Telesteps 1600EP Telescoping Extension Ladder

Telesteps 1600EP Telescoping Extension Ladder

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A ladder has many kinds of use. The basic of all is to reach a certain height that we can’t reach without help. A ladder is a very useful tool in our day to day life. A fixed height ladder sometimes becomes a headache for us. Now telescopic ladder is available, so no problem to store it, and we can carry it everywhere we need.

We have got Telesteps 1600 EP here a collapsible ladder that can serve us to the best. It is a one-touch automatic ladder. The patented one-touch mechanism is used in this ladder. This ladder is able to take a great load. About 300 lbs load can be tackled by this simple ladder.

This extension ladder can reach up to 16 feet. It also has got a professional width. Which helps any user in many ways. The bottom of the ladder is covered with pivoting silicon feet. The silicon feet provide a great grip. We have heard many ladder accidents. Sometimes the accidents really severe. Breaking bones and leaving a permanent mark in jaw lines is a common scenario of these accidents.

Telesteps have got series of tools for climbing heights. Telesteps 1800ep is another popular telescoping ladder. We have got other popular brands like Vulcan ladder and xtend and climb for ladders also. Xtend climb ladders are also very much portable and easy put in a storeroom.

Our Remarks

The telescopic ladder is great in use and store. It can be stored in the corner of a storeroom. This kind of ladders can be easily put in a vehicle to carry for a distance and get the job done conveniently. The Telesteps ladder is great in quality. It has got the ANSI and OSHA certification. Which leads it to a certified ladder. This ladder can take a greater workload.

This ladder has got the pivoting silicon feet that help to avoid an accident. The grip of the ladder is great. No chance to slip anytime. It has the great usability.  Telesteps ladders are telescoped and can be stored in a storeroom without any hassle.

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