This has been a good year for Drillly as we received tremendous supports and inspiration from our community people who have always been great and friendly when it comes to the existence of our concerns. So, we feel like taking a chance to give them back.

Our community service scholarship 2018 allows us just a great way to accomplish the mission as we provide students some aid, and they use their skills to find tactical innovations in home improvement projects based on drilling operations so that our people can make great DIYers. This way, we are creating a correlation, though indirect, between our community and the competing students who will be penning their DIY ideas.

Ideal Candidates

  • Graduates/Diploma
  • Post-Graduate Students
  • Students seeking admission into similar programs

Procedures to follow

  • Research work, how-to content, step-by-step guidelines, or anything on drill machines and drilling techniques
  • Word Count: 1000 Words
  • Format: .doc/.docx file (Please don’t send your article in a PDF file. Please be informed that we do not accept links to any works.)
  • Personal Details: (Name, Age, Address, Contact Info, Academic Info, etc.)
  • Deadline: (Date)

The Evaluation Criteria:

  • Subjectivity (Relevancy & Coherence)
  • Linguistic Style
  • Value to the readers
  • Originality

Final Selection:

It takes us around a month to complete the evaluation procedure. One month after the submission deadline, we select one winner who becomes entitled to the award. We email and send the formal letter to the winner with our logo and contact information. The next steps will be informed soon enough. Please contact us for further details.