HFS Drill Press Review

Do you worry about the power and capacity of your drill press? Good news for you as we have got a quality cross slide drill press that can be used for making a hole to X and Y axis simultaneously. In this HFS Drill Press review, you will know how this drill press works great in the construction projects.
As the drill is a cutting tool attachment or driving tool, used for boring holes in various materials or fastening various materials together. The XY drill press milling vise is gripped by a chuck that rotates easily when pressed against the cutting material.This enables to make the cutting purpose fast. A detailed understanding of the functionality of this cross slide for your drilling job from this HFS Drill Press review.

To make the workpiece fast, easy, and accurate you can rotate the vise in two directions, so it is very attractive as it gives the opportunity to make multiple holes at the same time. This Drill press vise is designed with cast iron that provides durability and sustains for a long period. Through this HFS Drill Press review, you may get a critical analysis of the performance and functionality of this drill press.

01HFS Drill Press Overview

This 5" cross sliding vise will easily turn your drill press into a milling machine. It rotates continuously without any interruptions. So, it is very helpful if your purpose is to make a big hole in a single time attempt.

You can make the attachment through holes with high precision as this vise is very high-quality construction and moving without being slides off.

You can also attach to a lathe or other tools as needed to hold workpieces in the exact location. That helps to provide good shape for your cutting tool.


  • Size: 5 Inches

  • Color: Blue
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Power Source: Manual
  • Item Package: Quantity

03Feature Analysis

3.1 Durable cast iron construction

The material properties of cast iron have long been recognized, and it is very sturdy as it has high resistance power against heavy snow fall and rainwater. The cast iron is very rigid, and the paint is sustained throughout its lifetime. The cast iron material also makes the drill press very lightweight enough to carry comfortably.

3.2 Powerful serrated steel jaws

The powerful replaceable serrated steel jaws provide maximum clamping and holding. Steel jaws are gripped with the chunks strongly when it is squeezed.

3.3 Cold rolled steel screws

Rolled screw threads are stronger than the ground screw ones. Cold rolled screws steel works great at the low temperature, and it is very lightweight with high strength and stiffness.

3.4 Two swivel cranks

Two swivel crank handles for adjusting vise front to back and left to right. The vise attached to the drill press very strongly and make a smooth operation by rotating the vise in great precision. It ensures the safety as there is no chance of sliding off as the crank adjust the vise from 4 sides.

04Pros & Cons

4.1 Pros

  • Easily turn your drill press

  • Sturdy Design, Heavy, and Clamps well
  • Holds well if you've made no mistake drilling
  • Fastening the boring hole

4.2 Cons

  • If the drill bit slips during a plunge with the drill press, it will move out of position

05Final verdict

You may be expected that the drill press will have to work flawlessly. For this reason, we want to aware of an issue that you may experience when working with this drill press. From this HFS Drill Press review, we will give you some instructions to overcome this downside.

If you are an experienced drill presser, this downside may not be very difficult to overcome, but for the new users, it should be handled very skillfully. You have to position it correctly and then hold it strongly so that the drill machine cannot slip. This is not a technical problem you have a little bit more consciousness during the plunge of the drill machine.

In this HFS Drill Press review we also want to mention that if you are highly concerned about the sturdy construction and flawless performance of the drill press, cross slide vise is very appreciable. The two-way direction makes it more attractive. Hope that you will enjoy this drill press.

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