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Milescraft 2320 Metal Stubby Drill Bit Set Review

Milescraft 2320 Metal Stubby Drill Bit Set Review

You are planning to throw a big party at your house and you need to make some changes in the decoration. So, you bought a few plywoods which are needed to be cut and attached according to the door and window shape. You have all the necessary tools, but the drill bit you have is damaged. So, you are thinking about better drill bit manufacturer. With better compatibility including speed and accuracy, Milescraft 2320 Metal Stubby Drill Bit Set is the easy solution for your damaged drill bit problems. Keep reading to know the details of this tool and you will get our recommendation whether to buy it or not by the end of this article.

Who Should use Milescraft 2320?

When you have a standard drill machine and a set of the drill bit, you can easily do any kind of drill work at any time. No matter what if you are a carpenter or woodworker or you are simply an enthusiast DIY lover, you need drill machine with drill bits to work on your complicated project. So, Milescraft 2320 Metal Stubby Drill Bit Set may get a good spot on your drill bit sets.

Key Features of Milescraft 2320 Metal Stubby Drill Bit

1. Longer bits

This stubby drill bits have longer bits that allow you to access tight spaces. The range of the bits starts from 1.9-inch to 2.32-inch.

2. M2 high-speed steel

These drill bits come with High-Speed M2 Steel for precise drilling output. So, they don’t contain any fragile crimped or welded spot.

3. Enhanced Hex Shank

The enhanced hex shank measures 1/4-inches long and it works great with the chucks that are quickly changeable. The cutting edges of the drill bit get connected with the shaft, and it connects the shank.

4. 135° Standard tip

With this feature, you can use this drill bit on plastic, metal, and other materials. The range of the bits measure from 2 to 2-1/4 inches.

5. Drive90 Right Angle Driver

The right angle drive90 Milescraft driver from lets you go through the really tight and confined spaces. It allows you to drill holes into metal and other surfaces where you can hardly reach.

Specifications at a glance

  • Dimensions: 4.8 x 3.9 x 0.8 inches
  • Item: Weight 0.12lbs
  • Sizes: 3/32?, 1/8?, 3/16?, 1/4?, 5/16?
  • Material: Metal, High-Speed Steel
  • Tip angle: 135 Degree
  • Type: Stubby Drill Bit
  • Shank Size: 1/4″ Hex
  • Part Number: 2320
  • Model Number: 2320
  • Included Components: Drill Bits
  • Color: Silver
  • Voltage: 18 V
  • Manufacturer: Milescraft Inc.


  • Durable and Sturdy material
  • Sharp and longer bits
  • Enables you to reach confined spaces


  • Inappropriate for heavyweight drilling gigs

Common Questions and Answers

  • Question: How do these bits work over a steel block?
    Answer: You need to use oil as a lubricant to perform better over steel blocks.
  • Question: What about the tip angle? Is this helpful for drilling concrete block?
    Answer: The measurement of this tip angle is about 135 degree. So, it will work better on concrete blocks with no problem.

Our Findings

1. Performance

I used to have a set of the drill bit when I regularly used to make a wooden door, window, sofa set and showcase for the purpose of decorating my house. I used drill bit from another manufacturer, and it was not up to the mark. Those drill bit used to get broken easily, and I used to purchase a new set of drill bit very often. Later, I was suggested to find an alternative and came across this stubby drill bit by Milescraft. These bits were better than my previous one. Using cutting oil, I used this bit to dig my cardboard and wooden object. The outcome was better, and the bits were sharper than I imagined.

2. Ease of use

The first advantage I got from this drill bits was, these drill bit got easily attached in the drill machine. The drill bits were so sharp that they were screwing faster and smoother than ever. But one thing I have overdone is that I forced too much on drill bits and the machine, so one of the drill bit got broken. So, try not to give much pressure on the drill bits.

How to Choose the Right Drill and Maintain This Product

1. Choosing the right drill

  • Choose the HSS bits, suitable for wood, metal, plastic
  • Pick the Conical shape bit to drill various sizes of hole
  • Pick the auger bit to drill fast clean holes
  • For drilling into the metal choose a spotting drill bit
  • For drilling into the brick, choose masonry bit

2. Maintaining Drill bit

  • Always slow down the drill bits speed to prolong the life
  • The drill has a tendency to get rust if exposed to moisture
  • Avoid rusting by applying a light coat of oil to your bits
  • Keep bits in a dry place after using
  • Apply a fresh coat of oil after every use

Customers Feedbacks

We were more than judgmental about the product than most customers on Amazon did. Its better 3.9 stars with over 200 customer reviews from real buyers should be enough to make a decision about Milescraft 2320 Metal Stubby Drill Bit Sets an optimal product, but some users went exceeding the average positive posts as they shared their harsh experiences due to drill gets shattered when forced too much.

However, this product has the capacity to handle pressure, and the longer bit ensures you to reach deep into the surface.

Our Final Thoughts

So, you know every detail of Milescraft 2320 Metal Stubby Drill Bit Set, and it takes us to make the final decision about this product. You are going to observe a final decision that we made according to the outcome we have found. When we observed this product for a significant amount of time, later, we established that this product could faultlessly work with effectiveness on different circumstances. As this product features enhanced hex shank and Drive90 right angle driver formula, Milescraft 2320 Metal Stubby Drill Bit Set is surely a better product than most of the Drill bits out there.

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