Top 5 Best Car Battery (2019) Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Can you think of a day without car batteries? If the car battery was not invented, the cars are seen on the streets even after having the good fitness. A car battery plays an important role to start your car engine which means no car battery means your engine will never be started to work. The words are true without regarding whether it is a big lorry or a small jeep. So, you need the best car battery that not only helps you ignite your e

Though the motto of the car batteries was only to ignite the battery, their uses have increased with the passage of time. Let’s clarify what exactly is done with the car batteries without starting the vehicles. A car is no longer just a matter of transport; it contains AC, fans and awesome stereo system to cheer you up all the time. Car batteries supply power to all these devices, and you enjoy your ride to the fullest.

est Car Battery fulfills all your needs and requirements. Besides, based on the difference of requirements, your choice might vary too. However, before writing this review, we have researched on the best car battery that meets the common standard level of the users. So, if you have money to capitalize, you get batteries that cost around $350, and this price level is common among the high standard users though you can find a battery spending more than that. Meanwhile, you can buy a battery in only $100, and they also serve your stereo system too. However, while choosing, make sure the batteries have what you exactly need and want. Read this review carefully to be more knowledgeable about the car batteries.

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You need not be a battery expert or a car expert to buy a battery. Yet, you will find the battery for your car that satisfies you with the performance. If a battery fails to perform accurately, the battery is not a perfect battery for you. ACDelco Automotive BCI Group 78 Battery comes with high-density negative paste in its inside to ensure its optimal performance. Besides, it comes with a wonderful cap design that ensures that the battery doesn’t suffer from any leakage.

The dimension of ACDelco Automotive BCI Group 78 Battery is 10.9 x 7.3 x 7.2 inches and the size is not the highest. Besides, it weighs 39.3 pounds, and it comes with model number 78AGM. So, if you want to buy this, just mention the model number to the vendor. The battery can produce 12 volts which is good enough for use in the car. Though the battery doesn’t come with any warranty, its durability surprises you.


Product Dimensions10.9 x 7.3 x 7.2 Inches
Weight39.3 pounds
Model number78AGM
Part Number78AGM
Voltage12 volts


  • High-Density Negative Paste for Improved Performance
  • Vent Cap Design Ensures No Acid Leakage
  • Puncture-resistant Back for Security
  • Improved Acid Circulation for Better Life
  • Technology for Cooling Water


  • Looks Like an Audio Player

Common Questions and Answers

  • Question : Does this battery come pre-charged?
  • Answer :

    Usually all the batteries come with pre-charged. However, some of them loss the charge as they have the low capacity of holding the charge for a long time and that causes them to find with low charge or completely charge-less at all. Besides, no fixed time is considered for how long the batteries are left in production house or shop. ACDelco Automotive BCI Group 78 Battery is released in the market with pre-charged and still if you notice less charge, we recommend charge and then use it.

  • Question : Can I get a replacement on warranty?
  • Answer :

    Warranty doesn’t come to the batteries that are burnt or destroyed for the lack of following the instruction that comes from the manufacturer. So, while buying the battery know about the instruction that allows you to replace your batteries on warranty. If your battery is damaged or affected any problem mentioned, you definitely get a replacement. Some sellers cannot ensure the replacement, so, please contact the manufacturer.

Our Remarks

We haven’t found any biggest issue with this battery but what seemed to us awkward is, the battery looks like an audio play and anyone might make a mistake thinking the same. However, it comes with modern technology that keeps the water cool all the time. Besides, ACDelco Automotive BCI Group 78 Battery ensures the improved circulation of acid that enhances and ensures the durability of the battery. So, only its look doesn’t make any big difference for its reputation.

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If you are a car owner from a couple of year past, probably you have heard the names of the best car battery brands in the modern time. You must have heard about Exide. Even if you haven’t, you should know about this. Exide Edge AGM Sealed Automotive Battery is made by AGM construction that makes the battery completely non-spillable. This construction is friendly and secured for the users. Besides, this battery is regarded to some people as the best automotive battery for its heavy load handling capacity.

Interested to know about the size of this battery? The size doesn't matter to many people but to some; it is very important. The total dimension of this battery is 9.3 x 4.9 x 8.7 inches, and it weighs 33 pounds which are equal to approximately 15 Kgs. The model number is must when you want to buy this battery, and it is FP-AGM51R. The wonderful opportunity this battery allows is an easy installation. You need not hire a car technician only for setting up your battery.


Dimensions9.3 x 4.9 x 8.7 Inches
Item weight33 pounds
Model numberFP-AGM51R
Part NumberFP-AGM51R


  • AGM Construction Completely Non-Spillable
  • Capacity of Handling Heavy Loads
  • Easy to Install
  • Serving Equally in Any Weather
  • Capability of Serving for Longer Time


  • Not Suitable for Any Vehicles

Common Questions and Answers

  • Question : Does the battery offer any warranty?
  • Answer :

    Exide Edge AGM Sealed Automotive Battery is popular for its long-lasting service, and it is preferred by many users in the recent time. Still, many new customers are confused, and they want more security for their investment. For ensuring this extra security, this battery offers warranty for the first four years, and this warranty is a different type of inspiration to take you to this good battery.

  • Question : What if I cannot understand anything about positive or negative of this battery?
  • Answer :

    Well, it is possible that you cannot understand the positive or negative connection of this battery. A simple way might work for you. The red color of the batter denotes positive (+) and the black portion means the negative (-). So, when you connect your battery, keep this in your mind.

Our Remarks

Though Exide Edge AGM Sealed Automotive Battery fits a huge number of different model cars, it doesn’t suit all cars. So, before buying this battery, take caution that the battery fits your vehicle. It is an issue but a common issue for any car battery. The battery has many advantages like whether you drive in summer or winter; Exide Edge AGM Sealed Automotive Battery serves you equally in any weather. Meanwhile, it serves you for a long time.

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Are you worried about mounting your car battery? No shame; many users think of this, and it has its valid reason. Researchers have been making effort for several years to come with a solution. Odyssey PC680 Battery is available in the market that is easy to mount. So, you will not have to concern about mounting battery. Besides, it takes less time to charge. Only six-hour charging is sufficient for this battery for working a long time. It has the capacity of resisting vibration that makes it durable compared to other similar batteries.

Odyssey PC680 Battery has a reputation for its extreme temperature tolerance capacity. So, even the battery suffers from extreme temperature, it still works and doesn’t damage. The battery weighs 13.45 pounds or approximately 6 Kgs, and it is the smallest battery in size and weight in this review. It requires 12 volts continuous electric flow for its optimal performance. The astonishing feature is that it offers a two-year warranty that ensures that the user money is completely secured.


Product Dimensions7.7 x 7.7 x 3.9 Inches
Item weight13.45 Pounds
Model NumberPC680
Part NumberPC680
Voltage12 volts
Warranty2 Year (Limited, full replacement)


  • Longer Cycle Life Compared to Other Deep Cycle Batteries
  • Capacity of Charging Fast in 6 Hours
  • Capacity of Tolerating Extreme Temperature
  • Vibration Resistant
  • Easy to Mount


  • Too Small for Large Vehicle

Common Questions and Answers

  • Question : Can I use it with Acura RL 2006 V6 Engine?
  • Answer :

    Some of the customers are in super confusion about whether their car suits the batteries they have bought or not. Besides, Odyssey PC680 Battery looks like just a toy and some users are in a perplexing situation with this battery too. Let’s confirm if you use Acura RL 2006 V6 Engine. Odyssey PC680 Battery suits your vehicle than many other vehicles in the streets. So cool and use without worry.

  • Question : Does this battery come with ‘L’ brackets for use with the bike?
  • Answer :

    In the past, Odyssey PC680 Battery offers ‘L’ brackets for helping the users to use it with their bikes, and this made the battery usable with car and bike interchangeably. Recently, the company has stopped to offer the ‘L’ brackets for free. Rather, you require to use the brackets; you will have to buy it separately.

Our Remarks

Odyssey PC680 Battery is a small battery and the smallest in weight and size in this list. Being small, it doesn’t go with the biggest vehicles. However, it is the best auto battery for small vehicles. This battery comes with longer battery life, and its cycle life is longer compared to other similar batteries. Its fast charging capacity saves time and allows you to visit more places. Meanwhile, you need not think of the mounting as it is easy to mount and it doesn’t take much to install. Looking for cheap car batteries? It doesn’t hurt your wallet.

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Worrying in bad weather is common as the battery might be damaged or unable to work. Nothing can be worse than this situation. However, If you have Optima Batteries OPT8020 RedTop Starting Battery, you completely tension free, why? It works equally in bad and good weather. Meanwhile, this battery comes with advanced vibration resistant capacity. So, even the road is not good; your car battery can resist the vibration and still give you the performance you want.

Optima Batteries OPT8020 RedTop Starting Battery comes in the market with a special feature. It can provide you power ninety minutes at a stretch which is really surprising. Besides, you won’t have to confront any hassle during the installation. The battery weighs 31.7 pounds and requires 12 volts to provide the optimal performance. If you are concern about the size, the dimension clarifies everything, and that is 9.3 x 6.8 x 7.6 inches. This battery serves you for a long time.


Product Dimensions9.3 x 6.8 x 7.6 Inches
Item weight31.7 Pounds
Model numberOPT8020-164
Part Number8020164
Voltage12 volts


  • No Need to Worry in Bad Weather
  • Advanced Vibration Resistant
  • Providing Power Continuously 90 Minutes
  • No Hassle in Installation
  • Serving for Longer Duration


  • Failed to Supply Continuous Power More Than 1:30 Hours

Common Questions and Answers

  • Question : Does this battery fit for Mazda CX-7 2009 model?
  • Answer :

    Optima Batteries OPT8020 RedTop Starting Battery is made to fist a large number of vehicles because the business of the battery will depend on suitability with the huge and different types of vehicles. However, some mismatches might be found in the suitability which is not counted. But, if you have a Mazda CX-07 2009, Optima Batteries OPT8020 RedTop Starting Battery suits your car perfectly. No flaw is found.

  • Question : Is it good for sound system?
  • Answer :

    Optima Batteries OPT8020 RedTop Starting Battery is made for use with the car, and the battery is popular for its use. It is used to move fan and illuminate in the car. Besides, if you are a music fan, you can listen to music using this battery with the help of a car speaker. It has the capacity of providing you adequate voltages for the quality sound system.

Our Remarks

The capacity that surprises many people is the cause of disappointment to others. The reason for some people’s unhappiness is that the battery fails to serve continuously more than 1:30hours. However, let’s think of what this battery offers instead of thinking of the negatives. This battery works equally in any weather without regarding bad or good. It can resist huge vibration. Besides, it comes with easy installation features that allow you to install it without any extra worry. It takes a few minutes to be installed and serves you for a long time.

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A battery contains a chemical that is harmful to human being. Besides, the acid used in a battery for charging can burn the skin. So, the container of these chemicals must be secured and ensured that they might not be the cause of harm for the users or other people. XS Power D3400 AGM High Output Battery comes in the market ensuring that the battery is completely spill-proof and using this means you are secured from potential danger. This battery is also vibration resistant, and you can visit any road without hurting the battery.

Mounting is problematic for some people, and some batteries don’t allow mount in the way that people want. Consequently, the batteries are claimed as not fitting with many cars. XS Power D3400 AGM High Output Battery has no problem like that. It allows from any position in accordance with the user choice. The battery weighs 48 pounds or 22 Kgs and the battery provide 12 voltages power. Another opportunity for using this battery is; it is maintenance free. So, you are secured and safe.


Product Dimensions12.8 x 10.5 x 9.5 Inches
Item weight48 Pounds
Model numberD3400
Part NumberD3400
Voltage12 volts


  • Completely Vibration Resistant
  • Spill Proof
  • Mountable in Any Position
  • Maintenance Free
  • Capacity of Serving for Longer Time


  • Too Large for Small Vehicles

Common Questions and Answers

  • Question : Can I replace this battery in 2003 Yukon?
  • Answer :

    Replacing battery with one another is risky if the battery doesn’t go with the basic requirement of the vehicle, it might cause a problem or the user might face a problem with the battery. XS Power D3400 AGM High Output Battery is suitable for many car models from different companies and suits your 2003 Yukon accordingly. You need not worry about the problem that one might face with a battery that doesn’t suit the vehicles.

  • Question : Will this battery allow me to listen to music for an hour at the maximum volume in a single charge?
  • Answer :

    The question is easy and hard at the same time. Whether the batter will last for high volume one-hour music or not will depend upon the volume or stereo system. If the system is very powerful, no, the battery might not last one hour. But, if the stereo system is 500 to 1000 watts, yes, the battery will be alive after serving your one hour.

Our Remarks

Though XS Power D3400 AGM High Output Battery is optimal for large vehicles, it is not usable with small vehicles. If you buy a battery for large vehicles, let us remind the positive features of this battery at a place. The battery is completely vibration resistant and spill-proof. It allows you to set it any way you want, and from that position, it works better. Besides, it is maintenance free; so, you need not worry about the maintaining the battery. Buy this, and all the features will make you happy.

What to Know Before Buying the Product?

A good battery is expensive, but the price is not the only thing people care about. You should not focus on the only price too. Follow the checklist that might help.

Things You Cannot Ignore


Car batteries are available in different size. So, while buying, your responsibility is to buy the one that fits your car. You need either to take your car for buying the battery or write down the model number, company and the year of releasing in the market of your car. If you follow this small thing before buying the battery, you won’t have to waste time just because the battery doesn’t fit the car.


Climate decides how much the battery lasts. Batteries are usually labeled with ‘S’ or ‘N’; ‘S’ labeled batteries are made for the car that is used in the South, and they can tolerate extreme heat. On the other hand, ‘N’ labeled batteries are designed with the capacity of enduring extreme cold weather.  So, while buying, make sure that you have bought the battery that survives in your environment.

Road Condition

The condition of the road that you drive every day leaves a great impact on the battery. All batteries don’t have the similar level of capacity of resisting the vibration. So, know your roads and ensure whether you need a battery that is vibration resistant or not. Once you have a clear idea about your road, buy the battery accordingly.

Fresh Battery

Remember: the battery that is on display is not used previously, but still, the batteries might be affected by dust or other things. When you buy a battery, make definite that you have bought an intake one and you are the only one who opens the battery from the sealed pack. It will ensure that you have had a good battery and you can use it for a long time.

Remembering the Extras


Batteries are usually heavy, and they contain harmful elements. So, ask about the delivery process of how the batteries will come to you and how long it will take to reach you. Besides, whether the retailer assembles the battery for you or not; you must have information about this too.

Return Policy

Be aware of the return policy. If the battery comes with any issues, how the return will be dealt with and how long time it will take. Whether you have to pay for the shipping or not; if you have to, how much? You will have the clear idea about this too.


Look for the batteries that come with warranties. Usually, batteries come with two to a three-year warranty. Getting warranty means your investment is secured. So, remember this while buying a car battery.

How to Use and Maintain the Product?

Safety Features

Look for the safety features like when the battery is not in use. Though this battery is not a thing to leave for years without using, still you might require to leave it for some days. Cover the negative and positive terminals accurately. Make sure no dust gathers there.


Look for the batteries that are maintenance-free. This kind of battery reduces your pain and tension.

Car Battery Maintenance

The motto of a battery is to provide the charge and when a battery fails to do this; we think two possible reasons might cause. Firstly, the battery needs a charge or and Secondly, if the battery behaves previously even after charging, it intends that the battery needs to be replaced. So, when the battery is not dead, and it requires to be maintained. Accurate maintenance can make the battery chargeable.


Place the battery at the exact place where the previous battery was. Make sure that the battery is fully covered and the terminals are cleaned accurately. Positive and negative connections must not be mistaken that might damage the battery and affect some parts of the cars too.


As we have mentioned that terminals are the main parts of the battery from where the battery supplies charges, clean the terminals regularly at least once every month. It will enhance the durability of your battery, and your car gets awesome service for a long time.


The cell of a car battery is made from heavy-duty plastic, and it might leak accidentally or any other reasons. The users must have to be careful as the cell contains acid, it can cause a terrible accident if the battery is not handled accurately. However, one thing to remind before ending, you will require a good car battery charger and a fabulous car battery booster for the assistance of your battery when it doesn’t work accurately.

Final Verdict

You should be confident as you know all the good car batteries in the market. You have an overall idea about the other car batteries too, and that’s how we have enlisted these five car batteries. Still Confused? Don’t worry. Just read this review again carefully, and all the information will be crystal to you. Yet, we think you need some more help about the full articles in brief. Here it is. Let’s start with ACDelco Automotive BCI Group 78 Battery and Optima Batteries OPT8020 RedTop Starting Battery.

Both batteries are moderate on the basis of prices though Optima Batteries OPT8020 RedTop Starting Battery costs a little much than the other one. But, from the popularity, we have noticed the reverse situation. More people use and believe in ACDelco Automotive BCI Group 78 Battery compared to another one. Here is a problem with the popularity. Optima Batteries OPT8020 RedTop Starting Battery is used by more people, and ACDelco Automotive BCI Group 78 Battery is a new one comparatively. So, whichever you buy, you will get durable and awesome service but make sure that size suits your vehicle.

Price is also an important factor, but it doesn’t mean that the price that costs much serves less. It is absurd, right? XS Power D3400 AGM High Output Battery costs much compared to other four car batteries in the list. On the other hand, Odyssey PC680 Battery is considered as the most popular battery in the list, and it doesn’t cost the highest. So, this denotes that affordability is also important for being reliable to the customer. So, buy a car battery according to your budget whether it is high or low but make sure, more people believe in the battery for its service. Now, it is your turn to consider what you need and why you need that particular battery. Your final choice is absolutely yours, and you can read more buying guides if you think you need to choose the best car battery. Good Luck.

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