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Best Saws Saws

10 Best Sawhorses to Buy Now According to Over 47,000 Customers

A Sawhorse serves as a temporary workbench for sawing wood in the workshop or at the construction site. It is versatile, easy to transport, and capable of handling dense woods. While it might take up space, most sawhorses for sale feature shelves for secure storage and accessibility for your essential tools.

The most basic sawhorses feature a beam and four supporting legs, but you better invest in a high-quality piece depending on your woodworking needs.

Whether you are a seasoned woodworker or a hobbyist, you’ll need saw horses every now and then to keep your projects going. In this buying guide, we reviewed and finalized the highest-quality sawhorses to help simplify your buying process!

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How We Picked These Saw Horses

It took us some time to finalize the top sawhorse choices. The very first step involved researching online for the most popular models in the current market. We found 23 such units that we decided to put to test.

With the help of a volunteer team, we tested every single unit keeping in mind essential factors like their strength, build quality, capacity, adjustability, storage facility, and many more. These were the factors that could separate a good unit from a bad one.

We spent around 2 months doing the testing and when done, we had a clear idea of which model topped which one when those critical factors were considered. Based on our findings, we eventually finalized this top 10 list.

Our Top Picks of Best Sawhorses Reviewed

01 WORX WX051 Pegasus Multi-Function Sawhorse

WORX WX051 Pegasus Multi-Function Sawhorse

There are a lot of reasons the WORX Pegasus tops our list. When looking at its spec sheets, you will notice that it boasts many fantastic features. It is highly versatile, serving as a workbench and sawhorse, enabling you to perform tasks like cutting, painting, gluing, sanding, etc. on a single surface.

The WORX Pegasus comes in a compact design with dimensions of 27.2 x 37 x 6.3 inches and weighs in at 28 pounds. It also means you can use or store it in places with limited space. Besides, you can easily collapse it to convey from one location to another.

It features strong clamps that allow the user to secure objects of diverse shapes in place. Unlike its competitors, you can remove any of the braces if they become faulty and then replace them with better ones. Besides, adjust the worktable to create a stronger work surface. With this, you can raise its load capacity from 300 pounds to 1000 pounds. Also, you can expand your workspace by joining a similar Pegasus table to this one.

The combination of thick ABS plastic on the surface and reinforced aluminum legs makes it durable and sturdy enough for general applications. There are small holes on the surface for keeping a few small tools like screws or pencils closer.

However, this model has a few concerns which we will like to share with you. First, the legs are not adjustable, which makes it difficult for those whose height is on the extreme to use. Also, the underside of the plastic surface is not flat, making it difficult to mount the clamps in a vertical position.

This was one of the highest rated sawhorses on our list – a sign of its popularity and user satisfaction. At around $100, this is a mid-range unit affordable for all.


  • Easy to setup
  • Simple design
  • Easy to convert, collapse, and store
  • Highly versatile
  • Connects to other tables
  • Clamps included
  • Sturdy aluminum legs


  • Legs not adjustable
  • No handle

Our Verdict

For the best solution to your needs, we believe the WORX Pegasus is the ideal model. It folds up easily into a single unit, allowing you to carry or store it with ease. Aside from a few issues with adjustability and clamping, this is the perfect product for anyone who wants to invest in a high-yielding mid-range priced sawhorse.

02 DEWALT DWX725B Heavy Duty Miter Saw Mounting Brackets

DEWALT DWX725B Heavy Duty Miter Saw Mounting Brackets

The DEWALT DWX725B is sturdy, durable, and lightweight. This heavy-duty choice has a maximum load capacity of 1000 pounds with sturdy legs for extra support.

It’s compact in design, measuring at 36 x 11 x 32 inches with a total weight of 17 pounds. So, it is much lighter than our first choice, and the handle makes it easier to carry after folding. It is easy to set up and features strong clamps that hold the objects tightly.

While you can fold and unfold it in seconds, you will appreciate the miter saw attachment that hooks to the unit in less than a minute. We observed that the clamps felt too sturdy and heavy for light jobs.

The DEWALT DWX725B is priced at under $140, making it the most expensive model on our list but worth every penny.


  • Foldable legs
  • Handle for easy carrying
  • Easy to set up and collapse
  • Strong and sturdy brackets
  • Lightweight construction


  • Clamps too rigid for light-duty projects

Our Verdict

DEWALT DWX725B is easy to use, well-made and feels light. The handle makes it convenient to carry around. Folding it is comfortable while transporting or storage is simpler. It might seem expensive, but the parts are genuine and durable. So, it is an excellent companion for your heavy-duty tasks.

03 Target Precision RB-H1034 Rugged Buddy

Target Precision RB-H1034 Rugged Buddy

The Rugged Buddy Sawhorse is a beast in its class. Its most exciting feature is the 1 ¼ inch thick steel legs that deliver superb durability and strength. So, it is, therefore, superior to those sawhorses with plastic stands. Surprisingly, it weighs only 12 pounds but can support loads that are over 1000 pounds.

Besides, the steel construction, the legs are painted to prevent corrosion and fitted with thick rubber caps to enhance its stability on the floor. There is a steel spring plate that locks each leg in position, preventing it from collapsing accidentally when in use. It has a working height of 34 inches, making it a lot safer for taller users compared to those sawhorses that are around 24 to 28 inches.

This Rugged Buddy Model comes with legs only, meaning you can customize your topper to suit your needs. Though this could be a turnoff to you, it didn’t us since you can easily choose the dimensions of your crossbeam. Also, the legs are foldable for storage.


  • Steel legs
  • Studded legs
  • Serves as a shooting bench
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent working height


  • Does not come with a topper

Our Verdict

This is a superior and dependable model. It feels super stable and easy to use as a shooting bench in the field. If you’re eager to create your preferred worktable, RB-H1034 is for you.

04 Toughbuilt C700 Sawhorse

Toughbuilt C700 Sawhorse

As you can expect from the Toughbuilt brand, this sawhorse comes with unparalleled value. Its entire body is built from high-grade steel, making it super sturdy, so we did not have any doubt when testing it on heavy loads. It was perfect for big projects, and you will not experience any wobbling while at work.

Interestingly, this model comes with adjustable arms that can fit 2×2 or 4×4 cross pieces with ease. Unlike other models we have mentioned so far, this one wallpaper than our previous models.ws you to raise or lower the legs to your most comfortable position. Besides, if you are working on an unstable surface, you can adjust the legs independently to achieve the perfect balance.

Like the Rugged Buddy, it is plated with zinc to prolong its life, and you can use it in any environmental condition. The setup process is pretty simple, and you can collapse the legs within a few seconds for secure storage. The included handle helps you to convey it conveniently.

It is hard to associate any negative point with this I beam style unit except for the fact that it weighs about 22 pounds, which could be too heavy when compared to the Rugged Buddy that weighed just 12 pounds.

It costs a little under $60 that makes it cheaper than our previous models.


  • Affordable
  • Handle included
  • High-grade steel construction
  • Adjustable and collapsible legs


  • Relatively heavy

Our Verdict

At such a price range, it is surprising that it comes with many top-rated features. Though it is not as popular as our No. 1 pick at the time of writing, it received many positive comments from a few users. So, we highly recommend it for any carpenter looking for a reliable and affordable product. And if C700 interests you, you might also like c550, c470, and c650.

05 BLACK+DECKER WM125 Workmate 125

BLACK+DECKER WM125 Workmate 125

The WM125 is the perfect option to choose when looking for a portable and reliable sawhorse for your workshop. Weighing just 15 pounds, it is not too rigid or heavy but can hold a 350-pound load correctly. It may not have many high-tech features like our top-pick but has a durable steel frame and non-skid legs for better support and stability.

This model has four uniquely shaped swivel pegs, which you can adjust to hold irregular objects. The jaws of these clamps have specialized designs to prevent warping and swelling from repeated use.

While the Rugged Buddy did not come with wood, this WM125 features two wooden tabletops that you can bolt to the frames. This also means you can easily replace any of the woods when the need arises. We advise that you keep it indoors since the woods cannot withstand bad weather or rain.

Though it unfolded quickly, we noticed that users with limited DIY skills would experience a little tough time during its assembly. However, the product was highly functional and met all our woodworking needs.

Like the first two choices, it also comes with a two-year warranty. So, you are covered well if there is any fault within this period. Sold at under $50, it is among the most affordable models on this list.


  • Lightweight & portable
  • High-quality steel construction
  • Non-skid feet
  • Four swivel pegs
  • Folds flat for easy storage


  • The setup was challenging for most users

Our Verdict

BLACK+DECKER WM125 comes with great specs and performs well. It is a pretty cheap sawhorse with the excellent build quality. Our only reason for the complaint is in difficulty in mounting it for the first time. Aside from this, it is one product you will enjoy for a long time.

06 Rockwell JawHorse RK9003 Support Station

Rockwell JawHorse RK9003 Support Station

The Jawhorse RK9003 is a standard portable sawhorse and comes with high-quality features to help you take handle challenging jobs with convenience. It is the ultimate workstation by versatility, featuring a clamp with a maximum range of 37 inches with the capability to exert a maximum force of 2200 pounds. The clamping system can hold oddly shaped objects, and the jaws are studded to protect the materials from damage.

Weighing at 46 pounds, it is coming at a higher weight than most of our top picks though its highest loading capacity stands at 600 pounds. It has a functional design that makes the task easier. There are footpads on the tripod legs, which helps to increase its stability.

Like the Rugged Buddy model, this sawhorse has an all-steel construction making it suitable for durability and worth the investment. It has a 5-year warranty, which means the company is there to help if there is any defect.

The only issue we have with the Jawhorse RK9003 is that it is too heavy to carry around. But you should not expect a product with such a build quality to feel light- something you can expect from the basic woodworking tools only. This is not a deal-breaker to us since it has wheels to help you move it after folding the legs. Also, you need to figure out a way to make the legs lock before you can get it to work.

Priced in the upper range of $115, this one is not cheap. But it is highly versatile and can satisfy your needs in many ways. Everything about this model is impressive, and we believe it is the best you can buy for your workshop.


  • Solid build
  • 5-year warranty
  • Tripod base with foot pads
  • Foldable legs for secure storage and transportation
  • Powerful clamps
  • Foot pedal lever for hands-free operation


  • Heavy and hard to install

Our Verdict

This model is heavy but has a solid construction along with ultra-power braces that can take on both light and heavy-duty jobs. It comes with many features that will make you complete your DIY projects with ease though it comes at a price.

07 Keter Folding Adjustable Workbench Sawhorse with Clamps

Keter Folding Adjustable Workbench Sawhorse with Clamps

This saw horse is an excellent option for both DIYers and construction workers. Just like the WORX Pegasus, it boasts of many great specs making it an excellent value for the money. Let us check out a few of its outstanding features.

This Keter model comes with a large working surface and below there is a shelf for keeping your tools. Its worktable is from propylene resin, which is further supported by sturdy aluminum legs, enabling it to hold up to 700 pounds. It means you can use it as a sawhorse for sawing or as a miter saw stand for working on large projects.

You can extend the legs from regular 30.3 inches to 34.2 inches, which is a considerable advantage when compared to the WORX Pegasus.

It opens up quickly and is also quick to close up after the day’s task. Once it folds, you can store it immediately, and it does not take much space. It has a sturdy handle that allows you to carry it anywhere with ease.

Like our first choice, it comes with two adjustable clamps that keep your wood in place for a steady and precise cut. But you will remove the clamps from the table when folding it. So, in the end, you will have to keep them separately. While it provides you with a large working table, it also has a shelf underneath for placing your tools.

We noticed that the legs did not lock entirely in place when folded, they tend to swing a little. This was not a big issue for us since it did not affect its overall operation.

It is also in the mid-range price, tagged at a little under $80. It received many positive reviews from other users online that proved ultimate customer satisfaction.


  • Quick opening system
  • Storage shelf
  • Extendable legs
  • Sturdy carrying handle
  • Aluminum stands


  • Legs did not lock when folded

Our Verdict

The fact that it comes with an extendable leg is a massive plus to its design. It is beautiful, compact, easy to set up, or takedown. The handle makes it easy to carry, and it can clamp tightly to any object you will want to saw.

08 2x4basics 90196 Custom Pro Brackets

2x4basics 90196 Custom Pro Brackets

The 90196 Custom Sawhorse is an excellent offer for those looking for a cheap, lightweight, and efficient product. Also, if you are getting started with a few DIY projects, this might be the perfect model for you. What you are buying, in reality, is a pair of brackets for making your sawhorse. This one might look different from the previous items we have considered, but it has its benefits.

The 90196 Custom offers you the option to own a new sawhorse without breaking the bank. Since it is a pack of two, it comes with four brackets, eight small plastic feet, and a set of screws. It does not come with woods so that you will make your 2 x 4 yourself.

The final dimensions of these units are dependent on the wood’s sizes and height. Though the brackets are from plastic, it is impressive that after connecting this pair, you will have a sawhorse that can support up to 2000 pounds.

However, it takes time to assemble it, and tearing down is more difficult for most users. Note that if the planks get stuck at any part while placing it on the boards, try sanding to smoothen the edges. Its other upside is that the legs are not collapsible, so it is difficult to transport or store in a cabinet.

For the price, it costs around $30, meaning it is the least expensive on this list. No doubt this is a great budget choice.


  • Easily to customize
  • Affordable
  • Can hold up to 2000 pounds when paired
  • High-quality brackets
  • Includes the necessary hardware
  • Easy to repair


  • Legs not foldable
  • Self-assembly could be tedious

Our Verdict

For the best solution for DIY enthusiasts and those on a limited budget, this product is a perfect choice. You can use this one for both regular saws and sawzalls. However, it did not come with many new specs like our higher picks, but you will enjoy its customizability and affordability.

09 Keter Folding Table Workbench with Clamps

Keter Folding Table Workbench with Clamps

If you were not happy with most of the issues we highlighted in our previous model, this Keter Folding Table is compensation to you. It is fully assembled from the factory so you can use it straight from the box.

It is more portable than our 7th top pick, measuring at 21.7 x 33.5 x 29.7 inches but can withstand a maximum load of 1000 pounds. It also has sturdy plastic construction with aluminum feet making it ideal for heavy-duty projects. Its folding and unfolding processes are pretty straightforward. It is so small when folded up, making it super convenient when storing or transporting it to any location.

However, the clamps are from plastics, making it prone to breaking though you can quickly get a replacement from the manufacturer since a 2-year warranty backs it. Besides, the legs are not extendable, but you can choose our previous Keter model if you genuinely want this feature.

This Keter Folding Table was the trendiest on eStores and priced at under $65, it would not be too heavy for your pocket.


  • Portable
  • Easy to fold and carry
  • Holds up to 1000 pounds
  • Immune to rust
  • Underneath shelf for storage


  • Less durable
  • Legs not extendable

Our Verdict

Overall, this is an excellent product with top-notch features that are only in the expensive models on the market. It folds easily such that you can carry it conveniently using the handle. Most of the parts are from plastics, so you would not expect it to be as sturdy as those with steel construction. Its design is perfect in a lot of ways, and a good bargain for the price.

10 AmazonBasics Folding Sawhorse 900 Pound Capacity

AmazonBasics Folding Sawhorse 900 Pound Capacity

The is probably the best folding sawhorse made from durable plastic materials and can support a load of 900 pounds. It comes fully assembled and ready to put to work.

This set of sawhorses features legs that open to a width of 32.5 inches, so you have a guarantee of its stability. Besides, the legs have lock braces and studs to prevent it from slipping or marring the floor.

It has a compact and lightweight design with dimensions of 31.1 x 23.4 x 3.9 inches, weighing at 10.27 pounds. You will appreciate that it folds flat, which is the reason for its secure storage and transportation. From our findings, it is ideal to restrict its use to light projects to prolong its life.

Its upsides include the unavailability of handles for easy carrying and lack of warranty. But these are only slight negatives considering its price around $40.


  • Light and foldable
  • 900-pound load capacity
  • Slip and scratch-resistant feet
  • Strong plastic
  • Affordable
  • Storage shelf


  • Lacks warranty
  • Not suitable for heavy projects

Our Verdict

This is an excellent model from AmazonBasics offering reliable features at a fantastic price. Since the feet are from plastic, we recommend that you only use them for light projects. Its lightweight and easy-to-set upholds up well for sanding, painting, and cutting logs and other workpieces.

Other Notable Brands & Models

Other than we carefully picked 10 choices, there are also several reputed brands known to manufacture top-class sawhorses, workbenches, work supports, clamping centers, and related tools; including the following:

StableMate, Task Force, Mastercraft, PROTOCOL Equipment, Workforce, Hitachi, Workx, Great White, HICO, Rockwood, Kobalt, Husky, Pegasus, Krenov, Kastforce, Fulton, Grabber, Goplus, Kreg, Workers, Ironton, TOYEEKA, REDLEG, KOL, Channellock, Muscle Rack, NTM, and Ebco (especially known for Storaway).

Best Saw Horse Buying Guide

Best Saw Horse Buying Guide

1. Strength

Its strength determines the sawhorses’ ability to bear the load. Heavy-duty and industrial projects will need sturdy saw horses with metallic legs. But if you are handling a light job, you can opt for a wooden or a plastic type.

2. Material

Sawhorses are available in various materials, but the most popular ones are wood, plastic, and metal. Each of them has its price points that would influence your choice, but if you want durability, opt for metals. Plastics are light and easy to move but lacks strength. Wooden sawhorses are heavier than plastics but more durable.

3. Portability

When considering portability, a foldable sawhorse is a right option to buy. You can easily fold it for secure storage and movement. This type is often lightweight and features a handle for convenience when carrying. However, ensure that it is sturdy enough to handle your load as most of the foldable ones are less sturdy.

4. Tool Shelves

Most of the top-rated sawhorses on the market feature shelves or partitions that hold the tools while you are at work. They allow you to keep the essential tools close and can also improve the unit’s stability. You may also consider this option for a homemade sawhorse.

5. Crossbeam

The crossbeam or plank is one of the most crucial parts of the sawhorse since it makes direct contact with the workpiece and the frame. Depending on your needs, you can opt for products with thick or narrow worktables. We recommend that you pick a robust topper if you are using it for sawing purposes.

6. Adjustability

The average height for sawhorses is about 24 to 28 inches, which is reasonable enough for the average-sized carpenter. This may not be the ideal height for those tall (the mule user) or short (the pony user), so we recommend that you choose models with adjustable leg feature. Besides, working on steep terrain is more comfortable when using sawhorses with extendable legs since you can alter their heights independently.

7. Load Capacity

When handling heavy-duty jobs, you will need trestles with an excellent load capacity. Most high-quality sawhorses can handle loads of 1000 to 2000-pound weight. Never attempt to use a heavy workpiece on a less sturdy unit.

8. Clamp

Clamps hold the workpiece in a fixed position to enable you to perform your duty with ease. Since it is sometimes difficult to secure your job without a sound clamping system, most manufacturers have taken steps to save the situation by including these pegs in their design.

However, most of these clamps are not strong enough to keep your material in place, and they are difficult to replace. To be on the safe side, we recommend that you verify the power of the clamp by reading other customer reviews before buying.

9. Bracket Option

This option allows you to create the size of the crossbeam as well as the height as you want. It only comes with brackets that are made of plastics or metals so that you will make the woods yourself. Though you will not use it straight from the box until you fix it, it is crucial to buy from reputable brands to avoid aftermarket disappointments.

10. Ease of Installation

Setting up a sawhorse is easy, as you will only unfold or adjust the height of the legs. But some models are harder to install or dismantle. If you will have to convey it frequently from the workshop to the site, it is ideal to avoid ones with complicated setup and teardown processes.

Common Issues with Saw Horse Use

Sawhorses are designed to provide a platform for you to place your workpiece and other materials. Since they are made to solve specific problems in the workshop or job site, there are chances that they might not meet all your expectations, especially if you built one yourself. So what are those issues you will likely face with these products?

  • Inadequate strength – Despite that, saw-bucks have their rated load capacities, and you might encounter ones that are weak and cannot support the item. These types often collapse, resulting in injuries and further damages to the project or equipment.
  • Difficult to setup – Most models have complicated assembly steps and will require you to spend time checking the instructions to master the rigorous process.
  • Instability – The build quality and leg design mostly determine its level of stability. If the legs are weak or where the locking feature malfunctions, you will likely face challenges with balance.
  • Difficult to fold – Just like setup, teardown can be challenging for most users. Ensure that you are buying a model that you can easily collapse the parts for secure storage and carrying.

Final Words

Like every other tool in the workshop, saw horses have their specific areas of applications, which is the reason you are to purchase one that meets your intended purpose. Whether you’re planning to use it as a sawhorse or a workbench, you need to find the best saw horses out there. There is no need to get a cheap product that will not last your project duration.

The options on this buying guide were thoroughly tested and proven to be of high quality. Whether you are looking for an industrial or a non-standard sawhorse, you cannot go wrong with any of our items. Ensure that you understand the features of these products and how they will enhance the quality of your jobs before buying.


1. How do I use a sawhorse?

Ans. First, keep it balanced by checking the ground’s level and also adjusting the legs where necessary. If you are pairing two sawhorses, keep their heights equal before placing the wood.

2. Why do I need a sawhorse?

Ans. Sawhorses provide support for heavy-duty construction and DIY projects. They serve as a workbench and also enhance the quality of the output by stabilizing the timber.

3. How much weight can a sawhorse hold?

Ans. It can hold weights from 350 pounds to 1000 pounds and above.

4. What is a single-height sawhorse?

Ans. It is a sawhorse with fixed or non-adjustable legs.

5. Are plastic sawhorses worth buying?

Ans. It all depends on your budget and intended use. However, a plastic sawhorse cannot handle big jobs and may not withstand daily abuses for long. Other than these issues, they are sturdy and perform well.

6. What is the perfect height for a sawhorse?

Ans. The most common height for sawhorses is between 25 to 28 inches. Those with adjustable or customizable legs can reach a height of 34 inches.

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