Wood, or metal, or plastic? You need a drill press. We can tell you how to and which one to choose. Even, we can let you know how to use one. We do it all because we love to share. 

Who Are We ?

We are a small community of people who are loving toward each other. We have different identities if you ask, but the commonest one that we are proud to have is we are DIYers with knack for working on various wood and metal projects.

Every single DIY person in our community has a great passion for precision and propriety whether it is a woodworking project or a metal workpiece. With sincere efforts, we have developed a bond amongst us that enables us to share our knowledge, experience, crafting skills, and tools with others. Drillly lets us speak to people who would love to connect with us and seek suggestions for the best drill presses.

Our Story

After hearing our story, you may wonder why we even started Drillly. But, we are happy to be able to talk to you. Once, we used to make use of a drill press if we ever had a metal workpiece that requires boring. Some of our pals in other neighborhood recommended a few models that were usable for a wide variety of woodworking tasks.

Not many of us agreed to purchase multiple drill presses. So, we bought only three of them. Since then, our community has experienced the performance of at least one hundred drill presses among which there are the most popular models from reputable manufacturers.

Our Mission

We may not have a glorious history behind the beginning. But, we had and still have a cause that makes us think about people who are DIYers going to need a drill press for their next project. What we do is tell people what we receive from different drill presses. The reason behind this activity is that we want to see people having good times with their DIY projects. We know how it feels to make your project a success. AND success in a project, be it a wooden or metal workpiece, without a good drill press is almost impossible. But, finding one is a sure but not easy thing. We do the “HOMEWORK” and “TEST WORK” for you. It means we find out the GOOD and the BAD things. Just because we know how it feels after a failure or success, we will keep doing it.

Happy buying and drilling!