Kreg Kws1000 Mobile Project Center To Create A Versatile Workspace

Kreg Kws1000 Mobile Project Center To Create A Versatile Workspace

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Kreg tools now come out with their Kreg kws1000 mobile project center, a new folding work table. The Kreg Mobile Project Center features a heavy gauge steel foundation and a large table with an integrated Kreg Clamp Trak and dog holes. It’s made in a way to work with different Kreg kits, but it still works efficiently by itself even if you don’t have any Kreg items with you.

Two reinforced polypropylene tables flip up without creating any problem and lock with the Kreg Clamp Trak in the middle to provide you a 27.75″ x 31.5″ workspace. When the table is in sawhorse mode, with both sides folded down, you can still use the clamp track .The Kreg project center can hold up to 350lbs. and there’s a bottom shelf that can take up to 25lbs.

The Mobile Project Center has keyhole slots on the side, for using the track clamps vertically like a vise. They can keep a workpiece against the side of the project center or can be applied with Kreg bench dogs for clamping. Kreg wood project clamps can drag into a T-slot on the lower side of one of the tables. This allows you to fix them one-handed to position and safe material to the table.

The sides also have slots for helping brackets that allow you to span a 2×4 from one Mobile Project Center to another. This gives you the space to drop in a sheet of 3/4″ plywood on top of the 2×4’s to make a larger work surface. When making use of the Mobile Project Center as a sawhorse, you can add 2x4s to the clamp track using the provided bushings, to protect the clamp track from any loss.

The support bracket also comes with an upper slot which brings the spanning 2x4s flush to the super saving 2×4. This allows you to hold a piece of plywood and not worry about damaging the Mobile Project Center.

One of the tables has two built-in trays on both sides to hold small tools and hardware. It also has a drill holder on both sides. On the edge of the table is a lip that you can hang Kreg screw boxes or any other containers. You can simply add two mobile project centers together with special connecting keys which store in the tables when they aren’t in use.

When it’s time for cleaning, the tables fold down by pressing the two easy release levers. Then you pull the legs together while holding up on the middle of the bottom shelf, which conveniently has room to hold there. To set it back spread out the legs and draw the tables up and they simply lock into place.

Our Remarks

Kreg kws1000 mobile project center is a great support for the professional and home users. You can simply put this folding workbench in the corner of your workspace. No problem to store it in what so ever. It has got the holding space to carry it comfortably from one place to another.

You might not get this type of quality mobile workbench frequently. If you want to check out another folding workbench, you can try Keter workbench. You will get dozens of quality tools from Kreg, like Kreg drawer slide jig and many others. Buy a Kreg product and be happy.

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