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The Best Scroll Saws to Buy Now According to Over 8,500 Customers

My first interaction with a scroll saw was about 30 years ago. It was a brief encounter but had a lasting impact on my life. I was visiting my uncle when I stumbled on his workshop searching for my baseball.

My uncle noticed that my baseball bat was old and too large for my ten years. So he immediately mentioned that he could craft a suitable replacement using a piece of timber. He worked on the new play tool quickly. During this process, I noticed the scroll saw handled a complicated task with much ease.

I couldn’t believe that such small and compact equipment could work so meticulously. All that time, I couldn’t hide my thrill on noticing that these cutters could cut, carve, engrave, smooth, split, and even mold my new baseball bat. The bat got a smooth finish. What amazed me most was that the power tool could also inscribe my initials on the bat!

When thanking my uncle for his impromptu gift, I asked him how he quickly managed to work on such a difficult task with so much ease. He just smiled pointing at his tool while nodding. Deep in thoughts, he eventually stated that his instrument was one of the highest-quality scroll saws that he’s ever worked with, and the instrument made his job much easier.

Top 11 Best Scroll Saws Reviewed

01 DEWALT DW788 (Our Top Choice)


We voted the DEWALT DW788 Variable-Speed model as the overall champion. It trounced all its competitors in most functions and heavy-duty performance.

We begin with the most prominent feature of this bright yellow scroll saw – vibration-free operations. Its high precision comes from its quiet and smooth hum. Its dual parallel arm further muffles any motor noise.

Another feature we admire is the level of flexibility it affords the users. The tool-free clamp allows you blade change in a flush. The unique arm configurations prevent instances of undercutting or overcutting.

The arm lift mechanism that allows quick threading simplifies fret cutting. Further, the broad cast-iron working surface supports heavy work objects easily. Again, it provides for 450 bevel cuts in both directions.

The controls are superb. Both the on-off switch and the electronic variable speed control are located at a finger touch while the blade-tensioning mechanism is within direct reach.

This power tool allows you to work well with a flexible dust blower, leaving your worktop tidy and organized.


  • Weight – 56 pounds
  • Dimensions – 29.5” x 19.5” x 12.1”
  • Motor rating – 1.3 Amps
  • Variable Speed range – 400 to 1,750 strokes per minute
  • Stroke length – 0.75” to 2”
  • Throat depth – 20-inch
  • Tilt table 16”x 23.75”
  • Long shaft – 22”


  • Convenient – easy to reach controls
  • Powerful motor for enduring runs
  • Dust blower for cleaner work area
  • Highly flexible arm supports 450bevels cuts
  • Durable worktop for better support


  • Lacks stand
  • Expensive

Our Verdict

Here comes the star of our show that beats all its peers’ hands down. Its flawless operations and silent hum make it an instant preference for serious professionals. The saw is easy to assemble.

Its top arm pivot is an additions convenience for fret cuts. Its heavy-duty support difficult work objects while the sturdy worktop makes workpiece manipulation manageable.

The dust blower keeps the surface clean and enhances concentrations. Most important, the extended warranty offers a greater assurance against manufacturing defects.

Even though it’s expensive for ordinary people, the numerous superior functions make this brand a top choice.

02 Dremel MS20-01 Moto-Saw (Budget Choice)

Dremel MS20-01 Moto-Saw

Our assessment reveals that the Dremel MS20-01 scroll saw is the top budget model. Despite its reasonable pricing, it’s full of advanced features.

The detachable coping mechanism is unique to this brand. It facilitates the portability when you need to detach the saw from its harness and move it to your project object.

Another great feature of this versatile stainless steel workhorse is the blade auto tensioning function. This mechanism allows for quick blade change in between work, facilitating optimum tensioning for perfect cuts.

Further, this power tool doesn’t confine you in a particular work base. It’s adaptable to suit various work surfaces, from table to benches to flat platforms. What’s more, it enables you to manipulate all kinds of materials. All you need to do is change blades.

When you purchase a new Dremel, you get 10 genuine cutting blades suitable for wooden, plastic and metal objects. Further, you get a free carrying case as well as vacuum adaptor.

It weighs only 5.29 pounds, making it a truly portable device for all your molding requirement. Besides, you enjoy a pleasant working environment thanks to its reliable vacuum blower.


  • Dimensions 18.5”x 14.5” x 4.8”
  • Weight 5.29 pounds
  • Variable motor speed – 1500 – 2500 spm
  • Throat depth – 9.84”
  • Accessories – vacuum adaptors and 10-piece assorted blades
  • Detachable coping
  • Silent motor – 0.8 amps
  • Stroke length 0.315”


  • Robust stainless steel construction makes the device sturdy
  • Reliable motor tackles all cutting requirement
  • Quick blade tensioning mechanism hastens blade adjustments
  • Flexible setup – fits any worktop bench or flat surface
  • Versatile variable speed facilitates numerous cutting applications


  • Guide locking mechanism not included in the purchase package
  • Doesn’t have a bevel mechanism

Our Verdict

At a price below 100 USD, you harness the benefits of Dremel Moto. You may find numerous cheap models for sale. However, not only do you save money from this cheap deal, but you are also going to get some useful features that high-end models offer.

You benefit for quick blade change function and removal scroll options. Further, you gain the high precision you desire for your complex cutting projects. The silent motor and the sturdy worktop enable you to muffle any little vibrations you may encounter.

Even in the absence of bevel functions, this light and portable model still delivers in quality and efficiency.

03 WEN 3920 (Superb for Basic Patterns)

WEN 3920

When you want to perfect your maquettes and deliver splendid patterns, then settle for WEN 3920 16-Inch two directions variable Speed scroll saw that is powered by 1.2 motors.

The dual direction motion of its blades performs the standard cut as well as 900 perpendicular cuts. This feature helps you change the direction of work without having to stop to make adjustments.

Its wide 16-inch throat allows you to make deep cuts effortlessly. Additionally, the robust base – made from cast iron – improves stability while reducing vibrations levels while working.

The tilting table is another vital feature present in this black and orange scroll saw. It allows for up to 450 bends easing access to recessed areas while at work.

Its flexibility is enhanced by the use of both pinned and pinless blades, allowing you to tackle various work. Further, the blade holder is designed to tighten while the blade is cutting to maintain the tautness.

The air blower features an adjustable pump so that you control the rate at which it blows off the dust emanating from the cuts. This function allows you to maintain a clean work surface without blowing too hard or too slowly.

Another commendable feature of WEN 3029 is the LED lamp. We noticed that this bulb is removable when working in a brightly-lit room. Further, it’s adjustable to light up your shifting work object. Also, you enjoy a proper working environment thanks to its reliable vacuum blower.


  • Dimensions 24”x 11 x 13-inch
  • Weight 26 pounds
  • Variable motor speed – 400 – 1600 spm
  • Beveling table – size 16 x 11-inch
  • Throat depth – 16”
  • Uses both pinless and pinned blades
  • Onboard blade holder compartment.
  • Arm stroke – 9/16”


  • Robust cast iron construction for better stability and less vibration
  • Big dust cover keeps surface tidy
  • Faster operation due to quick blade change
  • Flexible setup – fits any worktop bench or flat surface
  • Long 2-year limited warranty


  • Difficult to insert and retract, or fix pinless blade
  • Some users have complained about blades not holding in position or wobbling while working

Our Verdict

When you want to try out some fancy creativity, WEN 3920 will let you think out the box. With its two-directional blade movements, you can juggle difficult maneuvers quickly.

Besides, it accepts larger objects conveniently. The LED light makes working in a low lit room easy, while the variable speed allows you to work on tools of varying thicknesses. You also do more with the toughened tilting table.

Despite the difficulties observed in changing the blade, its set and assembly are straightforward. These functions make this particular brand one of the most convenient tools in this category under 200 bucks.

04 Shop Fox W1713 (Great for Beginners)

Shop Fox W1713

If you are new in woodcraft, perhaps the Shop Fox W1713 16-Inch Variable speed sawing tool provides you with the most natural entry point. The functional yet straightforward features allow you to learn the intricate process of the wood curve quickly.

First, the variable speed control lets you start your craft at a low pace as you learn the curves literally. Then the tilting table helps you manipulate your project object easily.

To keep a tab of your working area, you require the services of a dust blower. Shop Fox W1713 has a two-way blowing suction. You can turn the fan to either suck or blow into a dust port. The robust construction of cast iron enhances shall stability of the relatively heavy scroll saw. You, therefore, overcome the inaccuracies occasioned by excessive vibrations.

When you are learning by doing, you inevitably make mistakes in cuts. However, with the wide working top, your large margin of safety is catered for. Hence, you can make all the full turns as you wish.

The variable-speed motor (60Hz 1/8 HP) allows you to work well. Even at high speed, it’s still a slow runner perfect for those transiting into a woodworking DIY project. These features make Shop Fox W1713 an ideal gift for anyone desiring one of the reliable models for beginners.


  • Dimensions 12.8 x 16.4 x 15.9-inch
  • Weight 37.5 pounds
  • Variable motor speed – 550 to 1700 spm
  • Throat depth – 16”
  • Flexible gooseneck LED worm light
  • Maximum cutting thickness – 2”
  • Adjustable hold-down shoes
  • Onboard blade holder compartment


  • Robust cast iron construction for better stability and less vibration
  • Full bevel tilting table up to 450allows better manipulation of objects
  • Swinging LED light for better object illumination
  • A dust blower with directional port
  • Uses both pinned and pinless blades hence allow greater cutting flexibility


  • Problematic plain blade manipulation
  • Difficult using pinless blades

Our Verdict

The Shop Fox W1713 is the scroll saw you require to advance your budding woodcraft hobby. The tilting table together with the variable speed controls helps you design your dream cuts without any hassle.

You also enjoy the benefits afforded by the blower and well as the LED light. Your working surface remains clean like that of a band saw aside from having a clear line of cut well-illuminated to your precise requirements. But you have to have great patience to change blades as it’s frustrating.

05 Rockwell BladeRunner RK7323 X2 (Great for Multipurpose Usage)

Rockwell BladeRunner RK7323 X2

When you want to accentuate your woodworking profession without having to spend on an expensive tool, consider owning the Rockwell BladeRunner RK7323, one of today’s top scroll saws.

The rugged construction makes it’s tabletop agile to handle any form of cutting. The sturdy four-legged rubberized stand enhances its stability and muffles any vibration. It can cut wood, metal, tile, aluminum, and plastics with relative ease.

The hold-down guard securely clamps any bulky objects assuring you of a precise cut even on delicate and glossy materials. The power of an efficient 3000 stroke per minute motor compounds this precision, allowing for a faster project turnaround.

Its most significant advantage is in its versatility. The tabletop saw can miter, scroll, fret and rip besides its primary curve cutting functions. Besides, the wide working platform measuring 15-3/4” x 17-inch allows for handling of large work objects.

To ensure nil vibration you can hold the built-in table handle to pin the machine at the object securely in place. Again, enjoy the power and reliability of the 5.5 amp motor while you regulate the working speed using the variable speed control knob.

Your operation gets hastened by the quick blade change without any need to use a wrench tool. You simply unfasten and place your preferred blade, then refasten in a flash.

The vacuum port allows you to maintain a clean working surface while the optional 4 ”T-shank jigsaw blade offers additional curving possibilities.


  • Dimensions 16.1 X 17.5 x 8.3-inch
  • Table size 15-3/4” x 1”
  • Weight 17 pounds
  • Hold down guard
  • T-Shank jigsaw blades
  • Maximum cutting thickness – 2”
  • Steel rip fence and miter gauge
  • Powerful motor – 5.5 amps


  • Miter gauge for unique cuts
  • Tool-free blade change saves time
  • Durable motor tackles demanding cutting chores
  • Multipurpose operations – cut, frets, bevels, rips and scroll
  • Vacuum port for sucking fillings and saw makes leaves clean working area
  • Comes with 10-piece accessories


  • Can’t cut large floorboards
  • Its lightweight presents problems cutting through tough materials

Our Verdict

The Rockwell BladeRunner RK7323 is intended for light to medium-duty projects. It presents the advantage of a table saw together with the conveniences of a scroll saw.

The versatility makes this saw a darling to everyone. Unfortunately, some people expect too much from it and stress it will heavy planks. Stick to the medium and light duty activities to enjoy the benefits of this tool.

Its sturdy construction and compact size save valuable workshop space, leaving more room for you to handle your deserving projects. The multiple tasks, easy blade replacement as the powerful motor works to ease your project pressure and ensure you get your product in time.

06 Jet 727200K (Brilliant for Intarsia)

Jet 727200K

If your projects involve the development of colored jigsaw and creation of intarsia, then the formidable Jet 727200K is the right tool for you. It blends the typical scroll function with the most intricate jigsaw puzzle capabilities.

The robust construction applies composite, and lightweight materials. The polished cast aluminum frame supporting the cast iron black worktop and arm makes an attractive contrast.

The stand is a unique creation. It’s a light-weight, and brightly-colored stainless steel frame on rubberized legs prevent slipping and absorb vibrations. What’s more, it can adjust in four levels – 2-3/4”, 26-3/4”, 28-3/4” and 30-3/4-inch, conducive supporting your every work angles and heights.

Its unique blade tensioning is revolutionary. It grasps the blade from up in a single step. The lower part needs no tool to unhinge the blade, making blade changing process simple and quick.

The large working platform size 12-7/8” x 23” tray offers convenience for bulky objects, while the speedy motor rating of 400 to 1550 stroke per minute facilitates decent cutting processes.

Another feature that makes this product robust is the considerable throat depth of 22” allowing it to capture large object. The 2” depth cut is adequate to split most work object.

The hold-down device supports precise cuts and lessens vibrations resulting in clean and straight cuts on even the flimsy material. Your tool is protected from dust and saw by the onboard dust blower that channel all debris into the vacuum chute.


  • Dimensions 39” x 21.6” x 28.3”
  • Predrilled fixing holes – 4no.
  • Weight 113 pounds
  • Throat depth – 22”
  • Spring loaded arm.
  • Top lift arm mechanism -10”
  • Large tray 12-7/8”x 23” cast iron tray
  • Motor rating – 1.3 amps


  • Lengthy five-year warranty for peace of mind
  • Quick blade changes for faster
  • Large work table for better handling of project pieces
  • Tilting table 400 left, 450rightfor more accurate cuts
  • Large adjustable stands on the rubber for more stability


  • The stand comes separately.
  • Expensive gadget

Our Verdict

Production of intricate intarsia project is never so hard when you use the Jet 722700K . The numerous advantages it offers make you look forward to tackling ever-complicated projects without stress.

Despite being expensive, the saw is worth every cent in terms of its durability, efficiency, and performance. If you want to explore a few options, this one is definitely worth a try.

07 Excalibur EX-16 (Top Choice for Professionals)

Excalibur EX-16

This is another scroll saw designed for astute and professional woodworking community. Its steep cost match the top quality construction and advanced features it possesses. The stable and long endurance Excalibur EX-16 is the right tool for extreme quality projects. It has a quick tool-less blade change that saves you valuable time. Further, the two blade protectors prevent your fingers from contacting the blades, hence avoiding accidental injuries.

The variable speed regulator offers greater flexibility in the way to manipulate your project objects resulting in more accuracy. The easily-accessible front console makes button manipulation during work convenient, reducing fatigue and easing body strains.

You also enjoy the benefits offered by the work surface that many other types of saws like the reciprocating saw or the chainsaw cannot offer. The large tilting table bends 300 left and 450 right keeping you in constant contact with your project price no matter the arch.

Perhaps the most attractive feature of this model is in its advanced construction. It has a widely spaced stand that also supports the cast iron worktop. The creative concept eliminates much of the motor vibrations.

Further, the LED work light provides the necessary illumination for delicate and precise cuts while the onboard dust blower eliminates dust accumulation on such surfaces. The sizeable working platform size 12” x 18.5” tray offers convenience for bulky objects, while the speedy magnetic 1.3 amp motor controls the variable speed of 400 to 1400 stroke per minute that facilitates decent cutting processes.


  • Maximum cutting depth – 2”
  • Dimensions 27 x 15 x 17”
  • Weight 54 pounds
  • Throat depth – 16”
  • Tilting table – 300 left, 450right.
  • Magnetic motor with 1.3 amp rating
  • Sizeable tray 12”x 18.5” die-cast aluminum
  • Slotted platform for quick blade changes


  • Pinned and plain blades
  • Front console easy access
  • Tilting board better cuts
  • No tools needed for blade change
  • Die-cast aluminum construction
  • Two years warranty


  • Expensive
  • Uneven work surface due to the easily scratching table surface

Our Verdict

Excalibur EX-16 is rated as one of the top-rated models. Many woodworkers highly evaluate this particular brand for its reliability. The tilting table offers greater advantages to bevels cuts while the 1.3 amp motor allows for extended work.

This is simply the best scroll saw ideal not only for wood but for metal works as well. Its tilting head and larger cutting surface allow it to take even large objects with ease. However, although it’s relatively expensive, it’s a great choice for the money spent on it.

08 Delta Power Tools 40-694 (Choice for Heavy-Duty Applications)

Delta Power Tools 40-694

When you are a pro wood and metal worker, you definitely want the scroll saw to tackle your most demanding projects. Your choice of Delta Power Tool is a die-cast. The superior and advanced feature is a vivid confirmation of this raw power.

The incredibly silent motor exerts a 1.3 amp punch to power all your project needs. Further, you can vary the operating speed from 500 strokes per minute to 1,750 depending on the strength of the project materials as well as the finesse of the ultimate product.

The upper arm’s unique design facilitates lifting and locking at predetermined positions during blade adjustments and change, a trait that saves time. Further, the tool-less blade change enhances this potential.

Another considerable advantage of this sturdy model has is the versatile dual parallel-link arm. These two arms, even out the vibration coming out of the motor, eliminating overcutting and undercutting as well as providing higher precision.

The wide bevel tray swivels up to 450 in both left and right directions, making cutting arches simple. It’s constructed from a light die-cast aluminum frame, enabling robust support for any project object.

Another feature that makes this model robust is the large throat depth of 20” allowing it to capture large object. The dust blower insulates the work objects from sawdust by channeling all dust to the dust port.


  • Dimensions 30” x 20” x 13”
  • Predrilled fixing holes – 4 no.
  • Weight 60 pounds
  • Throat depth – 20”
  • Tilting table – 450 left and right.
  • Blade stroke ¾ “
  • Large die-cast aluminum tray
  • Motor rating – 1.3 amps


  • Tool-less blade change
  • Holdup lift arm allows for quick blade change and easy internal fretting
  • Bevel tray provides more accurate cuts
  • Less vibration due to parallel top arms
  • Five-year warranty


  • Doesn’t come with a stand
  • Worklight absent

Our Verdict

The superb and advanced feature of Delta Power Tool 40-694 makes this makes the one of the highest-rated scroll saws. The robust construction makes it a powerful tool, for all your demanding wood and metalwork. The reliable motor allows you to finish your tough assignments quickly. The die-cast aluminum construction muffles out the vibrations and offers stable handling. Further, the dual arms also stifle any fluctuations resulting in quiet operation.

However, it doesn’t come with a stand. The LED light is optional, and you have to pay more for this feature that is standard in other brands.



When you want to enjoy the benefits of a deep and accurate cut, get the top rated Porter Cable 18” variable Scroll Saw with stand for your demanding scroll projects. You don’t need to set up a workbench for the tool.

The high legged and sturdy stand offers the strong stability and proper working height that you may need. Further, it allows for space-saving since you can unhinge it when the tool isn’t in use.

The die-cast compact aluminum construction makes the entire machine light while strong to handle tough projects. The wide cutting table provides the convenience you need in your intricate cuts. It requires 450 to the right and 150 to the left, allowing you to take all the sharp curves accurately.

When you operate this machine woodwork becomes relatively quick. The front-facing switches afford you an easy time to work on this reliable scroll saw while the electronic variable speed controls help you manipulate this equipment well even without much expertise.

You enjoy greater flexibility since the compact stand enables you to move all around the machine. Further, the dust blower and the big 1.5” dust port which you can connect a saw collector on helps you experience a tidy working surface.

Its tool-less blade change mechanism makes blade change exercise a quick action, while the 1.2 silent motor supports delicate cuts.


  • Die-cast aluminum frame construction.
  • Integrated LED work light
  • Weight – 47.6 pounds
  • Dimensions 46” x 21” x 16”
  • Large tilting table 20”x 12-5/8”
  • Cutting capacity 1-1/4 (at 450) 2-1/4” at (at 150)
  • Tilting angle mechanism 450 left, 150 right
  • Saw throat – 16”


  • Accepts both pinned and plain blades for better options
  • The bevel table allows for better precision.
  • The wide sturdy and swiveling worktop facilitate better handling of project objects
  • Large reinforced black stand for better maneuverability
  • The long warranty period of three years


  • Designed for medium-duty projects
  • Some parts vibrate excessively at high speed

Our Verdict

This deep-throated model allows you to take thick objects easily. It’s powerful yet silently operating motor tackles all the medium-duty cuts. The durable construction and the high stand allows you to work around the saw even in a constrained space. The goose head LED further brighten your object to facilitate consistently clear line cuts.

The futuristic design, as well as the lightweight construction, allows you to handle heavy loads effortlessly in this grey and black saw.

10 ShopSeries RK7315 16″ Scroll Saw

ShopSeries RK7315 16" Scroll Saw

We picked this model by Rockwell for a number of good reasons that include it’s ergonomics, build quality, consistency in performance and accuracy. If you are also looking for points, you are in the right place.

We rolled this on a number of intricate wood projects containing joints and curves in order to examine its consistency of performance. The 1.2-amp powerful motor could withstand all of them without overheating. The scroll saw measured 16″ came very handy when run on the 0-45 degree beveled table made from die-cast aluminum. Together, they create the right condition for critical cutting lines.

The default two 5″ blades are made from tungsten carbide with 2″ cutting capacity while operating at 90 degrees. We also found an on-board storage system that acts as protector for the blades.

The scroll saw enjoys 2 years warranty coverage from the manufacturer.


  • Blade stroke –4/5?
  • Motor rating: 1.2 amps
  • Motor speed variations – 500 – 1700 spm
  • Weight – 27.1 pounds
  • Dimensions 26? x 16? x 26?
  • Cutting capacity 2” at 90°
  • Table bevels 0-40 degree


  • Easy setup
  • Quiet operations
  • Fewer vibrations
  • Accepts pinless blades
  • Quick blade changes
  • The long warranty period of 2 years


  • Blades vibrate when working at full speed

Our Verdict

This model has no major issues except it vibrates a bit when under full swing. The workaround is easy if you use a vibration damper, that should completely solve the problem. It makes precise cuts and yes, it will outlast your life if used with care. Go grab it if you think it suits your requirements.

11 CHERVON SKIL 3335-07


If you seek another affordable model, you should buy CHERVON SKIL 3335-07 Amp with light. Its mundane features are ideal for beginners and intermediate woodworker seeking quick progression to expert levels.

The variable speed regulator is a perfect inclusion. Besides the LED lights magnifies the minute cut details that you never want to miss. The wide 16” throat allows you to take in thicker work specimen without a struggle.

The tray comprises of the light-weight aluminum material. This superior construction technology allows you to handle heavier pieces with greater accuracy and speed without compromising the stability of the machine.

The revolutionary integrated dust extraction system keeps your objects free or dust and the line of cut clear of debris, ensuring accurate and fast jobs. Besides, you get greater details from the bright and flexible LED work light.

Another significant benefit from this model is the tilting table that swivels at 450. Its large tilting measuring at 16”x 10” helps secure large planks when ensuring higher precision. The wide 16” throat effectively handles the load.

The vast and heavy base plate muffles all vibration from the motor, ensuring noise-free operations. And you get two free blades when you purchase the compact red, and white units for beginners and intermediate projects.


  • Blade stroke – 7/8”
  • Motor rating 1.2 amps
  • Motor speed variations – 500 – 1700 spm
  • Weight – 34.6 pounds
  • Dimensions 26? x 14.5? x 14.5?
  • Cutting capacity 2” at 900
  • Table dimensions 16”x 10”
  • Flexible swan-neck LED work light


  • Easy setup
  • Quiet operations
  • Fewer vibrations
  • Accepts pinless lades
  • Quick blade changes
  • The long warranty period of 3 years


  • Unstable blades when working at full speed
  • Some weak parts of the saw break down after a short duration

Our Verdict

The CHERVON SKIL 3335-07 is an excellent tool for starting your wood carving hobby. The variable sped allows for slow learners to gather speed. A reliable motor support long working experience.

The smooth blade changing makes the workflows faster while the usage of both the pinned and the pinless blades offer the convenience you need to worm of different project specimens. You should note that aggressive operations may lead to the breakdown of some component. Above all, this power tool provides you with the avenue to appreciate the working of an inexpensive tool.

Best Scroll Saw Buyer’s Guide: Some Basic Points to Remember

Scroll Saws Buying Guide

Here are some basic points you should pay attention to when you’re choosing the perfect scroll saw for you.

1. Precision and Performance

Scroll saws are meant for intricate projects. Further, they work on delicate, expensive, and fragile materials. Most of the time, the work is slow; hence a high level of precision is paramount. You don’t want to waste time on projects.

This tool depends on its blade for all its functions. Depending on the materials you plan to work with and the level of precision, you need to select the right type of blades for the works carefully.

Different blades have specific functions. Therefore, select a suitable blade to help you work more efficiently. The details of various types of scroll blades suitable for specific assignments are in a subtitle below.

2. Platform and dimensions

Another important feature you should check is the working surface. Is it firm enough to support your workpiece? Further is it stable to withstand the motor vibrations? Besides, is it smooth to produce even curvatures of your project?

Therefore, you need a thick, wide, and stable working area. An ideal space for most jobs is range from 16- to 20-inch.

3. Throat size

Apart from the spacious worktop, you should consider the scroll size of your tool. This dimension refers to the width of a working plank a saw can grab. The throat size determines the largeness of an object it can cut. So the more extensive the throat size, the bigger the working piece it can accommodate.

4. Blades

The scroll performs many varied tasks. These activities are possible due to the different types of blades. Below are the different kinds of blades you find in any scroll saw.

  • Pinned and pinless blades: These are the two broad classifications of scroll saw blades. A pinned blade has holding pins on both sides of the blade. Pinless blades use clamps to hold the blade in position.
  • Wood blade: This is the standard blades popularly used for woodwork. It features asymmetrical teeth set wide apart. The spacing is designed to clear the accumulating sawdust between the teeth during the sawing process.
  • Spiral blade: This types of blade features swiveled teeth. They form a patterned twist from one side to the other.
  • Metal blade: This blade type is designed for metalworks. So its teeth are thicker and the spacing between is narrower than the wood blade. Its teeth pitch (distance between two teeth) is also shorter. The design is meant to grate tough steel pieces better.
  • Steel blade: Metal cutting requires these blade. A steel blade is a toughened variation of the metal blade. It’s designed to rip harder metals and concrete pieces.
  • Skip tooth blade: As the name suggests, the gap between two teeth are wider than the regular blades. It’s meant for heavier wooden materials.
  • Diamond blade: This is the rare blade and probably the strongest of its kind. It’s primarily designed to cut glasses.
  • Two-way tooth blade: This blade features a dual teeth configuration – up and bottom side of the blade. It can cut both upwards and downwards. It’s designed for special cutting.

5. Blade tensioning

Blade tensioning is an important function when working with a scroll saw. It allows you to either fasten or loosen the blade depending on the speed you desire. You should check a scroll for a prominent and easy-to-access tensioning button.

6. Motor and vibrations

The motor rating determines the power of this power tool. For many domestic projects, an engine with one to two amps is sufficient. Industrial models, on the other hand, need more power due to the demanding projects they undertake.

Vibration levels while working affect its efficiency, with a more powerful motor generating greater vibrations. Look for motors that have muffled vibrations. Further, you become more accurate by reinforcing your worktop to withstand shakes.

Unfortunately, a powerful motor also creates greater vibrations. If your work is intricate, use your machine with muffled motors to reduce vibrations. Further, you become more accurate by reinforcing your worktop to withstand vibrations.

But you need a machine to undertake your intricate projects fast. When your work involves converting hard materials your motor should withstand the excessive grind. But for general use, a motor with 1 and 1.5 amps is just adequate.

7. Variable control speed

Speed control is an essential feature for any scroll saw. You should consider a model with different speed levels. Consider a device with knobs that are easily accessible for faster switching. The speed dial should range from 100 strokes per minute to 2000 spm.

8. Table tilt

A tilting work table allows you to slope the working surface to mimic the curvature you are crafting, with higher precision. It also creates a favorable working position, hence allowing you to do more. Accordingly, depending on the type of your project, you need a tilt table with adequate dimensions to support your objects and stay stable once set in position.

9. Ease of use

Using simple scroll saws is easy since they have a few components and their mechanism are standard. They are easy to work on.

But these features grow in complexities and endurance to fit the demanding needs of the pros. Depending on what you want to do with them, consider saws that have quickly accessible controls and features that are simple to manipulate.

10. Accessories

One accessory that you may consider is a stand which is usually adjustable.

11. Price

You may be wondering: How much is a scroll saw? Well, the cost of scroll saws ranges from USD 100 to USD 1000. But most are generally around USD 700.

12. Other notable features

  • Work light: This bulb illumines the work for enhanced precision
  • Dust collection: Suck the sawdust and leave the worktop clean and tidy, this feature is not available in vintage models.
  • Lubrication: To reduce burns and excessive friction, you should lubricate your blade and the moving parts of your machine to avoid breakages
  • Blade storage: You need a model that can adequately store the various blades after use
  • Quick clamps: Blades with quick clamps are gaining popularity. They allow secure fastening and unfastening.
  • Blade rocker arm type: When engraving patterns, it’s this component that directs the flow. This tool has an arm pivoting the blade to perform the necessary maneuvers. Choose a model with one arm that operates as a cam to reduce vibrations
  • Raising top arm: An arm that lifts from the top facilitates quick manipulation of fret projects
  • Hold Down Foot: Hold down foot is indispensable for a beginner. It’s vital for pinning down the workpiece, hence ensure better manipulation during work.

Each model of this power tool is different. As such, you need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding the safe application of these features. However, various scroll saw applications are possible if you know the tool well.

Who Needs A Scroll Saw

In case you’re wondering what is a scroll saw, this is a small size electric or pedal-operated saw designed to make perfect curves as well as edgy inscriptions and patterns. Unlike its manual version, a fretsaw, it features a blade that reciprocates its movement instead of continuously rolling. Another trait you notice on this power tool is its heavy-duty properties despite the mini frame.

The blade attached to it has compact teeth that allow you to intricately delicate curves with high precision. You can find hand scroll saw models as small as 12-inch to as large as 30-inch. Typically, it will enable you to pivot its work table which significantly improves its accuracy. This machine has variable speed; hence you can enhance the engraving details without going off the track.

Generally, this machine is more suitable for crafting designs and pattern than simple straight cuts. It’s used primarily for creating curves and joints. The scroll can also produce dovetails as well as intarsia projects. Apart from the above, you can make more specialized contours from the inside of the workpiece besides piercing slots of various diameters. It’s also perfect for homecrafts, 3D fractals, maquettes and collage-type artistry– I’m a big fan of Sue Mey, by the way.

There are two main types of these saws–pin-end and Plain (or flat end). Picking either of these depends on the nature of the project you want to do as well as the materials you would be manipulating.

Scroll saw using tips

Your cutting experience will improve if you know how to make the most of scroll saw by taking good care of it. These measures not only allow you to work better but they also enhance the lifespan of your equipment.

  1. Select the right blade

    Every material has a suitable blade. Select and use the right blade for any specific project.

  2. Assess the machine before working

    It’s recommended that you check the entire tool before you start working.

  3. Powering the machine

    Only power on the saw after checking and inspecting all its mechanisms and components. Don’t switch on when you are not ready to begin working.

  4. Variable speed control

    Speed control is ideal for adjusting the rate of operations. If you notice any strain in the machine, then you should lower the pace so that it works slower.

  5. Use a firm grip and steady hands

    Most of these power tools allow you to work hands-free. This convenience isn’t intended for resting but rather to allow you to use both of them to support the project object and manipulate the knobs for better performance. Use your hands to feed and direct wood into the blade.

  6. Concentrate

    Utmost attention is required when operating this tool. Monitor the operations and the rates at which the cuts are being made to ensure accuracy and avoid accidents.

  7. Wear protective clothing

    Get your eye goggles, ear muffs, and tight-fitting overalls to avoid accidents and injuries. Ensure that the floor is dry and not slippery.

  8. Switch off

    Before you make any blade adjustment, switch off the machine. Ensure the machine is off and the cable unplugged after using it.


Q. 1: What materials can a scroll saw cut?

Ans: You can use different types of blades to cut different types of materials, such as chipboard, cardboard, foam core, rigid foam (XPS, EPS, polyamide, etc.), plywood, MDF, softwoods (pine, cedar, etc.), hardwoods (maple, walnut, etc.), plastic, brass, and copper.

Q. 2: Can I use a scroll saw to cut 2×4?

Ans: Although scroll saws mostly work on thinner wood pieces, these versatile machines can also cut 2×4. Just remember to be patient and careful and don’t push the wood too hard since you may end up with a ruined project.

Q. 3: Can I cut metal with a scroll saw?

Ans: There are metal cutting blades available for scroll saws, so the answer is yes! The ideal thickness of metal is not more than 1/8?. But in reality, they can cut thicker metals than that range. Some of the metals that a scroll saw can cut are cold-rolled steel, aluminum, bronze, brass, and copper.

Q. 4: Which way should the teeth face on a scroll saw?

Ans. The teeth have to face downwards since they should cut the material on the downstroke of the blade. Also, make sure that the blade is right side up. Another thing to be careful of is that the pins must fit perfectly into the slots or grooves on the blade mount.

Q. 5: How often should I change my scroll saw blade?

Ans. If the saw is used continuously on wood at a moderate speed, the blade should last from 15 to 45 minutes. But if the wood is thicker and harder than normal then the expected lasting time may decrease highly. Other factors like tension issues (too loose or too tight) and higher speeds may also reduce the lifespan of the blade.

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