded electric power sauce which makes it a permanent fixture once setup.

Our Verdict

Very reasonable quality saw. It does have some little quirks and has been said to take a lot of time to get all set up. But once in operation, this saw will work for years to come under intense working conditions without letting you down. However, this saw requires a large space.

This saw would suit both an experienced and mid-level woodworker/hobbyist. This is the most expensive table saw on our list.

05 JET 708675PK XACTASAW Deluxe

JET 708675PK XACTASAW Deluxe Cabinet Saw

The Jet 10n Deluxe XACTASAW, 3HP, 1PH, 50-inch Rip Fence comes with a quick release riving knife for greatly reduced binding or kickback risk is a saw well worth the research.

When it comes to safety, this particular saw is one of a kind. It has an independent leaf safety guard that protects the operator from the blade while cutting even at a 45-degree angle tilt.

It also has a built-in 4-inch dust collection port for ensuring that the air you, breathe in while working is clean with minimal particles in. It keeps your working environment clean from any debris and sawdust built as well as protecting the machines various components.

The extended wings are well spread to a working area of 26″x30″ to give an, even larger, cast iron workstation and trunnion for almost vibration-free handling. There is built in storage to store some of your other woodworking tools or saw accessories.

This is a great saw for both professional woodworkers, and hobbyists who want to use it quite often for their projects. Its unique built-in safety features make it easy to operate and prevent major injuries for a less experienced operator.


  • Riving Knife with quick release mechanism
  • Dimensions: 85 x 36 x 38 inches
  • Horsepower: 3
  • Arbor lock is a push button for quick blade changes
  • Belt System is a Poly-V drive for quiet efficient delivery
  • The trunnion is heavy duty with a wide stance and left tilt for more stability and a smoother positioning of the blade


  • Vibration free operator
  • Great Storage
  • Stable and quiet
  • Remarkably high performance and efficient cutting power


  • No major cons except high power consumption.

Our Verdict

You are not going to go wrong if you decide to go with this saw. It is both built to last and comes equipped with all the features a professional woodworker could want. The cuts are done with a precision angle and not a lot of wood burn. It has all the safety features you would want on a cabinet table saw.

This is a top-rated all-around cabinet table saw that would suit the novice to the experienced woodworker or hobbyist.

06 Shop Fox W1819 3 HP

Shop Fox W1819 3 HP Table Saw

This is a saw that you can basically take out the box and start using. It is really easy to set up, use and maintains.

It has a dial gauge, hefty fence and clear polycarbonate guard which makes the saw, accurate, easy to work with and safe.

It has large dust collecting bin that captures up to 99% of the dust created from cutting. This helps to give clearer air to breathe in the workspace as well as a clearer workspace cabinet and saw components. Cleaner dust-free components add to the saw life and ensure the saw is always operational and ready to use.

A powerful saw with 3horsepower that can cut through most wooden materials. The countertop is made of cast iron with a strong durable cabinet that is designed to last for years to come. Allowing for lots of woodworking projects.

The riving knife that is standard with this cabinet table saws blade has a safety guard to avoid unnecessary accidents. This clear polycarbonate guard gives the operator a clear view of the knife operation during use.

This cabinet saw is ideal for the workshop and garage alike. It is easy to use and powerful allowing for small to medium-large woodworking projects. This starter saw is ideal for novices due to good safety measures and will also do well in a professional workshop and hobbyist environment.

It is value for money, and you can be sure that you will get a lot of usage out of this saw. With the proper care and maintenance, it is going to last you a long, long time.


  • Dial Gauge
  • Low vibration for more accuracy
  • Riving knife
  • Hefty fence for easier glide
  • Clear polycarbonate guard
  • Weighs 510 pounds
  • Dimensions 85 x 36 x 38 inches
  • Horsepower: 3


  • Extra storage space for bits and saw accessories
  • Vibration free for precision cuts and fewer accidents
  • Excellent stability for accurate work
  • Remarkable performance


  • The product does not have any cons
  • It is very heavy and if shipped may come in more than one shipping box

Our Verdict

It is one of the one of a kind saw that every craftsman should have. This is the kind of saw that encourages a person to want to go out and do some woodwork. Easy to use, maintain and good value for money, this is going to last you well into the future. It is suitable for all level of operators to enjoy crafting on.

07 Powermatic PM1000 1791001K

Powermatic PM1000 1791001K Table Saw

This cabinet table saw has a poly-v belt and a 1 ¾ Horsepower motor. Making for a decent powered saw with greatly reduced vibration and a highly efficient motor.

It has superior dust collection power for maximum clean air whilst using the machine giving a cleaner healthier working environment around it. Its leave the workspace free from annoying wood chips and sawdust buildup. It also helps in keeping the saws components dust-free to ensure a longer life span, less downtime due to repairs and maintenance.

The accuracy of the Powermatic’s 30” exclusive Accu-Fence system offers a more stable workspace for the most accurate and precise cuts. The Powermatic system is exclusive to the make of saw.

Whilst not really designed for tough work-horse type jobs or cutting through the tough hardwoods. This saw is going to give you a lot of great smaller simpler woodworking projects. Its low vibration and efficient motor are more than adequate for those odd DIY woodwork jobs around the home and small wood crafting projects.

It is an excellent small to have in the garage and even a woodworking shop for the smaller jobs. This saw handles smaller jobs with precision ease freeing up the more powerful ones to do the heavy-duty jobs.

If you want less hassles choosing a table saw, it is great value for money in its class of saw offering all the necessary features you need in your workshop.


  • 115V power
  • Dust collection hose for optimum dust collection around blade
  • Hands-free power switch
  • Tool-less guard assembly with independent side leaves for maximum safety and ease of use
  • 60° pivoting sturdy miter gauge


  • Less power consumption
  • Compact and mobile


  • No safety features

Our Verdict

For someone who wants to cut small items where a low-cost saw stop is required then this is the right option. It is very easy to use and quite similar to a normal sawstop. Nevertheless, it does not cope too well with tough cuttings as the size of the motor is low and it doesn’t offer much power compared with others

08 Delta 36-L552 5 HP Unisaw

Delta 36-L552 5 HP Unisaw

This is a single-cast trunnions system with superior vibration control for smooth precision cuts. The adjusting of the of the blade height and the bevel are made easy as it has “dual front cranks” which makes for more accurate applications. The Bevel dial can be fine-tuned to an accuracy level of within ¼°.

The large base cabinet is made fro cast-iron for maximum stability, solid footing, and mounting. The machines left tilt saw makes a great tool for heavy duty woodworking projects such as boat and cabinet making. It comes with a Biesemeyer fence (52”), has a speedometer-style scale and “dual-crank controls” that have “locking cams”.

It comes in either 3 horsepower or 5 horsepower with the true American marathon motor giving the motor an extra boost of power to cut through just about any hardwood.

This machine has a very powerful motor like a hybrid table saw. This is great for dadoes, furniture cheek cuts, rabbits, shelve grooving and framing for pictures. This is thanks to the tool-less adjustment afforded by the Riving knife that enables “non-through cuts.”

The storage under the table board is convenient and expandable making it possible for one to store one’s necessities within the reach of an arm stretch. The bi-level dust extraction improves dust collection that makes everything in the working space clean and healthy free from dust.

Unisaw with 52-inch Biesemeyer Fence System has a push button arbor lock that makes the blade changing process easy and safer.

Dual front cranks make adjusting blade height and blade bevel easy and accurate.

This is a saw that every professional woodworker that does heavy duty woodwork should have in their workshop.


  • Dual Front Cranks for blade and bevel adjustment
  • Blade Speed: 4,300 RPM
  • The Bevel Dial allows fine tuning
  • Large Cast-iron Cabinet
  • True American marathon motor provides added power in both 3 and 5 Horsepower


  • Highly stable when cutting
  • Dual Front Cranks for adjustable blade and bevel height
  • Blade speed of up to 4.300 RPM
  • Comes in both 3 and 5 Horsepower


  • The saw is only able to operate at 220V

Our Verdict

This cabinet style table saw is jam-packed with all the feature a woodworker or hobbyist could choose. It has everything in it, a complete package for those that like to craft with wood and many professionals recommend this machine. It is highly stable due to the advance motor mechanism and is by no means underpowered.

Built to last and give years of satisfactory woodworking craft, its advanced safety features ensure a safer working environment.

09 SawStop PCS31230-TGP236 3-HP Pro

SawStop PCS31230-TGP236 3-HP

This machine comes with all the features one expects from the SawStop family. Including their patented safety features and high-powered cutting precision with low wood burn.

As with most of the SawStop machines, this one comes with a good-sized dust collection compartment. This compartment ensures that there is little to no dust and debris in the air or on the workbench. Ensuring cleaner air and workspace as well as protecting the machines various components from the dust damage.

There are two fixed wheels that are attached to the Professional Integrated Mobile Base making the unit mobile. This is great for those who have limited working space and need to be able to store the machine off the work floor. The saw can lift in a single motion thanks to an ergonomic one-foot operation and casters.

The Industrial Mobile Base w/PCS Conversion Kit consists of four casters each at 360° with a hydraulic piston assist. This kit is essential for helping to raise the saw with just three easy pumps on the foot pedal. The saw is easy to move around the floor of the garage or workshop due to the mobile base option with this saw.

As with most of the SawStop machines, this one is an all-around great investment for the serious woodworker, hobbyist and also the novice. It may take a little while to assemble, align and get sorted out but once it is the saw works for you.

The added safety measure of this saw provides peace of mind and eliminates the chances for accidents/hazards during both DIY and commercial woodworking projects.


  • The saw has the “Always-on protection” safety features
  • The t-glide fence that is 36”
  • Fully enclosed cabinet with some storage
  • industry-leading dust collection bin
  • Compatible with 10-inch standard blades and 8-inch dado sets
  • Left tilting blade
  • 220-volt power


  • Excellent Safety Features
  • Good sized Dust Chamber
  • Can be used with most 10inc standard blades and 8-inch dada blade sets


  • No too many cons except for the high-power consumption
  • Not very easy to move

Our Verdict

For someone who wants safety and hassle-free cutting, this may be the saw you should try. It comes with a strong cabinet with adjustments for easy operation. Although the assembling of the machine may be an issue.

Once assembled, it will work great and is suitable for both novice and master craftsman. It has good reviews and a friendly helpful support team for any problems, questions or queries about the setting up, working the machine and or any faults.

10 Jet Proshop Tablesaw 708494K JPS-10TS

Jet Proshop Tablesaw 708494K JPS-10TS

The JET ProShop Tablesaw offers is a contractor-style compact cabinet table saw that comes in at a great price for all its added features.

Does it come standard with the ProShop fence with is an exclusive system that allows for either 30? Or 50? Rip. For less kickback or on non-through cuts the system includes a low-profile riving knife.

There are independent leaves on the transparent blade guard with a quick release mechanism for the riving knife to prevent binding and reduce kickback.

A step or two up from the normal contractor grade saw you are going to get great value for money for this cabinet table saw. It is easy to assemble, although the cast iron table top will take more than one person to help with it.

If it is a lower priced value for money saw with added features that are going to last you many years to come. This is a saw well worth taking the time to review. It is great for the workshop or a dedicated spot in the garage. Easy to use, it is suitable for woodworkers from novice to experienced level.

The metal trunnions are strong and hold the table in place for more grip and machine stability. This helps to avoid vibration and accidents that can be caused by vibrating slips or misplaced cuts.

A great saw for woodworkers from the novice level through to the professional looking to invest in a good cabinet table saw that it values for money and built to last with the proper care and maintenance.


  • 10-inch Proshop Table saw
  • 30-inch Fence
  • Product weighs 355 lbs.
  • Cast Iron Table Top
  • 5 Year warranty
  • Dimensions – 82 x 35 x 39 inches
  • Stamped steel or cast-iron wings
  • Low profile riving knife
  • Transparent blade guard


  • Compact size for easy positioning or storing
  • Easy to handle, position and set up
  • Saw that is good for a novice through to a professional


  • Not suitable for log or hard cutting
  • Corded Electrical Outlet
  • Blades take time to be aligned

Our Verdict

If you are looking for something that is not too pricy but has all the features that a high budget SawStop holds. Then this is the saw to consider. Its compact sizes and easy to handle making it ideal for a home workshop, a small shop or a garage.

However, it is not suitable for high loads and does make work more time-consuming. For a home saw to have in the garage for DIY and simple projects this is a good investment that will last.

Best Cabinet Table Saw Buying Guide

Cabinet Table Saw Buying Guide

There are hundreds of cabinet saws for sale. Keep the following factors in mind and you will find the perfect match without any difficulty.

1. Base & Cabinet Material

When looking at the cabinet table saw you are going to want to look at one that has a base unit that is designed to last. The better bases are made from cast iron and are completely enclosed to protect the different components of the saw and drown out a lot of motors noise.

2. Motor Horsepower

Ideally, you are going to need a saw that has enough horsepower to cut through the toughest knottiest of wood. It is good to remember not to just pick on horsepower alone and to ensure if you are going for higher horsepower it is within your budget. Higher horsepower tends to be pricier.

3. Power

  • 5 to 2-HP Cabinet powerful enough for mainstream work
  • 3 to 5 HP Cabinet this is more for the serious woodworker or hobbyist

4. Fencing

Better fences my rack up the cost of the machine a bit more but they are well worth the extra cost. When considering a machine make sure that is has a T-fence as this is one of the most important parts of the tool. This is what makes various kinds of cuts on the device possible and prevents the boards from moving about.

5. Hand Wheel

Check that the product comes with hand wheel for the adjusting of the blade heights.

6. Depth of Cut

Check the depth of cut for specific blade height cuts you want to be able to have a few settings for various wood, etc.

7. Floor Space

The size of the base must be determined by the space you have available in your workshop. This space will determine what size and weight of the machine you will require.

8. Kickback Protection

Working with any power tool requires safety preparations, especially with a tool that uses a high-speed, powerful blade. Make sure the machine has kickback prevention they must be able to protect from the riving knife and sudden hand jerk movements. Also, you need to gather certain items to ensure the overall safety of yourself

9. Blade

Make sure the blades are made from high-quality grade material and that the machine comes with a few choices.

10. Weight

Heavier cabinets tend to mean a more stable machine. Most workshops that have the table cabinet saw have bolted to the floor permanently. But some smaller workshops may need to be able to move the device in order to maximize their space. Pick the weight and size of the machine to fit into your workshop environment.

11. Miter

The miter slot must be a standard size this is important for the adding of accessories onto the device. Most accessories are of a standard size and will be of no use to a device that has a unique sized miter

12. Bevel

The bevel should ride above the blade this makes for smoother rip cuts that are bur-free.

13. Dust Port

Look for machines that have broader dust ports. These do not get clogged as easily as the narrower ones and a dust port is just as necessary for your safety as the other safety features are
The machine needs to be able to have a clean runoff of debris so that some small bits of wood or sawdust do not fly up into your face/eyes.

14. Blade Assembly

Make sure that the machine you choose has for easy changing and adjusting of the blades. Some blade assemblies will require tools in order to be able to adjust and change out the blades.

15. Safety Features

Always check the safety features of the machine to ensure it has a paddle emergency button that is easy to use. This should be able to be worked by pressing it with any part of your body.

16. Arbor Shaft Size

Changing out of an arbor shaft is not a job that you are going to want to do. When looking over a machine make sure that the arbor shaft is long enough to have room for a dado stack of blades.

17. Price & Warranty

The most important thing is making sure that you are getting the most bang for your buck. Check if the price is in your budget range and always examine the warranty specifically the length and what parts it covers.

You will find it hard to get a good quality model for under $1000. So, spend more than that to get a cabinet table saw that will work smoothly for your woodworking projects.

Understanding the Cabinet Table Saw and Its Importance

A cabinet table saw differs from the table saw in that it has a hardy base that is enclosed upon which the table top saw is placed. This allows for a sturdier table and precision cuts as it is also a lot more powerful than normal table saws. Their induction motors are known to be anywhere around from 2 to 5 horsepower.

Single-phase motors are suitable for home uses and three-phase motors are suitable for commercial uses. Cabinet table saws are sturdier producing less sound and provide excellent adjustability with the help of a cabinet-mounted trunnion.

They may be pricier than other types of table saws, but their power is unmatched with large attachable blades that can help you tackle a wide variety of projects. The greatest thing about this is that you usually only have to cut through the material once.

Why a Cabinet Table Saw Is Important for Woodworking

  • They are quieter than most other types of saws as their motor is stored in an enclosed based
  • Not as much to clean up after a hard day of cutting on the saw. The saw has large dust collection ports that collect the sawdust
  • Less chance of landing up with bits of cut wood that has been burned from the excessive heat of the blades
  • Smoother more precise cuts because of the rigid plate mounting and power at which the blades spin
  • The important parts of the saw, such as the belts and motor are protectively housed in the enclosed base
  • The blades last longer, especially if the machine is of high quality
  • They have a large tabletop working area
  • They have easier to use controls and magnetic safety switch
  • The machines have the ever-important positive blade setting which enables the cut of material to come out with the desired results
  • The cleaning and maintenance of the table cabinet saws are a lot easier thanks to well-spaced and positioned parts

Cabinet Table Saw Care & Maintenance Tips

As with any tool, the proper care and maintenance are required in order to ensure it lasts. As the table cabinet saw is no small investment to make taking care of it is a must.

Keep these factors in mind before you begin any maintenance work on your saw:

  • Unplug the table saw
  • Clean the table of any debris or sawdust
  • Clean inside the cabinets of the saw
  • The vacuum outlets or dust bag must be thoroughly cleaned
  • Clean the belts and motor make sure all the sawdust has been cleaned away
  • Your saw blades should be cleaned with pitch and gum remover. This will keep the blades well lubricated and sharp
  • It is important to keep the table top well waxed/polished. A waxed table makes the debris slide off it easier. You can use a metal polisher or even car wax will work wonders on the table top surface
  • Replace a chord such as the power cable should you notice any signs of fraying
  • Make sure the alignment of the saw is tested with the straightest blade in the kit. Then test to see if the miter slots and fencing are flush to the side of the blade
  • Keep the bevel gear well lubricated with a small dollop of dry lubricant every now and then
  • All plastic parts on the saw’s exterior should be washed down with a soft cloth and warm soapy water. Then dried off with a clean towel that does not leave fluff or wipe marks
  • Tighten any bearing under the cabinet that may have come loose with use on the blade raising and tilting mechanism


1. What’s the difference between a table saw and a cabinet saw?

Ans. The table saw’s folding arm helps make crosscuts and rip large and thick materials while cabinet saws have extensions for up to 50% increased rip capacity of a table saw.

2. Do beginners really need a cabinet table saw?

Ans. Not really. A table saw will be enough for any novice craftsman or craftswoman to rip down stocks with precise control. Cabinet saws is a must for the pros that need to build cabinets in bulk.

3. How many types of table saws are there?

Ans. There are mainly four types of table saws – benchtop saws, contractor saws, cabinet saws, and hybrid saws. Your choice will largely depend on how far you want to go as a woodworker.

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