Best Tile Cutter In 2018 For Ceramic & Porcelain Tiles

Best Tile Cutter In 2018 For Ceramic & Porcelain Tiles

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When you are planning of using ceramic tiles, glass and porcelain tile cutters are the tools that come first in mind. It’s an essential tool for home and professionals. There are many kinds of tile cutter. If you want to save the power consumption, then the manual tile cutter is the best tile cutter for you. Here you have QEP 10900Q 35-Inch Manual Tile Cutter that will help you to experience an impressive cutting of glasses and ceramics.

This is a device or tool that can be used as a ceramic tile cutter and glass cutter as well. This cutter works in a safer way. You make a score at the glazing surface of ceramic tile, then break it on the scoreline. The tool is made of durable chrome plated steel rails and ergonomic high leverage bicycle grip. This enhances the grip while you are busy in cutting and ensures precision.  You might be feeling a bit hesitant on how to cut porcelain tile, No worry, you get a short description of the tool that will make you clear and help to cut the best tile in the best way.

This porcelain tile cutter is a combination of quite a few things that help the user to cut the fragile items accurately. In order not to be the tile breaker you need to have the clear vision of the tool that you are going to use. Here you get a brief of this porcelain tile cutter. To cut the tiles, you need to place it on the base of the tool. The base is made of durable materials, and you get the cutting line always visible on the base.

There is a scoring wheel that creates a line on the tile surface and makes the tile ready to cut. The scoring head usually comes from durable Tungsten Carbide. This QEP comes with a 7/8 titanium coated tungsten carbide ball bearing cutting wheel. There is a guide that drives the scoring head and the handle in a straight line. The guide can single or double size for greater visibility of scoring line. It helps to create the pressure at the perfect point.

You get a separator there that applies the pressure onto the scored tiles in order to cut it. You also get a lateral stop in the manual cutter that helps to make the repetitive cuts, and it is quite useful when you have enough tiles to cut in the same size. This ‘L’ shape tool literally saves a lot of time and effort for a user. Hope the above section would help you on how to use a tile cutter. It will save more time and energy to yours.

Our Remarks

It’s the best tile cutter to cut larger tiles. You get all the necessary tools added with this manual tile cutter to make the perfect cut on ceramic or glass. It gives you the precise cut and helps you to make the perfect move. The sharpness of this manual tool keeps wondering all the porcelain tile cutters.

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