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How to Use a Concrete Saw | Drillly

using a concrete saw
Written by Willie Osgood
Last Update: May 8, 2023

Using a concrete saw is a very interesting and easy task to carry out by anyone who knows how to do that. Best for making excellent cuts on concrete, the concrete saw is a user-friendly machine that is handy for sure. However, for an effective cutting operation, it is very important that you learn how to use a concrete saw in your workshop. In this discussion, we shall be looking at the steps involved, as well as the safety precautions of using a concrete saw.

No one is able to work well with a tool like the concrete saw without having a good knowledge of its part. When you know the parts like the blade type of the saw, the arbor, the arbor shafts, and the tightening knobs, using the concrete saw becomes very easy. Closely related to knowing about the parts is knowing the mechanism of the concrete saw. By the end of this discussion, you will no doubt know how to use a concrete saw in the best way possible.

Preparations Before Using a Concrete Saw

Preparations Before Using a Concrete Saw

In order to have the best cutting experience with the concrete saw, it is best to have everything needed in terms of materials and knowledge to make use of a concrete saw. Preparations not only helps you to get the best cut out of concrete saw, but it also helps you to be sure the machine is in the best working condition. There are a number of basic operations to take note of in the preparation stage before using a concrete saw and they include:

1. Wearing Protective Items

The concrete saw is a very delicate cutting tool that needs you to be careful while operating it. So the first basic operation to keep to when making use of the concrete saw is to wear protective items. What are the protective items to be worn when making use of a concrete saw? First, you have to shield your hands with hand gloves depending on the material type you choose to go for. You will also need to put on a protective mask or an eye goggle so as to prevent dirt or dust particles from getting into your body.

2. Preparing the Workplace

Another basic preparation before using a concrete saw is to prepare the workplace. This includes you cleaning up the workplace and taking away any harmful material from the work environment. It will also be very necessary for you to make use of a workplace with a relatively large space so you can have all the space needed to work comfortably. Make sure that you also have other materials, tools, and attachments in place as well and are kept very close to ensure ease of reach while working.

3. Preparing the Machine

With the workplace already prepared and put in place for the cutting operation, you will need to prepare the machine. With all of the protective materials needed worn, and the workplace made ready, nothing can be done if the concrete saw is not ready. To prepare the machine, it is necessary that you clean up the concrete saw both inside and outside. While cleaning, make sure to inspect the concrete saw. Check for any faulty connections and make sure the blades and adjustments are firm. Check the electric cables and auxiliary cords that sends power into the concrete saw for any cuts or breakages and fix any if found.

How to Use a Concrete Saw – Techniques & Tips

How to Use a Concrete Saw - Techniques & Tips

So, you’re about to start learning how to use a concrete saw? A concrete saw, regardless of the different types, is not a play tool that should be used in testing your abilities. Make sure you know how to use concrete saw before you start making use of one. Let us run through the steps involved in making use of a concrete saw.

1. Master the Maneuvering Techniques and Variable Speed Adjustments

To be able to use the concrete saw, there are certain techniques that need to be mastered and mastered effectively. Remember that a concrete saw is a cutting tool that is able to maneuver itself through concrete. It is very important that you master maneuvering techniques.

The variable speed adjustments of the concrete saw also needs to be mastered alongside maneuvering techniques. The concrete saw depending on the type of concrete project it is to be used for, works at various speed. You have to master the variable speed adjustments for the best cutting experience.

Concrete that is thicker is known to require less speed than those that are less thicker. This means that you should be able to adjust the speed of the concrete saw based on the work done or concrete type per time.

2. Start the ‘Cutting’ Job

With the maneuvering techniques and variable speed adjustments mastered, all that is left is to begin cutting with the concrete saw. Make sure to put on the concrete saw from the power on and off switch and allow it to for a while to come up. Run the saw through the concrete piece as you maneuver your hands through carefully. When you are done cutting, make sure to put off the concrete saw at all times.

You should be caring about the dust produced during the operation. Most concrete saws these days use a dust collection system to save users’ worries.

3. Do This as You’re Just About to Finish

When you are about finishing making a cut on concrete using a concrete saw, it is very important that you do this

  • Make sure to adjust the speed of the saw to a minimal level so as to achieve a very fine finish.
  • Carefully tighten the belt of the concrete saw so as to prevent the concrete from splitting away.
  • Make sure that you do not put off the concrete saw abruptly without having to fully complete the task that there is to be completed.

4. Safety Precautions and Tips

Safety is very important while making use of a concrete saw. In order to ensure that you are safe while making use of the concrete saw, there are certain safety precautions and tips that have been provided for you.

  • The concrete saw is not a play tool as it needs a high level of professionalism to make use of it. As such, it is very important that the concrete saw is properly stored after every use away from the reach of children.
  • While making use of the concrete saw, make sure you pull a fast and firm grip so as to avoid it from sloping off your hands while in use. This is why it is best to go for a very reliable concrete saw when buying one.
  • Make sure to operate at the required speed of every job while working with the concrete saw. Working with excess speed can cause an accident that might affect the tool and yourself or one without the other.

5. Tips to Cut Concrete Using a Concrete Saw

With a lot already said about using a concrete saw to cut concrete, let me quickly run through some helpful dos and don’ts of using a concrete saw.

  • When cutting, make sure that you do not force the blade into the cut, leave it all to the weight of the saw.
  • Allow the blade to run free for a while when cutting to avoid overheating.
  • Make sure to use a wet blade when working on wet concrete and a dry blade for dry concrete
  • After cutting, make sure to keep yourself protected with aids when dry cutting.

6. Care and Maintenance

Similar to other saw types like scroll saws or band saws, a concrete saw requires maintenance and care to deliver results. First, it keeps the concrete saw in the best working condition always, then it also prolongs the life span of the tool. To maintain and care for the concrete saw –

  • Regular clean-up of the concrete saw before and after every use will be very helpful.
  • Constant greasing and lubrication of the parts of the concrete saw will allow for effective working – whether dry or wet cutting – all the time.
  • The concrete saw is not so much of a versatile tool, so in other to keep it working and working effectively, it is best to use it only for the purpose it is to serve.

After a while of cutting through concretes, using a concrete saw becomes very easy. With a good knowledge of how to use a concrete saw, you will be able to effect smooth cuts on concrete – be it wet or dry. You will also find the whole task of using a concrete saw easier and faster when you know how to. However, it is very important that you stick to the safety precautions and tips provided for when using a concrete saw.

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