Lotos Ltpdc2000d To Make The Hard Work Simple

Lotos Ltpdc2000d To Make The Hard Work Simple

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Working on a welding machine, thought might have come that, what if a machine can cut everything. Your thinking has come true with Lotos ltpdc2000d. You can perform plasma cutting, TIG welding and stick welding using the same machine. Lotos has made this possible for you; now you don’t need to hire or buy 3 different tools to get all the job done. A single tool can do all 3 tasks for you.

Why use 3 different machines to get all the cutting and welding job done. When you have Lotos 3 in 1 welder by your side. It will save or keep up a lot of time and money of yours. It performs the job of 3 different machines alone. So, it saves your energy, time and money as well. You also get this multipurpose efficient tool at a reasonable price. It will serve you with the quality and performance along with your limited budget.

Lotos welder is a Tough Machine. This machine is constructed from sturdy Infineon IGBT power drive system. This kind of construction makes sure it runs for a long time other than the machines currently available in the market. As it has got the strength, it may provide a better cutting.

To compare with the plasma cutting capability, you have got  Everlast plasma cutter and Lotos ltp5000d. It will help you make the decision.

This Lotos plasma cutter can cut anything that comes its way. It features dual voltage and also the dual frequency of 50/60 Hz. This tool requires a higher voltage to be operated fruitfully. You would need 200 to 220V AC power to be operated which typically a power for any high capacity welding machine. Read our Lotos ltpdc2000d plasma cutter reviews to know details about this product and get the best plasma cutter.

It’s the best plasma cutter as it does not get hot. You will get PAPST cooling system with the machine that helps the machine to remain cool after a hell lot of work. The Pilot Arc feature with the Lotos ltpdc2000d is outstanding. This feature will help you to cut rusty surfaces without the need to make the object ready for it. Any other plasma cutter would need a thorough cleaning before cutting.

You can’t a better machine than this to be user-friendly. Operating this power tool is super easy. You just need to flip the switch and set the current to start welding.  You will be able to  weld anything like steel, stainless steel, ferrous alloy, and molybdenum. It’s the best stick welder that make an effort and does get tired. You can get the torch trigger on your finger or thumb just as you like and work conveniently. This tool makes it possible to work in a tight space with the feature of adjustable torch head.

Our Remarks

Lotos ltpdc2000d is a great tool that makes an effort in three ways. It's rare that you get all the services from one tool with the quality. It makes the plasma cutting easier and comfortable than any other tool available in the market. To meet other need for power tools. You can check out the Milwaukee electric tool corporation. They have got a powerful product line to help you.  You might love the Milwaukee m18 or Milwaukee 18v whatever you say to make the drilling and sanding work comfortable for you.

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