Hardware Factory Drill Press Review

Drill press machines come in many shapes and sizes. But all of them are used for a particular purpose like crafting in metalwork or woodwork. Any reasonable customer would buy one that fits the budget and performs the required activity. Here we are with our Hardware Factory Drill Press review.

The best drill press needs not be the most expensive one. Is Hardware Factory Drill Press the best of all? Well, we will know through this Hardware Factory Drill Press review.

01Hardware Factory Drill Press Overview

This drill press is a small but reliable and comes with a sturdy and durable construction based on cast iron and steel jaws. While any skilled worker of metalwork or woodwork will have no trouble using this, beginners might have some challenges.

However, as you go through this Hardware Factory Drill Press review, you might understand the basics of the product. The drill press may be a little less than suitable for medium to large projects, but it is more than useful for small woodworking jobs. It also allows left to right and front to back adjustment, by using its two swivel crank handles.


  • Item weight: 15 pounds

  • Product dimensions: 10*6.5*10 inches
  • Size: 4 inches
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Power source: Manual
  • No batteries required

03Feature analysis

3.1 Durable Cast Iron Construction

The machine is durable. Thanks to the sturdy build and high resistance from corrosion! In case of corrosion, a simple re-seasoning of the cast iron should fix the issue.

3.2 Powerful Serrated Steel Jaws

The steel jaws are serrated and powerful enough to be useful for a variety of tasks, including an ensured tight grip for punching your precise holes.

3.3 Cold Rolled Steel Screws

A rolling process brings out cold rolled steel amid temperatures, identical to those of a room. The practice of strain hardening by 20% increases the strength of the finished product. That same hardened steel is the material for durable and reliable screws for the Hardware Factory Drill Press.

3.4 Two Swivel Crank Handles

These handles will allow you to handle the drill with ease, especially if you want to perform more than just drilling a hole through metal or wood.

04Pros & Cons

4.1 Pros

  • Powerful and serrated steel jaws

  • Hinged vise crank handle
  • Small and portable
  • A very affordable price for a drill press

4.2 Cons

  • NOT the best choice for medium or large sized jobs

05Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Sitting on a flat service, the distance to the bottom of the clamp service is 4 inches.
There is a 1 and a 3/8-inch slot on opposite end of the back and forth crank handle. There are 3-3/8-inch slots on each side, 1-slot center of the 8-inch base with a slot 3/4-inch centered on each side. The slots are 3-7/8" centered side to side.
As long as the drill press table has holes or provisions for T-bar to anchor the vise it should work great. You will need vertical clearance between the vise and the chuck.

06Final Verdict

It is nearly the end of our Hardware Factory Drill Press review. Hopefully, you have got the essential things to know about this drill press.

Finally, you should note that Hardware Factory Drill Press is suitable for skilled users, but beginners can get the hang of it with a little training and study of the instruction manual.

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