Rockwell Drill Press In 2018 For Perfect Drilling

Rockwell Drill Press In 2018 For Perfect Drilling

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When you are trying to expand your home workshop, and a reliable drill press is one of your most needed equipment, Rockwell Rk7032 Shop Series 10-Inch drill press will be the right choice for you.

This Rockwell drill press has a very powerful motor that makes it stand against any other comparable drill presses on the market. With a powerful 3.6 Amp and variable five-speed changes, this drilling machine is able to punch quality and accurate holes in every possible surface.

The Rockwell Shop Series is designed in a way to perform all the repetitive drilling work with great accuracy and perfection. That makes  Rockwell drill press a dream tool for every worker who is looking for an efficient and long-lasting drilling machine. The powerful ½ HP motor makes sure that you can drill holes in the toughest woods no matter the depth of the workpiece. This powerful drilling machine is just a relief to your tasks as you will be making all the impossible possible.

The Rockwell drill press comes with a 3.6 Ampere motor that is built with the variable 5-speed gearbox which helps all the  users to optimize the drilling speed in order to get match different working materials. With the  five-speed gearbox, you will be able to control the speed of  the drilling machine that punches holes on your workpiece.

Any kind of Adjustment on the table height is pretty comfortable with the help of the rack and pinion set with the Rockwell drill press. This helps to increase improve the accuracy of the drill.  Adjusting the rack and pinion also makes it possible for you to be able to work on any size and shape of the material. Working on an adjustable height table improves your level of comfort and productivity.

You have got the work table that bevels up to 45 degrees right and left. This helps to get the perfect angles for drilling your holes. These adjustments make this Rockwell drill an easy tool to use and dependable on for any project. What you might find a bit bothering for you is, it can be a noisy tool to use. But what to do, when a drill press is doing the drilling work at great speed it can be bit noisy, and obviously, it will vibrate during the usage.


Product Dimensions11.4 x 27.2 x 13 inches
Item Model NumbeRK7032
Weight71.8 pounds
Motor power ½ HP
Power sourceCorded electric
Warranty2 years limited warranty
Our Remarks

Motor strength  and speed is an important feature when selecting your drill press. You are getting the durable motor and adjustable table to get all the drilling work done comfortably with this Rockwell drill press, so why not buy Rockwell 7032. Drill with the perfection!

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