Powermatic Benchtop Mortiser Review

Are you looking for a bench mortiser that can provide shaped cutting edges around the holes? Do not worry as the Powermatic has brought the Powermatic Benchtop Mortiser which has rigid blade edges for making deeper holes and sharp edges around the holes. The innovative features of stock down provide a double lock system to eliminate any chances of slip when removing the chisel from the work-piece. So not only it provides the wonderful performance but also ensure safety for the users.

Powermatic Benchtop Mortiser has super horsepower capacity as the motor can run at 1725 rpm which is considered to be the highest speed to industrial drill users. There is an in-line depth stop which allows you to stop at preset depths without racking the drill bit to the base. This enables you to have the proper control on the location of the holes.

For secure positioning of your workpieces, Powermatic bench mortiser provides a fence around it for a quick lock action for simple positioning.

01Powermatic Benchtop Mortiser Overview

Powermatic mortise provides flexibility as it has the reversible handle for the adjustment of sides based on the requirements. You can change it from one side to another, and it does not require any further specials tools for adjustment. For this reason, left-handed woodworkers do not get deprived of its full benefits. You can also change the side when you feel pressure on the hand for long time drill working. By this way, this allows the minimal pressure on the single hand operation.

The heavy-duty base does not move or wobble here and there as it is very hard and can handle the workpieces strongly so that you can make the holes at the highest speed as there is no risk of slippage.

The motor is very calm and does not make any noises or vibration during the deburring of the holes. So it is very user-friendly and environmental friendly as it ensures tranquility in the workshop.


  • Mortiser: 3/4 inch

  • Chunk: 1/2 inch
  • Head stroke: 5-1/2 inches
  • Item Weight: 100 pounds
  • Power Source: Corded-Electric

03Feature Analysis

3.1 Horsepower bench mortiser with a 1/2-inch chuck

3/4-horsepower bench mortiser has the highest rotating power and capacity that increases the efficiency of the drill workers. It requires minimal time for deburring the holes as the 1/2-inch chuck offers a perfect grip with the spindle to provide highest torque capacity. The chunk also offers the perfect size that can add value to your deeper hole mission.

3.2 In-line depth stop

The wonderful characteristics of this mortising machine are the in-line depth stop which allows having more control on the locational choice for the deburring. This in-line depth stop allows for stopping at the preset depth so that you can make the holes with precision. This feature enables you to avoid too much or too low deeper hole.

3.3 3/4-inch bushes

The ¾-inch bushes are designed to guide, position, and support the cutting tool to offer an accurate position as well as correct holes deep that you are intended to do. It reduces the repetition or duplication of the tasks as you can avoid the mistakes of incorrect placing through this bushing sizes.

3.4 5-1/2-inch head stroke capacity

Powermatic bench mortiser has perfect head stroke capacity which is the most significant feature of increasing the drilling capability. It lets the user drill deep holes through thicker stock and offers less time fussing with table height or workpiece height adjustments to get the workpiece within the drill's stroke range.

3.5 Handle

The handle is reversible without requiring any special tools or screws for adjusting them. You can change the side by yourself as it is very easy to install. It reduces the pressure on the right hand and perfect for the left-hand users.

3.6 Chuck extension adaptor

Powermatic mortise has an extended chuck key adaptor that can be helpful to tighten the chuck key for providing perfect grip with the spindle. This chuck extension adaptor increases the capacity of rotation as it strongly links the key and the chuck for ensuring quality performance.

04Pros & Cons

4.1 Pros

  • Can change the handle on any side

  • Suited for the left-hand users.
  • Can hold the workpieces strongly
  • No risk of slippage
  • Resists noise making or vibration

4.2 Cons

There is no adjustable height worktable

05Final Verdict

Powermatic Benchtop Mortiser is very impressive due to the rigid tapered edge providing chisel. This chisel ensures the perfect holes in term of depth and width. The versatile functions of the handle make it appealing to the drill workers as it is best suited for the left hand or right-hand operation.

Though there is a silly pitfall, you can handle this issue by creating consciousness regarding this thing. As there is no adjustable height worktable, so it is very difficult to make holes for the long workpieces. But this is no matter if you make holes in the metal workpieces. This pitfall has a positive side also. This helps to reduce the slippage of the base as there is no worktable, so it offers perfect weight distribution on the base.

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