Delta 4-Inch Drill Press Vise Review

As you have stopped by and looked at this article, we guess you have interest in using drill presses, more specifically a particular Delta drill press, for personal or commercial purposes. A drill press is an essential tool that every workshop uses to drilling holes in woods, plastic or metal. Accuracy, speed, and versatility of the drill press mostly depend on the attached "Drill Vise." Delta 4-Inch Drill Press Vise is a compatible attachment that deserves the attention of both experts and beginners.

In line with this, we have used and found out the truth about Delta 4-Inch Drill Press Vise to inform you and the likeminded people of the facts.

01Delta 4-Inch Drill Press Vise Overview

The Delta 4-Inch Drill Press Vise itself is an excellent piece of design. The surfaces are smoothly finished. The 4-inch wide jaws are made of cast iron which is why the jaws can exert a large pressure to your works.

The iron constructed jaws hold any piece of work very firmly to stop it from spinning and skidding. You can run drilling operations on metal efficiently using this vise. The Delta 4-Inch Drill Press Vise supports most of the drill presses available, especially all Delta made Drill Press.


  • Item Weight:6 pounds

  • Product Dimensions: 10 x 7 x 3 inches
  • Item model number: 20-621
  • Size: 1-(4-Inch)
  • Material: Iron

03Feature Analysis

3.1 Sturdy Construction

Delta 4-Inch Drill Press Vise is fully iron constructed vise. Using iron as the building material, the drill press vise lasts long. Apart from these, the overall construction enables an operator to drill more quickly and accurately. Last, its design results in drilling holes precisely for depth and angle.

3.2 High Security

The main benefit of iron materials is its ability to clamp firmly and exert huge forces while operating drill press. This drill vise adds extra security to protect the operator from any kinds of potential injuries. Additionally, it built-in groove supports dowels up to 1/2-inch in diameter.

3.3 Easy adjustments

The features of Delta 4-Inch Drill Press Vise allow wood or metal workers to work with the drill press repeatedly. With a centered bolt slot, the drill vise can be placed with any drill press followed by four onboard mounting slots for extra security.

04Pros & Cons

4.1 Pros

  • Fully cast-iron made.

  • Ensure firm clamping
  • Smooth finishing
  • Deepthroat
  • Universal adjustability

4.2 Cons

The inner part of jaws might be rough for plastic works.

05Final Verdict

As we said before, Delta 4-Inch Drill Press Vise has had a solid rugged-iron design. This vise has been designed to support heavy-duty works. If you use this vise for plastic workpieces, then you should take enough precaution to protect from denting.
Apart from these, Delta 4-Inch Drill Press Vise is a perfect choice for versatile performances. It enhances our drilling works. If you want to install a good quality drill press vise, then we recommend this vise for you.

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