Shop Fox W1667 Bench-Top Oscillating Drill Press

Shop Fox W1667 Bench-Top Oscillating Drill Press

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This bench top drill press can be served both as a drill press and oscillating sander. With the help of Shop fox w1667, we can perform both drilling and sanding operations.

Shop Fox oscillating drill press has got a half HP motor. For a drill press or a sanding machine, it’s enough. The half inch drill chuck is attached to this machine. There is a removable safety key to avoid any kind of unwanted incident. Unwanted starts also can be avoided with this safety key.

This fox drill press has got a sanding spindle that can be used with sanding drums between 1-2 inches in diameter and can be 4 ¼ inches long. The spindle oscillates helps to get a better finish and longer lasting abrasion.

Shop Fox W1667 drill press is combined with a paddle switch to ensure a greater degree of safety.  This oversized paddle and the removable lockout key are really helpful for the safety. We just need to simply slap down the paddle switch to power off the machine.

There is a depth stop in shop fox w1668. It helps the user to drill any object to a preset depth. It also allows the users to work accurately. The tilting table it comes with is flexible and great to use. It’s a 7 by 7-inch square table. It can be flexible up to ninety degrees, which allows the users to sand the working object in different angles.

Our Remarks

With the help of Shop Fox drill press, both the drilling and the sanding work come close. All the hard work can be done with one simple machine. It’s a flexible machine to work. The tilt table tilts to 90 degrees it makes the sanding work very comfortable for a user.

The Shop drill press is 0.5 HP, 110 V machine. This kind of machine can be easily operated in a house. So, home end users are getting the kind of suitable machine for them. It has got a paddle switch that makes the working safer. It’s a heavy-duty drill press it can be also used for industrial use.

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