Powermatic 719T Mortiser Review

A drill press is an essential machine, ideal for woodworking and household chores. For several decades, Powermatic has been in the business to improve the way woodworkers carry out artistic tasks. From time to time, the company has offered high-quality power tools to help woodworkers. In line with this, we have brought Powermatic 719T Mortiser review to you for practical knowledge about the product.

This Powermatic drill press eases the timber-working process and enhances your ability to focus on the creative woodworking plan. The manufacturer is widely known for so long because of the simplicity and innovation of their drill presses. This Powermatic drill can be an elegant choice for many including you.

01Powermatic 719T Mortiser Drill Press Overview

The Powermatic features have heavy-duty cast iron construction and a powerful 1HP motor for the most demanding jobs. The mounted head is adjustable that will ensure you for years of trouble-free service. A spring-loaded 6 position adjustable handle utilizes the heavy rack and pinion gear system for movement. The useful depth stop gives a uniform depth of mortise.

A large 20-1/4" x 7" Powermatic 719T Tilt table support a lot of work and will adjust from 0 to 35-degree, and the table can move left to the right and forward to back with handwheel controls.

The quick adjust lock provides more work-holding force and will swivel to put up angled workpieces. The heavily enclosed steel cabinet offers ample storage inside for shapes and equipment. The Powermatic 719T Mortiser review ensures product features and specifications for hazard-free service.


  • Brand: WMH Tool Group

  • Spindle Speed: 1725 RPM
  • Chuck Size: 1/2-inch
  • Chisel Size: 1/4inch to 1inch
  • Head Stroke: 6-inches
  • Chisel Center to Fence: 4-inches
  • Fence Size: 4-1/2-inches by 20-1/4-inches
  • Table Tilt: From 0 to 35-degrees
  • Table Size: 7-inches by 20-1/4-inches
  • Table Travel: 15-1/2-inches longitudinal; 4-inches cross
  • Motor Power: 1 horsepower
  • Dimensions: 21-1/4-inches by 21-5/8-inches by 74-inches

03Feature Analysis

Are you searching for the best drill press? The Powermatic 719T Mortiser review shows everything you want in your drill press.

3.1 Cast Iron Building Quality

Powermatic 719T Hollow Chisel Mortiser is one of those Mortisers, which will be among the top-class woodworking machines.

The cast iron material uses for optimal stability and durability. If the length of this long machine is a serious concern to you, you can look at the Powermatic 719T Mortiser review for details.

3.2 Large Wooden Adjustable Worktable

How would you feel, if your drilling machine provides the knowledge of a power lab? The Powermatic 719T is not only a Mortiser, but it is a high-tech joint building lab. This device has a large wooden table (which is measured 20-1/4-inches / 7-inches) gives you a great work support without any trouble.

The table can be adjusted from 0° to 35° angle so that the user can move it with the large handwheel controls.

3.3 Smart feed lever and Adjustable handle

The feed lever of the Powermatic Mortiser features provides six different positions for instant adjustments which allow the machine to yield excellent comfort while doing a variety of tasks.

This Powermatic also works with gas cylinder rack and pinion feed process. This system allows smooth head increase and dropping and makes drilling more precise. The equipment system is assembled with a close spring position and adjustable handle for consistent operation.

3.4 Large Steel Confined Closet

Powermatic 719T provides a large steel closet, so you can easily keep the chisel and other attachments. This close cabinet will make the works simpler with increasing the productivity.

3.5 Spindle Speed and Chisel Capacity

The spindle speed of the Powermatic Mortiser is 1725 RPM. The chisel capacity is between ¼-inch and 1-inch while the head stroke is 6 inches. The hole between chisel center and the fence is 4 inches. It will help you to make exact cuts with smooth finishes during your busy woodworking schedule.

04Pros & Cons

4.1 Pros

  • Durable Hollow Chisel Mortiser

  • A powerful 1 HP machine
  • Quick performance
  • A steel closets
  • Adjustable handle makes working easier
  • The feed lever has six different adjustment

4.2 Cons

  • The 32.5-inches distance between ground to table may cause anxiety

05Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The speed range of the spindle is 1725 RPM
The distance from the chuck to the table is 20-1/4 inches by 7 inches.

06Final Verdict

What did we tell you? Has not the article of the Powermatic 719T Mortiser review exceeded your expectations? This Best drill press is easy to operate, manages to bring elegance to a hard and gritty process.

The strong and durable configurations of this Powermatic Mortiser make it essential for demanding jobs. This Powermatic machine manages all restrictions to give you a powerful tool when it comes to speed, power, accuracy, and build.

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