Top 5 Best Drill Press Table (2018) Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

When the topic about woodworking comes, there come some components that are required for easy and comfortable working. Drill Press table is a must component for working on drill press for save and secured work. There are many reasons that have convinced you to buy the best drill press table.

The drill press tables that are available in the current market have many convenient features to stimulate the user. The most important thing of a drill press table is the capacity of its surface. In this regard, both weight and size are important. Modern drill press tables have rubber feet that reduces the vibrations of the machine. Besides, capability of reducing friction is also important. Some of the tables are seen to have lower shelf just under its main surface. This shelf helps the user to place some more components. These table are sturdy and long-lasting.

However, there are a massive number of drill press tables in the market and it is more than tough to select one that will fulfil necessity. We have collected some good drill press tables to help you choose the most suitable one soon and hassle-free. We believe this list will support you and decrease your labor.

How Do We Pick The Best drill press table?

Choosing these five best drill press tables was one of the most difficult tasks we have ever done. It took time and effort. So, probably you have guessed that we haven’t merely visit amazon and ebay to do this list. Rather, we have made it more realistically. While doing this list, we have experienced weight bearing capacity, drill press fences, material, comfortability while using, extra component and durability of the tables. Meanwhile, we have tried to include all categories that suit to your budget.

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The surface size of Shop Fox D2056 Tool Table is 13" x 23" and it is the perfect size for any wood working. The surface of this table is supported with cross braces. So, it makes the table stronger than other tables without cross brace. As a result, this table have the capacity of carrying 700lbs which is adequate for working.

Vibration is quite common while working with a drill press. Shop Fox D2056 Tool Table has adjustable rubber feet. Sometimes, table might move due to vibration and causes accident. This table doesn’t move for its rubber feet rather reduces vibration to control the motion. These feet also help it to be stable on the uneven floor.

Though this table has 700lbs weight bearing capacity, it is not that much heavy. Its lightweight helps to move the table easily. So, this table has the capacity to satisfy you with its wonderful performance. Meanwhile, it comes with one-year warranty and you can fix any issue within this time.


Product Dimensions31 x 15 x 4 inches
Item Weight19.55 pounds
Size13" x 23"
Item model numberD2056
Part NumberD2056
Batteries RequiredNo
WarrantyOne Year


  • Capacity of reducing machine vibration
  • Incredible strength
  • Managing with uneven floor surface
  • Stable table exterior
  • Perfect working size

Our Remarks

Shop Fox D2056 Tool Table has the capacity of bearing 700 pounds. The cross braces of this table help it to bear this huge weight. The table is stronger and it comes with rubber feet that manages the vibration. The size of the table is exactly what a professional worker looks for. Meanwhile, this table drill doesn’t hurt your wallet. It is available at the minimal price.

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Proxxon 27100 Micro Compound Table comes with ruler facilities that allow to position the cross slide. Besides, dust is a common problem that not only destroys the sharpness of a spindle but also it leads the spindle to get broken. In this table, there is no opportunity of falling dirt because the spindle is covered in this table.

Proxxon 27100 Micro Compound Table is popular for its performance. It precisely completes all grinding and drilling operations. So, you should not worry of your drilling operation. This table makes it easy and comfortable. You can do a lot of drilling without pressurizing that much. So, work more and save much fatigue.

This micro table is made of aluminum. Occasionally, it is sturdy and long-lasting. This table is lightweight. Take and use it anywhere. There is another thing that is worth mentioning about this product is that you can set this table up without any hassle. So, no worry of setting Proxxon 27100 Micro Compound Table.


Product Dimensions7.7 x 11 x 2 inches
Item Weight1.76 pounds
Item model number27100
Part Number27100
Batteries RequiredNo
Power SourceElectric


  • Protection from dirt
  • Easy to set up
  • Precise grinding and drilling operations
  • Stronger
  • Lightweight
  • Ruler Facilities
  • Covered Spindle

Our Remarks

Proxxon 27100 Micro Compound Table is made of aluminum. Consequently, this table is stronger and long-lasting. It provides its user an extra facility. The ruler on the upper surface of the table eliminates the necessity of an extra ruler. It offers you precise drilling operations. However, the drill press table is available at a reasonable price. So, you should not worry about money.

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The frame of HTC Expandable Tool Table For Bench Tools is made of heavy duty steel. It makes the table stronger compared to other similar tables of the similar kind. Its sturdy construction makes it more durable. This table comes with an imprinted ruler on the surface of the table. So, you need to buy an extra ruler for this table.

HTC Expandable Tool Table For Bench Tools allow you to bear heavy weight. You can lift 500lbs heavy material on this table and it neither bends nor breaks. Meanwhile, any normal table collapses with the similar amount of weight. The heavy-duty steel made frame has enabled the table to bear such an extra amount.

This table has a lower shelf. If you have any extra tools that you might lose, you can put them in the lower self and the self satisfies to keep your tools. The table is easy to use and the user feels comfortable while using this table. Besides, if you notice any unexpected issue, the lifetime warranty is there to back you up.


Product Dimensions33 x 10 x 3 inches
Item Weight25.9 pounds
Item model numberHTT-31
Part NumberHTT-31


  • Long-lasting
  • Stable
  • Heavy Weight Bearing Capacity
  • No extra ruler needed
  • Easy and Secured to Use
  • Heavy Duty Steel Frame
  • Convenient Ruler
  • 18x27 MDF Lower Shelf

Our Remarks

We have enlisted HTC Expandable Tool Table in the minimum budget list as it is available at the lowest price compared to other drill press tables mentioned in this review. But, it doesn’t mean that this is the worst table. It provides many things compared to its price. It has a ruler imprinted on the table surface. It is constructed with heavy duty  steel frame that makes it durable and the lower shelf of this table assists the user as an extra storage.

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DEWALT DW7350 Planer Stand comes with a wonderful shelf under its main surface. The shelf allows to keep all the other necessary tools. The table is made of heavy duty steel and it is tested that the table frame is capable of bearing a huge amount of load. After using this table in heavy duty work regularly, the company focuses on the durability of this planner stand.

DEWALT DW7350 Planer Stand comes with a wonderful foot paddle to move the stand. You can move the stand to the ground or if you want to roll away, just raise the paddle. By the way, please use your leg to down or raise the paddle. It ensures the stability of the table when you are working.

This table is easy to move and comfortable to use. The comfortable movement is another feature for this table because you can easy move it alone. Meanwhile, the table is in the market with various warranty. It means it declares one-year warranty, service contract for one year and No risk trial for 30 days. Surprised? Yes, I mean it. All the warranties are with this table to secure your money.


Product Dimensions24 x 22 x 30 inches
Item Weight59.1 pounds
Item model numberDW7350
Part NumberDW7350
Power Sourcecorded-electric
Batteries RequiredNo
WarrantyOne year warranty, one year service contract, and 30 day no-risk trial


  • Maximum ability to adjust
  • Durable
  • Easy storage
  • Stable
  • Capacity to bear heavy load
  • Comfortable movement
  • Steel Frame (Heavy Loaded)
  • Lower Shelf
  • Foot Paddle

Our Remarks

DEWALT DW7350 Planer Stand is the most desired drill press table in this list. We enlisted it as the smartest choice and it suits to those who do not compromise quality and ready to buy a larger amount of money. It has the capacity of bearing heavy load. It has maximum ability to adapt and this table is easy to move. It comes with foot paddle to make it stable or move according to necessity. This drill press table doesn’t disappoint its owners.

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Woodpeckers WPDPPACK1 Drill Press Table has a new feature called Microdot Laminate which works for better grip. When the table is in heavy duty and the user needs to keep the working piece stable, miscrodot Laminate helps to have the better grip when the working piece is under heavy pressure.

The T-tracks are bolded in the table very strictly. So, it doesn’t get pulled off during pressure. Meanwhile, these tracks avoid friction when a piece is kept on the table for working. So, this helps you to avoid some unexpected accidents. This table not only bear load but also takes care of risk.

Woodpeckers WPDPPACK1 Drill Press Table is strong. The edges of this table are very much durable and sturdy that helps to carry a heavy load and work comfortably. Besides, this table can be your source of comfort beside working. If we would like to mention its working nature, this table is ideal for 12 inches drill presses. But, it also works for larger than 12 inches and not less than that.


Product Dimensions37.2 x 16.5 x 2.5 inches
Item Weight15.55 pounds
Item model numberWPDPPACK1
Part NumberWPDPPACK1
Ideal For12 To 12 Plus Inches Drill Presses
T-TracksTwo Double-Wide
Batteries RequiredNo


  • Better Grip
  • Capability of reducing friction
  • Durable edges
  • High Density Banding
  • Comfortable and secured to use
  • Microdot Laminate
  • Laser Engraved Fence

Our Remarks

Woodpeckers tools are familiar for their durable edges. The table has the capability of managing friction. It comes with two T-tracks that are tightened from the inner side of the table to make it stronger. It also offers the user the comfortable grip. But, a little problem with this awesome drill press is it costs too much and common people can not afford it. However, it works as its price and has all the components for better working.

Final Verdict

Now, you can think yourself informed about some really good drill press table. We haven't left any significant thing while presenting the overview of best drill press table available in the current market. We believe this review helps you choose the best drill press table for you and that's what we have aimed to do. But, we feel it is just to share some more information to make it even easier.Some people are used to spend the highest price for the thing they want to buy. If you are one of them and want to spend the highest amount for a wonderful drill press machine, Woodpeckers WPDPPACK1 Drill Press Table suits you best. You can use it for a long period of time and it doesn’t leave you any unexpected trouble while working.

But, if you are a quality seeker and never compromise with the quality, we recommend DEWALT DW7350 Planer Stand for you. It comes with a sturdy lower shelf for storing other tools while working. Meanwhile, the stand itself can take heavy load. Its high-grade steel frame makes it durable. It has everything as a drill press table to satisfy you.Do you want to buy a drill press table but don’t want to spend much? Yes, there is an alternative for you in this list. HTC Expandable Tool Table For Bench Tools is an amazing table that has all the necessary components with it but it doesn't cost you much. This table is available at a reasonable price.

If you can not afford any of the above or want to test with an average drill press table, we recommend HTC Expandable Tool Table For Bench Tools.  It has the capacity of managing vibration with its rubber feet. It is also sturdy. Meanwhile, this table is available at the lowest price in the market. So, this can be your best drill press table. However, if you look for both quality and if you are ready to spend a handsome amount, we highly recommend DEWALT DW7350 Planer Stand. Hope you won't be disappointed.Last but not the least, Some of the Mlcs router tables are also good. So, after getting informed, you can choose a Mlcs router table too.We have just tried you inform you about the best drill press table in the current market. But, the choice is still yours. Happy Buying…

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