Start Working Smoothly With Rikon Drill Press

Start Working Smoothly With Rikon Drill Press

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The RIKON Drill Press 30-120 13-Inch is the machine for all your drilling works. It is helpful enough for almost any kind of object and especially suited for any woodwork. It can be useful for hard work of  drilling, tapping, reaming and many more.

It is manufactured by Rikon, Power Tools, a division of Richen Enterprise, Inc., which has its headquarters in Massachusetts. All their products are constructed in Germany and China, and they have the tradition to make great quality products at a reasonable price and with helpful customer service.

The RIKON 30-120 Drill Press is more of a heavy tool, that is able to perform all the hard duty. It’s a tool that will last for a long time. It has got a powerful ½ horsepower motor, 16 variable spindle speeds, tilting table and a clutch depth stop. It is constructed from steel and cast iron and its designed in a simple way that makes it user-friendly.

This Rikon drill press can be a useful tool for both personal home use and professional users. It is sturdy and durable, so it is a great tool for the users who might need to perform heavy tasks. With its depth clutch stop, it makes the repetitive same depth drilling work an easy go.

This benchtop drill press is perfectly built and likely to run for a long time – a definite pro if you’re looking for a tool that can withstand lots of use and abuse. Its simplicity also can be a pro or a con, depending on what you’re searching for. It might have been the best drill press if it has the lasers or digital features. So that will be negative marking for this tool if you’re looking for a high-tech drill press. The plus of this tool is that it is straightforward to use, so even amateurs can start working on it straight away.

Some of the users also found the cast iron handle noted that a possibility is not long enough. Long handles give sufficient leverage, and tools with large hands may also scrape their knuckles on other controls as they turn it.

Our Remarks

What should be the  reason for buying Rikon drill press? Because it’s sturdy and properly made with user-friendly features that help the users in many ways. No chance to break down, and it won’t take you hours to figure out how to use it. It is likely to be a worthwhile investment if you’re looking for a simple and heavy-duty tool.

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