Top 10 Best Drill Press Table (2019) Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Woodworking and furniture making are tasks that require the best working tools if one wants to achieve excellent outcomes. This is why one should always make sure they are getting the best tool to work with on any given task ahead of them. As a beginner, I spent the better part of my woodworking years researching about tools. I wanted to know what makes one a good woodworker, so I came across best drill press tables for woodworking.

Working with this tool over the years has greatly improved the outcome of my work. It has also helped me reduce stress as every right tool does. This is why, just like me, it is very important you know the best drill press table to buy as much as you know the work to be done.

As a novice wood worker or a beginner, you might be wondering why it is best to work making use of a drill press table. Yes, it is normal, as I was once in that position too. However, professionals just like me, not only make use of this tool because it is one of the many tools required. They do so because they have come to understand from their many years of experience, the importance of this tool.

We cannot exhaust all the many importance of making use of a drill press woodworking table, but let us quickly run through a number of them

  • It enhances your work speed: While it is absolutely possible for you to still work with a random table, an adjustable drill press table is best. With this tool, your working rate is enhanced. You are able to work faster on it than you will on any random table.
  • It is safer to work with: Woodworking is one job that requires care and attention. You have to shield yourself and your working tools from potential dangers. Drill press table helps to provide you with the best working comfort that assures your safety. You want to be safe while working? Then make use of a drill press table.
  • It allows for more accurate results: When you’re able to work comfortably, a number of things are bound to happen. One of those things is that you will be able to pay the needed attention to details. When you do, you will be able to achieve precise and accurate results. Precision and accuracy in wood working, forms the basis upon which professionalism thrives.
  • You would not have to be making timely replacements: If you are meticulous enough to take your time while selecting a drill press table, you are doing yourself a whole lot of good. This is because, the best drill press tables, are always comprehensive enough that you don’t have to be replacing their items.
  • Its affordability is a thing to consider: You might be considering random tables above drill press tables because you are trying to minimize costs. No, you don’t have to worry because even the best drill press tables are still affordable to the services they deliver.

Knowing these benefits, will aid your selection as you go through our top ten best drill press tables. Make sure you choose the best that fits your desired working purpose.

Who Are This Product For?

The big question many times has always been, who and who need this drill press table? The truth is that it is a tool that every wood worker, furniture maker or hole driller should have.

It doesn't matter as to whether you are a novice or a professional alike, this tool can still be used by you. Just make sure you go through the specifications of each and find out if you can handle it. Long as it suits the woodworking purpose for which you desire it, then this tool is for you. It is however very important that you note that a particular drill press table suitable for a professional might not be suitable for a novice. This is why you should pay attention to the specifications of each.

How Did We Pick The Best?

You have to trust our top picks, and for you to, we have to inform you on the factors that were taken into consideration before we arrived at this top 10 list of ours. Before then, I would like to say that our careful analysis and presentation of each of these DIY drill press tables is to help you achieve the best result on that DIY project of yours. It is also aimed at making sure your workmanship, at whatever stage it is that you are is enhanced.

Now, I found out that it is more cost effective and time saving to buy a table drill press than to build one. You do not have to spend all that time and resources to build a table saw when you can just purchase from a list of the best. In other to ensure you are buying the best and not just one of the many available drill press release, we considered the following:

Opinions of experts and professional: A number of people have dedicated the better parts of their lives to research about these tools. These people provide expertise opinions which have largely influenced this top ten list of ours.

Customer ratings and reviews: The best way to find out and measure the quality of a tool is to find out what people who have used and are using it are saying about it. We were able to gather ratings and reviews of different customers of each of the drill press table provided to arrive at this top ten list of ours.

Our personal experiences were also involved: In picking these 10 drill press tables, we also involved our personal experiences. We considered what using these tools was like for us to bring to you some of the details provided.

We have done all of the work as regards researching and compilation in our drill press reviews. Relevant information as to the specification, features, pros and cons of each have all been provided. All that is left for you is to make careful analysis of each and pick which is best for you.

Things to consider while buying best drill press Table

After making up your mind not to work with a random table but the best drill table saw, you have taken the first important step. This is not enough, as you have to begin considering which of the drill press table and fence made available is best for you. In doing this, you have to take into consideration a number of factor so as to be sure you are making the right decision.

These factors differ from one woodworker to another as much as it is from a professional to a novice. However, we shall be looking at some of the major things to consider while buying the beat drill press table.


You might be wondering why this is coming first, right? Yes it is because you won't want to buy a tool that cannot last you for as long as is desired. Durability of the drill press table saw is one of the most important factor to be considered when buying one. Make sure that the drill press table is one that can last you for a really long while with an affordable and timely maintenance cost.


Portability of the drill press table saw is defined by its length and width. Make sure you first consider the space of your work room first before determining the size of the drill press table to look out for. Less work room space will require that you go for a more portable one than someone who has a larger work room. The type of wood work done also influences the size of drill press table to be desired.


In considering this, you have to look at the many tasks you carry out to be sure you can get a drill press table that is versatile to that regard. A versatile table will allow for you to multi task yourself easily and comfortably.

Ease of Setup

How simple is the drill press table to set up? This also depends on your general knowledge of the tool. For a novice who is not so familiar with the tool, you can go for one that is easier to set up and understand.

Quality Construction and Finish

You should also among other things, take into consideration the quality of the drill press table's construction. What is the design structure like? Does it fit what you like?

Closely related to this is the finishing of the table. It is always advices that you get a tool that is smooth especially if it is a wooden one.


Other basic features of each tool to take note and inquire about include:

  • Fence

Look out for a fence that is either simple or complex, made of wood or metal, depending on your choice. Just make sure that regardless of your choice, it is adjustable.

  • T-tracks & T-slots

This slot is always perpendicular to your work and makes it easy for you to be able to attach items to the table. Make sure they are parallel and can be attached to the fence.

  • Holding power

This can be referred to as the clamping abilities of the drill press table. Make sure to look out for the strength of these clamps based on the task you expect of them in your work room. Try going for clamps that glide to and fro on T-tracks, they are proven to be the best.

  • Throat plate

This is detachable from the table and is necessary to prevent the entire table top from being changed when any damage happens to it especially by multiple drill holes.

Price to quality Ratio

Consider your budget for the drill press table. Make sure whichever one you are going has an impressive price to quality ratio and will serve you as much as it costs.

Our Top Ten Best Drill Press Table

Having categorized our topics based on its various types and the factors to be considered when buying a drill press table outlined above, let's go straight to look at them. We shall be examining each drill press table one after the other providing it's specifications and features as well as its pros and cons.

  • Editor Rating :
    • Star 4.3 out of 5 star
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Best Overall


Occupying the number one spot and referred to as the best overall drill press table is the WEN DPA2412T. This drill press table saw has gained widespread recognition and usage among woodworkers and furniture makers globally. It is known for its excellent features and high performing abilities. It has for a very long time now, been the most preferred drill press table. With its excellent design, durability and reliability, it leads the pack here.

What you should know

  • It is very easy to set-up, understand and use: This table comes as one of the best drill press tables that can be used by starters and professionals alike because of its easy to understand and simple to use features which is unlike any other drill press table of its kind. It comes with a manual guide that provides for its installation in easy guide through steps.
  • It enhances accuracy: Accurate results are your selling point and if you need a tool that can help you enhance that, then you should consider none other than this drill press table. Its designs and features are so in place that you don’t have to look outside the board while carrying out your work.
  • Excellent and Durable Clamps: This drill press table comes with very impressive clamps that help you to hold items together firmly as you carry on work on the table. With this, you do not have to sustain the fear of your items going off while working.
  • You don’t have to worry about its surface warping: Since it is made of a quality material types known as MDF, you do not have to bother about any issue of warping. This material validates the durability of this tool putting you at a place of rest while helping you save some cost.

Product Specifications

  •  It has a product dimensions of 23.9 x 11.9 inches
  •  It is made of MDF or Melamine material
  •  It weighs about 10.5 lbs. per table
  •  It comes comprehensively with onboard rulers
  •  It has an adjustable fence and a detachable throat plate.


  • Comes with a comprehensive two year warranty
  • It comes at a very affordable price that differs with size
  • It comes along with two onboard rulers to aid use
  • Works perfectly well with all other WEN products.
  • It has solid clamps that are second to none.


  • Limited compatibility with other tools and drill presses.
  • An improvement can be made on its versatility.

Final Verdict

You can join the league of woodworkers globally who have made this drill press table their woodworking companion. It is handy and that makes it very comfortable to work with. Its two onboard rulers that accompany its purchase is an added advantage as well. With it you can continually validate your measurements and be sure you are delivering accurate results. Not to forget also it's very impressive price to quality ratio. I have worked with this drill press table, and I can say that it is one to go all out for.

  • Editor Rating :
    • Star 4.1 out of 5 star
    • Star
    • Star
    • Star
    • Star

Compact choice


We understand that our choices as individuals differ and a number of factors especially as provided above inform our choices. This is why we have brought into this list of ours a compact choice.

So if you are considering a compact choice drill press table, then the Proxxon Micro Compound Table is the best pick for you.

It has a wide table space and all the relevant attachments needed for it to function at the best rate. It also provides the relevant comfort and ease needed to work effectively and achieve more accurate results while working.

To widen your knowledge about this drill press table, we have outlined a number of things you should know.

What you should know

  • It is highly adjustable: The ability of a table to be adjustable contributes largely to its versatility as a tool. This is because you are able to adjust it from time to time as you work through the board or piece. This also helps in assuring comfort because you can adjust it to be more comfortable for you per time
  • It works best for smaller and less demanding jobs: Some small jobs demand high level of precision than many others do. This kind of small jobs, are what this particular drill press table are for. They help to carry out these basic tasks in the most accurate way possible ensure the highest level of precision.
  • It comes with step clamps to suit different step levels: This tool comes comprehensively with strong clamps that works with any level it is adjusted to and ensures items are well fastened to the table firmly and properly.
  • It is very flexible to operate: Considering that every part of the drill press table is adjustable, it makes it very flexible. This flexibility is why it is preferred more among beginners than it is among professionals.

Product Specifications

  • This table has a dimension of about 7.7 x 11 x 2 inches
  • It is said to weigh about 1.7 lbs.
  • Comes with 3 different standard T-slots
  • Has adjustable fence and clamps


  • It has high precision drilling press cross slide table that allows for 0.05mm increments.
  • Comes with adjustable ruler that aids good positioning.
  • Comes with well designed, highly durable clamps.
  • Has T-slots that help to enhance its flexibility.
  • Its price to quality ratio is good making it affordable.


  • It has a very small table surface
  • It cannot handle large and difficult tasks
  • Doesn't come with a comprehensive and clear warranty plan.

Final Verdict

When you are thinking of something flexible and compact, this is the best drill press table for you. I remember a review of a customer on this tool read 'It is best for small tasks, as it provides some excellent level of precision, the type I have not seen of any other drill press table.'

The price also puts it in a reasonable place in your budget. As a beginner, you can get this tool and master working small jobs and producing amazing, accurate results.

  • Editor Rating :
    • Star 4.3 out of 5 star
    • Star
    • Star
    • Star
    • Star

Budget friendly


Are you all out to get a drill press table but you have been thinking cost? Do you need a budget friendly table that still satisfies universal standard? Then, the Woodstock D4033 Drill press table offers the excellence that you need. Its affordability puts it ahead of other tables of its kind, but that is not all of it. Its many outstanding features and capabilities also speak well. This has been attested to by a number of customers in their ratings and reviews.

I am not going to bore you any further, instead I'd just run you through some basic information about this drill press table, outline some of its product specifications, and show you its strength and weakness. I'd then leave you to draw a conclusion.

What You Should Know

  • Every part of the table can be used: This drill press table really portrays versatility at its peak as any of the ev ery part of the table can be used for one purpose or the other. This is made possible by the presence of two universal and durable table clamps that comes with this table.
  • It is absolutely light: Considered to be one of the lightest of the many drill press tables available, this table can easily be moved from one place to another within and outside your work room. So, you don’t have to spend time pondering what will become of your drill press table when you are leaving and moving to another workroom. Just like you, this table can come along.
  • It is comprehensive and compatible: This table is comprehensive in that it contains all of the components needed for it to function effectively. It is also still compatible as it can integrate itself well to other drill presses.
  • It delivers accurate and precise results: The presence of an adjustable fence, detachable throat plate and strong clamps facilitates its use. They also contribute to the accuracy and precision of the eventual outcome.
  • Made of wood, but still durable: You might be wondering how this is possible right? Yes, it is absolutely possible because once the exposed wood is sealed, the melamine covers the other part. This way, your Woodstock drill press table is able to last longer.

Product Specifications

  • It is wooden but sealed with a layer melamine/ MDF
  • It has a lightweight of about 11.5 lbs.
  • It includes among other things two different universal table clamps
  • It has 1 Year user warranty.
  • Comes with an easy to use adjustable fence


  • Its comes at an affordable quality to price ratio
  • Comes with ruler guide for better measurement
  • Lightweight, making it portable and moveable
  • Installation process is easy to effect


  • Exposed wooden parts can get damaged easily.

Final Verdict

Don't miss any opportunity to get this cheap drill press table because it might just be one that will keep hunting you. Suitable for a number of purposes, this table works well for both professionals and beginners alike. It is also best to drill the most precise holes on any wooden piece. It can be used to carry basic woodworking tasks as well as complex ones. Despite the many things this table can be used for and its excellent features, it has one of the best price to quality ratio a woodworking drill press table can have in the market today.

  • Editor Rating :
    • Star 4.5 out of 5 star
    • Star
    • Star
    • Star
    • Star

Versatile Option


Versatility of a woodworking tool allows for easy multitasking resulting in you working faster and better. The Dewalt DW7350 planer stand with integrated base offers you that versatility you desire of a table. Recently entering the market, this drill press table has taken a sweep of the entire market to be one of the most desired drill press tables. Its awesome features and working abilities is what has caused it to rise through the ranks up to being the number 4 on this ranking of ours.

There are a lot of things you as a woodworker should know about this particular drill press table, but let us quickly take a look at a few of it.

What You Should Know

  • This table is durable and stable under heavy load: You definitely want a drill press table you can trust with heavy loads. This table comes with a mobile thickness planer stand that makes it easy for it to hold heavy loads. These loads are being clamped well to the table by the holding clamps. They are held firm and in place by the adjustable fence of the table. Due to the base construction of this table, you can move it easily from one place to another.
  • With this table, you are able to drill more holes to accommodate your planer: The planer of this drill press table top is one of the set up features that allows for a strong and very reliable base. Just like the planer, this table comes with a wheel set that is detachable. So you can fix this wheel set when the table is in use, and you can detach after use or when not in use at all. To engage or disengage this wheel set, you will need a foot pedal, to ensure that it is secured and done in the most appropriate way.
  • Its MDF covering and steel frame enhances durability: It comes with an MDF covering and a steel frame that protects it from wearing off or denting. With this, you don’t have to keep spending money on repairs or maintenance.

Product Specifications

  • Known to be highly versatile as it can be used for multiple tasks
  • Its holding clamps are durable and stable for heavy loads
  • It comes with an ease for movement and storage of planer and stand
  • It is a bit large and weighs about 59 pounds
  • It comes with additional tools like a mobile base, MDF top and stand


  • Its mobile base makes it stand firm anywhere it is placed
  • It is large and provides a comfortable work space
  • Its wheels come in handy and are very easy to engage.
  • It comes with a steel frame that protects it making it durable.


  • Its instruction manual is not so comprehensive enough for its use

Final Verdict

Check into any woodworking store today and place your order for this excellent and versatile drill press table. It doesn't matter as to whether you are a professional or a beginner, a manual guide comes with it to help put you through its use.

  • Editor Rating :
    • Star 4.7 out of 5 star
    • Star
    • Star
    • Star
    • Star

This drill press table with aluminum L fence is a table designed by a reputable company. Its design, functionality and overall performance has earned it a space in this top 10 drill Leeds table ranking of ours. With so much of its features to describe, we shall just be looking at the basic ones leaving you to find out more as you enjoy making use of the table.

What You Should Know

  • It has zero clearance insert for specific size bits: This table comes with a zero clearance insert with a measurement of about 5 x 5 inches at the top. This zero clearance insert makes it very easy for you while working on the table, to operate it like a spindle sander. This is one feature that not only marks out this drill press table, but marks it out for excellence.
  • Its laminated surface helps to shield it from warping: Warping is the wearing off point of the table, and if this is not prevented, you might have to be changing that table soon. This will not have to be the case with this table as it comes laminated with the MDF material. This not only prevents the table from warping, but it also ensures a flat surface for easy placement of your projects.
  • Easy to use and maintain at the same time: Due to the structure and material make up of this drill press table, you can keep it working. It doesn’t require any special knowledge for you to understand how to make use of it. Once you have an idea about woodworking or have worked with any of the other drill presses, then you will be able to work on this. Its manual guide can be referred to any point you need clarity as to how it works for a given job.

Product Specifications

  • Known for its zero clearance insert and abilities.
  • Comes with the best and most compatible features
  • Has a comprehensive but easy to understand manual guide
  • Has an average size adjustable fence that fits in well and firmly to the T-tracks
  • It is reliable and has its use backed by a 1 year warranty plan.


  • It has one of the best track mounting system
  • It is durable for all seasons and woodworking job
  • Gives you plenty of room and tools to work with.
  • Has an aluminum hold down clamp to hold items to the table.
  • It is best for professional and beginner woodworkers and furniture makers


  • Not fully compatible with other drill presses but a bit pricey than them

Final Verdict

If your budget can accommodate this drill press table, then there is no point contemplating it. It helps you achieve a more precise result with less stress and at a faster working rate.

  • Editor Rating :
    • Star 4.1 out of 5 star
    • Star
    • Star
    • Star
    • Star

The need for a drill press table with a good clamping ability has been well stated in the section “What to consider when buying the best drill press table”. If you want a hold on the best hold down clamps, then the Woodpeckers WPDPPACK1 is the best woodworking tool for you. Asides from its awesome clamping abilities, it has a number of outstanding features.

However, before we go on to examine these features, it is very important to state some obvious fact. This drill table came into the market when there was high demand for a table with enough working space. Since this drill press table has been designed for that purpose, it has still remained one that KS widespread in terms of reliability and durability.

What You Should Know

  • Its space speaks for it: No doubt every woodworker needs a lot of space so as to have all the comfort needed to work and work effectively. This is one of the very few drill press table that can give you all the space you need of a table to work on. You just have to bear in mind that you have a larger table to work with, but a lesser workroom to move around in.
  • It is a comprehensive kit with excellent components: It comes comprehensively with all the necessary parts needed to function in place. It has an adjustable fence with a laser engraving. It has a zero like center view which makes it very easy to work with. The only side effect here is that its fence is not as high as that of other drill press tables. But you don’t have to worry about that because it makes it easy for you have a grip of the table’s handle.
  • It has an awesome structure: As a table it comes in an easy to work with structure which gives it an edge over other tables of its kind. Its layout comes with wide T-tracks in laminated surface bolted well in place. All the bolts of these table are also well fitted in place and fastened. This way you do not have to worry about any part of it loosing off while you are working on and with it.
  • Its surface is well protected: Laminated with microdot, the surface of this drill press table is well protected. This way it doesn’t wear or tear off easily. The surface also has a gentle grip that ensures that your wood pieces are firm while sliding along the table.

Product Specifications

  • It is made of the microdot laminate material
  • It weighs about 17.1 lbs.
  • It comes along with a T-track and 2 flip stops
  • Comes with two powerful knuckle clamps and a filler.
  • Its warranty plan is not clearly specified.


  • It has a very impressive and striking look.
  • It comes with laser engravings that enhance your work output.
  • It comes as a microdot laminated surface which makes it very durable
  • Comprehensive and highly compatible as well


  • Falters when working on smaller drill presses.

Final Verdict

Are you concerned about the design and look of your tool? If yes, then you should add this to one of your many woodworking tools. It is safe to use, easy to understand and delivers excellent results. It also comes at really affordable prices that goes well with the value it provides.

  • Editor Rating :
    • Star 4.3 out of 5 star
    • Star
    • Star
    • Star
    • Star

Coming as the number 7 in this top ten list of best drill press table is the Woodpeckers precision woodworking tool. Just like the name implies, it is best for achieving precision and more accurate results. It has a good working measurement and provides you with all the ease you need for maximum productivity at work.

What You Should Know

  • Reliability and durability is assured: No need to worry about your tool failing while still in use. No need to worry that after a while you might have to be spending a lot on timely maintenance. This table comes anodized giving it all the protection it needs to be shielded from wears. However, greasing joints and constant clean will be good to keep it in the best working condition.
  • All parts are working well and in place: Coming with all of its parts needed to function, this table is a comprehensive woodworking kit. It has been tested to carry out basically tasks easily and still not found wanting in the face of more rigorous tasks
  • It allows you to clear chucks while working: In woodworking especially when you are working on smaller projects, chucks get in the way. This table comes with an adjustable fence that allows you to clear chucks. This fence is held in place by to knobs and secured to fit in well to the T-track as you work with it.

Product Specifications

  • Comes with an L-shaped fence of about 3 x 3 x 23 inch size
  • It has a 3/8 inch thick aluminum covering making it durable
  • Fast hold and strong two sided clamps
  • Comes with wide center notch that enhances clearance
  • Comes with dual length knobs that attaches fence to T-tracks.


  • It wider space gives it all the firmness it needs to stand.
  • It has a simple design that makes it very easy to use and move around
  • Because of its material composition, it is very reliable and durable
  • Comes with a comprehensive 2 year complete warranty plan
  • Has every feature needed to work well and a good price ratio.


  • A lot can be done to ensure the bolts are firm to keep the table in place
  • Its fence can be improved a bit to work well like that of others.

Final Verdict

Woodpeckers across all of its drill press table brands are known for quality, and this is no exception. With a good budget, you can land this woodworking tool in your woodworking shop and change your work approach. You can now begin to carry out more woodworking tasks, with less stress and in real quick time.

  • Editor Rating :
    • Star 3.7 out of 5 star
    • Star
    • Star
    • Star
    • Star

You have done a lot of drill press and it is time for you to go beyond the limit and move to the next level. Yes, and that can only happen with the magnificent WEN DPA2412 24 x 12" drill press table. With such an awesome design, comprehensive feature and high performance, it is one of the best drill press you can buy.

What You Should Know

  • It is a spacious table with additional square inches: You don’t have to worry about managing work spaces so that one project doesn’t interfere with the other. This drill press table has you covered on that with its additional 275 square inches space. This allows you to be able to keep other projects on the table while you carry on work with the current project
  • You are sure of accurate results: This drill press table comes with on board rulers that helps you achieve precise cuts. These precise cuts make up what will eventually become an accurate outcome. Working hand in hand with the onboard rulers available on this table is the adjustable fence that slides back and forth making it very comfortable for you to achieve precise cuts for each of the wood pieces.
  • You don’t have to worry that your table will warp: Warping and wobbling after a long while of use is what happens to a number of drill press tables. This is not the case with this table as it is protected by a 1″ thick MDF material. It also has a sliding fence stop block that keeps the fence within a sliding limit. This further enhances accuracy as the wood is centered properly for more accurate cuts.

Product Specifications

  • It has a very spacious board that measures 23 x 11 x 1 inches.
  • It is compatible with all drill presses between the ranges of 5″ – 16″
  • It is also compatible with all WEN drill presses.
  • It comes with an adjustable fence, a sliding fence, onboard rulers and a stop block.
  • Highly durable and compatible holding clamps


  • It is one of the most compatible of all the drill press tables
  • It comes with a precise and concise warranty plan
  • It is easy to set up, easy to understand and comfortable to use.
  • Its price to quality ratio is okay making it very affordable.
  • It has a very simple but yet attractive design.


  • Bolts and screws are not firmly in place as they can disappoint anytime.

Final Verdict

Space is one of the most important factor to consider when choosing a drill press table. You will need space to ensure you are comfortable while working. You will need space to be able to multi task yourself. You will need space if you want to deliver more accurate results. As long as you will need space, then you should purchase this drill press adjustable table to give you all the space you desire.

  • Editor Rating :
    • Star 3.5 out of 5 star
    • Star
    • Star
    • Star
    • Star

Imagine you working with a simple drill press table with the best adjustable fence and T-track hold down that is second to none? Absolutely one of the best woodworking experience you can have. I remember the first time I had to make use of this tool. It was a woodworking friend that told me about it. I really did not want to get but after much persuasion from my friend, I decided to go for it. Trust me, I can attest to the quality and good performance of this tool

Though not common especially among beginners, this small drill press table has really amazing features that makes it one of the best you can purchase. Let's quickly look at what you should know about this table before outlining its specifications, pros and cons.

What You Should Know

  • Quality Size Table: It is known to be a very high quality size table that is made from the best materials. Its base material is a thick 7/8 inch medium density fiberboard that gives it all the confidence it uses to stand. It also helps to provide strength to the table giving you the assurance of safety you need to get your job done on it.
  • It is made of Melamine material: Made of the melamine material, the table is being shielded from undue wear and tear. This way, you are being saved from the high cost of maintenance that will be required. In other to ensure other parts of the table not covered with this material is safe, you can shield them with a cover material.
  • It has a strong and precise fence: To achieve accurate outcomes, you have to be able to position your materials accurately. The adjustable fence of this drill press table makes it easy for you to have your materials in place. The two hold strong clamps helps to ensure that materials are fastened well to the table working well with the T-tracks.
  • It is not a comprehensive kit: One major disadvantage of this kit as a whole, is that it doesn’t come as a complete kit. Some parts of it, one of which are the clamps, needs to be purchased separately. This many times possess as a challenge because finding compatible clamps might not be so much of an easy task.

Product Specifications

  • It has a really light weight of 12 lbs.
  • Comes with an adjustable and high fence.
  • Has really strong T-track hold downs
  • It’s dimensions measure as 12 x 24 x 4 inches per table
  • It comes with a warranty plan for use


  • It is spacious allowing for liberty of work
  • It comes with a stop blocking usually attached on the fence.
  • Its 7/8 inch thick MDF gives it all the support it needs.
  • It comes with T-track hold downs and removable/replaceable insert


  • It doesn't come along with clamps, you'd have to get that yourself.

Final Verdict

Looking beyond the major disadvantage of this drill press table not coming with holding clamps, it is an excellent table. It is best if you already have a budget set and don't want to go for any of the random tables.

  • Editor Rating :
    • Star 3.5 out of 5 star
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Have you been considering convenience, excellent performance and portability when looking to get a drill press table? then this expandable tool table is best for you. Without mincing words, the ability of this table to expand itself from the top is one of the most outstanding feature a drill press table can possess.

In order for you to have a full grasp of what this drill press table is made up of and can do, let's quickly run through some basic information about this drill press table.

What You Should Know

  • Allows you to easily mount working tools: What is best for you as a woodworker than a tool that helps you work better and faster? With its expandable table top, you are able to mount all of your tools needed to carry out a particular task on the table. This way you can easily reach out for these tools without necessarily stressing or moving up and down.
  • It is able to accommodate other machines: The compatibility of a woodworking tool is one of the factors most, especially professional woodworkers considers. This drill press table comes with a 14 x 25 inch MDF top which enhances its compatibility. With this feature, it is able to expand to the point of being able to divide itself into two. When this is done, it is able to accommodate other larger machines to carry out specific tasks.
  • It is known for its relative strength and stability: With a weight of about 500 lb., this tool is able to stand firm and strong. Asides from being weighty, it also has strong legs with rubber fit that makes it stable on the ground. This gives the table all the balance it needs and gives you all the comfort you need to work well on the table.
  • It has convenient, easy to understand and use features: This is what makes a versatile drill Leeds press that can be used by both beginners and professionals. Amongst its many handy features include a handy ruler, two solid clams, a T-throat, an adjustable fence and a detachable throat plate. All of these features work carefully against themselves without altering the effective functioning of the other.

Product Specifications

  •  It comes with expandable top measurements
  • It has its shelves made of the MDF material
  •  It comes with a heavy duty steel frame and rubber feet
  • It has a strong weight of about 500 lb.
  • It has a complete and comprehensive warranty plan.


  • It is best for rigorous tasks and referred to as heavy duty
  • It comes with a thick aluminum cover that makes it durable
  • Comes with dual length knobs that are easily reachable


  • Extremely high fence
  • Nuts and bolts many times fall out of place while in use.

Final Verdict

What more is to be said other than for you to go and place an order for yours now? The best of this drill press table is in you using it for yourself. Much details have been provided about it, but you will see more of the table when you put it to work. No woodworking task that requires to be done on a table can't be done on this.

Final Thought for Buying Drill Press Table

We have stressed in the early parts of this article the many uses and important of a drill press table saw. As a woodworker, furniture maker or driller, you can do a whole lot more with the best drill press table. Work becomes faster, delivery becomes more accurate, comfortability is assured, safety is secured and as lot more. All these and many more are the reasons why professionals advice that this is a must have tool if you want to make the best out of woodworking.

What we think should be clarified is if you want to work with this tool, make sure that you follow through every instruction provided on the user manual guide. It is from this guide that you will find out the steps involved to install this tool in your workshop. You will also find out how to ensure that the tool is always in the best working condition.

Every of the drill press table provided in this top 10 list of ours above have specific purposes that they serve. Make sure to find what purpose you need the table for before you even start reading through for the description of each. This way you don't get carried away by beautiful and awesome features that you forget the particular feature for which you need one.

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