Worx Ext Reach 4v Li Screwdriver

Worx Ext Reach 4v Li Screwdriver

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The automated screwdriver has a century-long history. It was first developed by Black + Decker manufacturing Co. (Now Stanley Black + Decker). With the passage of time, there are some evolutions to make the drill gun usable not only in industry but also personal use.

Worx screwdriver is a very popular cordless screwdriver or cordless drywall screw gun for personal use. It has got a 1/4ʺ screwdriver. The battery comes with is very powerful. It’s a 4Volt battery. Long hours of work can be done by this little screw drill. It can easily reach where you and I cannot. It’s light in weight and easy to operate. The longer shaft of this screwdriver gives better control and drives the screw straighter. It comes along with a 4V charger. It takes about 5-hours to charge it fully.

Worx is not the one who produces cordless screw gun. There are many other market leaders like Dewalt, Makita, Senco and Pink power. The pink drill is all pink as you can assume by its name. You would be able to perform various tasks with a single machine of this. Senco screw gun is more of the auto feed screw gun. It uses a strip of the screw to dig into the walls or woods.

Makita screw gun is able to perform various tasks also. It comes with a combo box to serve different purposes. Dewalt has got a vast range of products.  Dewalt gun and Dewalt screw gun are popular power tools of them. By the way, who makes DeWalt power tools? Not really necessary to know, right?

Implementing drywalls have taken the need of screw guns to the next level. Drywall drill is very convenient for this kind of machines. Dewalt drywall screw gun has got the expertise in drywall drilling.

Our Remarks

Worx screwdriver is a very lightweight screwdriver. It has a 4V battery which is able to run long hours. It can be fit to various screw bits. It just weighs 1.1 lbs. This lightweight of this makes it very much convenient to use. There is a LED light to indicate the working state and also a light to indicate battery charge. For personal use, it’s a great screw gun.

Worx screwdriver is a simple screwdriver. There is also portable drill gun available to help you out and make the work fast. There is a lot of different in screw gun vs drill machines. Collated screw gun comes with a strip of the screw that digs into wall or wood one after one. Dewalt drywall guns have little different from regular deck screw gun. Drywall guns are nothing but a drill machine that drills the screws in the dry walls. Makita screw guns can serve you in many ways. It can be used as drill machine as well as screw gun also.

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