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15 Easy DIY Miter Saw Stand Plans – Drillly

Easy DIY Miter Saw Stand Plans
Written by Brent Butterworth
Last Update: April 30, 2023

Having a stand for your miter saw is essential for use of it in woodworking. We all know how expensive saw stands can be. Here are 15 DIY plans for saw stands that you can build to house your miter saw, at a lower cost.

Easiest DIY Miter Saw Stand

Ideas of Miter Saw Stand

1. Miter Saw Table with Workbench Hardware Kit

These stands are useful in the cutting of longer boards due to the amount of space they provide. Extra storage space is also available with this plan for you to store any bits and bobs that you may require for your woodwork.

This is such a versatile plan and you can add any attachments that you want. If you need more space to hang something, add another hook. If you need space for pencils, add a tin can. Design this plan to fit your woodworking needs.

This saw table can be designed to be built by intermediate to the more experienced woodworkers and is a great substitute for an expensively made saw stand.

2. Mobile Miter Saw Station

This type of saw stand is great if lack of space is an issue. It provides mobility and flexibility which will make your workshop easier to work in. This saw stand will be able to hold most miter saws, just be sure to get your measurements right depending on the saw that you have.

Different upgrades and additions can be made to this stand depending on your preference, and what you need to store near your saw. It can be made using 2 sheets of plywood cut to accommodate the size of station you want to build. This is a stylish alternative to your basic workbench.

3. Miter Saw Bench

This simple plan is designed to offer a lot of space for storage of additional tools and accessories. Hooks can also be installed on the table for you to hang any of your accessories. This bench is larger than some stands for miter saws, and it also has wheels installed for portability.

The wheels on this bench can be changed to suit the environment that you are working in. This design also has a high bench which can be aligned with the miter saw to work with long boards. Cubby holes are also a feature to store any loose pieces of wood or metal that you will use in your work.

4. Beginner Mobile Miter Saw Stand

This mobile stand has foldable wings for compact storage and is designed to be built from a single sheet of plywood. It is a much simpler design that is aimed at beginners who are not capable of building complex stands.

This design is not only easier to make, but cheaper than other DIY designs. If cost and experience is an issue, then this is the stand for you. This stand is better suited to home environments and garage projects. If you need a workshop worthy design, a more intermediate stand is recommended.

5. Rolling Miter Saw Table

A rolling saw stand is durable and compact for less spacious workshops. Not only can you mount your saw on this stand, but you can store additional tools and accessories on hooks attached beneath the wings.

The removable and extendable support wings featured on this stand allow for space to cut longer boards. A rip fence has been added to keep your boards locked into place assuring safety of your stock. The base has 2 wheels installed on the back legs to allow it to be portable.

6. Miter Saw Stand with Fence and Hood

This plan will build a sturdy and reliable saw stand that is quick to build and easy on the bank account. This basic design does not require a lot of different attachments and is simple enough to be built by someone with beginner woodworking skills.

This stand is also designed for people who require less space and hidey holes for tools and accessories. For this reason, it is ideal for home and garage environments rather than workshop and production environments.

7. Barbecue Cart Miter Saw Stand

This is an ideal stand for those who do woodwork as a hobby. It is a favourite of most woodworkers as it is easy to design and build. It is also quite inexpensive as you will be reusing an old barbecue cart. Designing this stand will take much less time than that of other stand plans.

The wheels on the old cart allow this design to be portable for ease of access in your environment. The downfall of this stand design is that there will not be a lot of space available to cut longer boards, but it works regardless it just might be a bit awkward to use.

8. Professional Grade Portable Miter Saw Station

If you are a beginner woodworker, then this plan is not for you to attempt. It requires advanced skills to build these six wheeled stands. Six storage boxes and boxes for scrap are also a feature of this daring design. A switch that can be activated with a tool is integrated into this stand to activate the saw.

An adjustable platform allows for storage space underneath the mounted saw. Unlike other stands, this might be more expensive to build because of the amount of materials you will need. They can be cheap to find, but the power tools required for the job will not be cheap to find.

9. Miter Saw Stand with a Large Fence

Having a large fence on your saw stand will make it much safer to work with. Flying debris from your woodwork will not be a hazard with this design. Fortunately, it can be added to almost any stand that you want to attach it to, and it is a stable design.

This design is particularly useful in the cutting of awkward and difficult angles. This is because you have the option of adding markers and angles onto your board to allow easier woodwork.

10. Mobile Miter Saw Table with a Box for Scrap

This miter stand is not only built to be portable, but it is also attached with folding wing supports to be compactly stored when you are not using it. The wing supports are quite large and, therefore, this design is perfect for cutting longer boards.

A scrap box is featured underneath the main bench to house any accessories and additional pieces that you have. Plans can be tweaked to suit your needs and miter saw. This easy to follow plan is a good start for beginner woodworkers.

11. The Magnificent Miter Saw Station

This stand design is one of many bigger and more difficult build designs. It has a lot of extra storage space and is great for workshop environments. The capacity of the wing supports is quite large, and it allows for cutting of longer boards.

Other features of this stand include a saw platform that you can adjust, including an automatic vacuum that switches on once it is properly set up. Even though this design is rather complex, it is not too expensive to build and does not require you to take out a loan to do it.

12. Portable Miter Saw Stand with Foldable Wings

Just like the previous one, this design is rather large and requires an experienced woodworker to build it properly. The complex design features drawers, folding wings, a saw platform that can be removes, and a box for dust collection.

This design is perfect for advanced woodworkers that require a stand integrated with every add on you might need. It is preferable that this stand is used in a workshop and not a home environment as it is intricate and too large to be housed in a small shed or garage.

13. Large and Sturdy Miter Saw Table

The design of this stand makes it quite cost effective and van be built in a day by an intermediate woodworker. It is a large design but does not feature wheels, meaning that it is not portable.

This type of saw stand is normally mounted on sawhorses and left in that place. It is quite lengthy, and it also feature some storage compartments. This is a practical design but is not the easiest stand to have or move around.

14. Sawhorse Styled Portable Miter Saw

This stand has the appearance of a large sawhorse with the saw mounted on a flat station in the centre. This design is quite minimalistic, but storage spaces and compartments can be added if they are required.

Intermediate to experienced woodworkers with fare well with this design as it can be quite difficult if not done correctly. The portability of this stand is brought on by the fact that it can be disassembled into separate pieces and packed for transport. It is easy to set up again after being transported and is ideal for woodworkers who need to travel a lot.

15. Mobile and Elegant Miter Saw Bench

This design is unique to others in the way that it has a large open space under the cutting table to allow storage of tools and accessories. It also allows hanging of accessories around the base itself.

Wheels are featured on this stand to allow mobility. Unfortunately, this bench is quite large and is not recommended for a home or garage environment but rather for production workshops.


Whilst there are many different design plans available for saw stands, never be afraid to add your own ideas onto your saw table. Make it your own and tweak it slightly to accommodate your needs. Always remember to wear protective equipment and exercise caution when doing any woodwork.

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