WEN 424DPV Drill Press Vise review

Unlike other drilling tools, the Drill press is a great help while doing the heavy-duty drilling. Everyone knows that the Drill press is used to make accurate holes on the workpieces. The accuracy can be increased if you have a superior graded drill press vise.

We have been using WEN 424DPV Drill Press Vise for five months. We are so happy with the service of WEN 424DPV Drill Press Vise that we decided to write a review. So, continue reading to know more amazing features of this vise.

01WEN 424DPV Drill Press Vise Overview

WEN 424DPV Drill Press Vise enhances the drilling experience a lot. The 4 inches jaws with deep throat clung your workpiece tightly to the table. As it is made of cast iron, you can use it to hold metals, woods, plastics and more.

Having four slotted mounting bases, you will get stability while operating drill press after installation on your table. WEN 424DPV Drill Press Vise comes with broad compatibility and fits most of the drill press table.


  • Item Weight: 7.2 pounds

  • Grip woods, metals, plastics
  • 4-inch jaws
  • Size: 4-Inches
  • Cast iron construction

03Feature Analysis

3.1 Cast Steel Construction

WEN 424DPV Drill Press Vise has fully cast-iron construction. The iron construction creates huge force and minimizes any friction or spinning while operating drill presses. This drill vise is designed to provide long-lasting service.

3.2 Tight gripping ability

The cast iron base comes with four mounting slots. If you mount it on your drill press table, the fours slots will give excellent stability and smoothness. The open jaws measure 4 inches and have 1-inch deep throats. This vice allows a tight grip when it comes to holding metal or woods of different shape.

3.3 Suitable for most models

The WEN 4-Inch Drill Press Vise is compatible with WEN 4210, 4212, 4214, 4225, and 4227 drill presses and most of the available model. As it maintains standard 4 inches size, you can buy it without any hesitation.

04Pros & Cons

4.1 Pros

  • Suitable for heavy duty task

  • Fits most of the drill press table
  • Cast iron materials
  • Standard 4 inches jaws
  • Deepthroats

4.2 Cons

  • Heavyweight

05Final Verdict

WEN 424DPV Drill Press Vise is made of 100% cast iron. This is why its weight is 7.2 pounds, and it is heavier drill press vise comparing with others. After installation, it will not hamper your drill press table, but you must be careful while clamping your workpiece as the metal jaws are strong enough to ruin your plastic or woodworks.

You can easily understand that this vise is suitable for heavy duty, but following the clear directions, you can use it for light works too. Considering all features, we are a fan of the WEN 424DPV Drill Press Vise. Hoe you will like it too.

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