Craftsman 10-inch Bench Drill Press

Craftsman 10-inch Bench Drill Press

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If you want to work smoothly, you'll get a day's worth of drilling done in no time with this Craftsman drill press. It is perfect for drilling into the toughest wood and metal. With a depth gauge and a guiding laser, you can enjoy fast machining and split accuracy in all your jobs.

This sears drill press is powered by a 1/2 HP motor that goes up a time for working to 3,150 RPM for surprising performance. A guiding laser and a depth gauge help take the guesswork out of drilling, letting you finish the job faster than ever. 1/2" chuck of drill press laser works perfectly with wood, metal and sanding drums.

With a 1/2 HP motor and a speed range of 680-3,150 RPM, this design combines high torque and speed to deliver remarkable performance. 1/2-inch chuck is fitted to the model so you can work comfortably with metal, wood and sanding drums. Drill press set comes with a fence, task light, and hardware pack. It includes strong stop block; craftsman drills battery and scaled steel fence guide align and brace pieces for repetitive drilling.

Craftsman drill depth gauge ensures fast machining without the guesswork. The laser provides accurate X and Y axis projection for better and more accurate positioning. Adjustable drill table of craftsman laser trac lets you adjust up to 45° for drilling perfect corner holes and bevel sanding. Rack and pinion of craftsman drill press control the height for quick, precise adjustments. Sight window of craftsman drill press lets you get monitor speed more easily.

Our Remarks

We get a little negative review on this product. But, we design the craftsman drill press to eliminate guesswork by improving precision. Its laser gives you accurate X and Y axis positioning, and the drill table adjusts to help you make flawless corner holes and bevel sanding. Rack and pinion of craftsman heated jacket control table elevation adjustment to make quick and accurate adjustments.

For repetitive drilling jobs, a tough stop block and a steel fence are put in place to align and brace all your workpieces. This craftsman drill press is exceptional in its workout, and it has effortless drilling performance.

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