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The Best Dowel Jigs, According to 13,600+ Customer Reviews

Today’s woodworkers may be armed with sophisticated computerized tools for more output in less time and with less effort. But woodworking jigs are still very popular, especially among small woodworkers.

There are different types of woodworking jigs. Dowel jigs are probably the most used type since dowel holes are commonly used and a single wooden workpiece may require a number of holes.

If you’re searching for the best dowel jig for your next project, we’re here to help. Our pro woodworkers carefully selected and thoroughly reviewed the top choices to help you get your project done with precision.

See which dowel jig suits your woodworking needs.

Our Top 11 Picks on Best Dowel Jig

01 Task Premium Doweling Jig (Editor Choice)

Best Dowel Jigs - Task Premium Doweling Jig

There are different types of doweling tasks and each task requires a certain type of dowel jig. Task Premium is known to perform impeccably at all kinds of tasks. However, you will get better results when you’ll specifically use it for commercial purposes. Commercial tasks require a jig that can deliver quality work in the most professional way possible.

Task Premium has a number of awesome features some of which are:

  • Patented Automatic Self-centering action: This helps save you the time of having to enter the jigs by yourself. With this automatic self-centering action, an accurate position of jigs is possible. This helps to eliminate any stress of any kind and allows for better results
  • It comes with a large screw clamping screw. In order to tighten the load without stress, the premium doweling jig comes with a clamping screw. This clamping screw is what shields you from an injury that clamping may bring. It also helps in protecting the wood in question from any sort of damage as well.
  • It has hardened drill guide centers: In order to strengthen the drill guides, they have been designed in a way that they are hardened. This way, they do not wear or tear off easily. They also help achieve accuracy when working on the wood.


  • About 2? to 2-7? capacity across all its models
  • Has two bushings of about 1/4, 5/16 and 3/8 respectively
  • A width of about 2-3/8
  • Designed using aircraft grade aluminum


  • Automatic self-centering action helps reduce stress
  • Comes with two bushings or expedited operations
  • Well-known for its relative space and wide capacity
  • Designed in such a way that makes it easy to understand and use
  • Comes in the aircraft grade aluminum construction
  • Highly resistant to corrosion that makes it very durable
  • Affordable and easy to maintain


  • Heavy weight
  • Occupies a lot of space due to its relatively large width

Our Verdict

Considering its versatility of use, Task Premium stands itself out among other jigs. This has contributed largely in putting it at the top of many reviews when rated alongside other jigs. Suitable for commercial purposes, you should look no further than this when you desire quality and high performance.

It is however important that you follow every instruction provided by the manufacturer. This way, you will be able to familiarize yourself with the do’s and don’ts of the jig. Avoid neglecting the safety precautions as well, so as to keep yourself safe from any injury.

02 Rockler Dowl-it 1000 (Also Great)

Rockler Dowl-it 1000

You might have always thought that learning to use and subsequently using a dowel jig is so much of a difficult task. A lot of factors influence this kind of reasoning, the main reason being the nature of the job.

However, it is important to mention that a dowel jig is not so hard to use as you may have previously thought of. With the right jig and knowledge of it, you are good too.

The Dowl-it 1000 is one for the finest self-centering choices you can find around. It has come to be one of the most used jigs among woodworkers and carpenters. So, it has made its way to our top 10 picks and here are some of its features:

  • It is made with solid steel: The solid steel construction of this jig is one of its notable features. It has its center block designed with high-quality precision material, making it resistant to any sort of wear, tear, dent or damage that may arise from using the jig. With this solid steel construction, its durability is assured.
  • It comes with a large steel clamping screw: A clamping screw is always needed to fasten items firmly to the jig. With the large steel clamping screw of this jig, loads and items are well fastened to the jig. The clamping screw is an automatic one that ensures the crews are well tightened once the item is fastened. With this, you are safe from injuries as much as your items are safe from damage too.
  • It comes with rugged aluminum sides: In order to give the jig the needed strength and stability, it comes with rugged aluminum sides. These rugged aluminum sides make it easy for you to work on rough surfaces easily without causing any harm to you or damaging the wood.


  • Comes with six permanent drill hole sizes
  • Has a good self-centering action
  • Comes with 2? capacity hand stock
  • Weighs about 2.35 pounds with a little variation
  • Package dimensions 8 x 6 x 2 inches


  • 6 permanent drill hole sizes for a number of options
  • Comprehensive in design, function, and finishing
  • No need to worry that any loose part may get lost
  • Reliable without requiring frequent repairs and maintenance
  • Drills whole and carries every other task precisely and effectively


  • Doesn’t suit professional purposes well
  • Warranty plan isn’t so comprehensive

Our Verdict

When you consider the solid steel construction and automatic clamping ability of Rockler Dowl-it 1000, it becomes one to think about. There’s an illustrated guide to use the tool, which should be helpful for every beginner. Its affordability in cost and maintenance also puts it at the forefront of other jigs as well.

03 Milescraft 1311 (Advance Choice)

Milescraft 1311

The Milescraft 1311 Joint Pro is a professional choice that helps you save time and stress. Being an automatic jig, you as a user have less work to do. Just make sure every instruction required to set it up is followed strictly. When this is done, you can sit back and watch this doweling jig do an excellent job.

  • A self-clamping mechanism. This self-clamping mechanism allows for the jig to clamp by itself when the need arises. This is done without having you to interfere with its working or initiate the clamping. Because of its being able to clamp itself, users are exposed to fewer injuries and accidents likely to happen.
  • It has interchangeable hardened steel bushing: Drilling holes can be a tasking activity for you, especially when you have to drill a lot. With the interchangeable hardened steel bushing of this jig, you can still as much as six holes of the same size, at the same time. This not only helps you to save work time but also helps in cutting down some expenses as well.
  • It comes with three holes of different sizes: These different sized holes of the jig all coming in various diameters, providing you with all the space you need to place your load. This way, the load is comfortably placed on the highway without any issue or accident that may arise from imbalance.


  • Has 6 matching holes that make it best for rigorous tasks
  • Makes use of interchangeable hardened steel bushing blocks
  • Comes with a strong clamp that can clamp boards simultaneously
  • Weighs about 3.86 pounds
  • Product dimensions 12.4 x 4.6 x 4


  • Automatically allows you to clamp both sides of a wood or working board firmly at the same time
  • Designed to align well with all of the three holes in its three different sizes
  • Allows you to drill six matching holes to save you the stress and cost that come with having to do it differently
  • Able to generate stronger and effective joints
  • Known for its relative comfort, speed, and accurate output


  • Expensive
  • Requires a lot of care and attention while in use due to its complexity

Our Verdict

When making use of jigs, it is always advice for you to make use of the jig that you’re most familiar with. Also, it is important to take into consideration the job at hand and see if the Milescraft 1311 JointPro lives up to your expectations. However, you have to bear in mind that this jig is simply great in terms of use and compatibility.

04 Milescraft 1309

Milescraft 1309

Milescraft 1309 is the most amazing kit because it has everything you need to start off with creating a strong and accurate dowel joint. It is also fairly economical, while being fully capable of ensuring precision for fantastic projects.

This kit is known among woodworkers and drillers for its strength and endurance capabilities. It helps you carry out a daunting task under the most convenient condition.

  • It stands itself out from other kits because of its outstanding features which comprise its structure and its function. Some of the key features of this dowel kit include:
  • It comes with some metal bushings. The metal bushings of this jig kit are different from that of other jigs because of how they have been fixed. These metal bushings provide you with ease of work by helping you to make accurate alignments while drilling through the piece of wood. It also ensures all through as you work; the dowels are well positioned in place.
  • It has a strong steel dowel. As a tool designed to handle tough woodworking tasks, this is made of steel dowels, unlike the metal dowels many other jigs possess. This steel dowel makes the jig function effectively and validates its reliability and durability.
  • The pins of this dowel jigs kit are made of fluted hardwood. This material is very helpful to your work, especially when working on joined surfaces. These pins come in different sizes and serve different purposes. All you need to do is pick the pin size you need.


  • Comes with an adjustable fence for easy alignment
  • Works well with thick lumbers
  • The package includes a case, tray, knobs, dowel pins, centers, and drops
  • A bottle of glue is also attached to the kit
  • Features a steel dowel and tenon centers


  • Works effectively and accurately for corners
  • Great for surface joints and edges
  • Adjustable fence allows it to align well all the time
  • Strong enough to handle tough tasks
  • Produces precise and accurate holes


  • Not portable
  • Occupies a lot of space

Our Verdict

Milescraft 1309 is definitely a fine choice and you will be able to make the most of it once you will get the hang of it. I remember relying on it for one tough drilling task and it didn’t disappoint. You can be sure that when you want excellent and accurate delivery, this dowel jig is all you want.

05 Milescraft 1319

Milescraft 1319

Milescraft 1319 was effective, accurate, and quick in doweling corner, edge and surface joints that separated it from all other hand dowel jigs we tested during our selection process.

With the Milescraft 1319, you can enjoy versatility without spending a lot of your hard-earned money on this woodworking tool. In fact, some users were so much satisfied with this tool that they ended up replacing their fancy and expensive metal doweling systems with this.

It comes with a number of specifications that puts it in the league of most used dowel jigs amongst beginners and professionals alike. A number of these features Milescraft 1319 possess include:

  • It comes with a thick drill guide: This handheld dowel jig comes with a thick drill guide that is compatible with a number of other jigs. This guide comes at an inch size that is wide enough. This way, the dowel jig is a table in the course of using it thereby preventing angel hazard falling off of tilting to one side can bring.
  • It is a handheld dowel jig: While many dowel jigs are known to occupy space that makes it difficult to walk around them, this dowel jig is quite different. Being handheld, it can be moved easily from one place to another. This gives you the opportunity to be able to multitask yourself while working with this jig which is not the case with other jigs.
  • It has a strong and durable clamp: The clamping quality of a dowel jig is one to be taken into consideration before obtaining it. It doesn’t disappoint in that regard as it provides a strong and durable clamp. So, you can be sure that your clamp will last for as long as the dowel jig itself.


  • Requires minimal set-up as it comes with a manual
  • No covered mechanical fastener attached
  • Works best with thick lumbers of about 1/2? to 1-1/2?
  • Has a product dimension of 10 x 4 x 2 inches
  • Comprehensive and all-inclusive of warranty plan


  • No extra knowledge needed to engage
  • Can be used by both beginners and professionals alike
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Comprehensive in scope, structure, use and applicability
  • Comes with a comprehensive warranty plan
  • Known for its high performance and accuracy


  • Doesn’t have a firm grip and can slip off easily
  • Not safe for children

Our Verdict

Efficiency feels better when it is driven by portability. Just like the majority of woodworkers and furniture makers, you appreciate portability. If you do, then you should consider this handheld dowel jig provided it suits the intention for which you need it for.

06 wolfcraft 3751405 Dowel Pro

wolfcraft 3751405 Dowel Pro

Whatever method that you are applying, whatever tool that you are using, the result is the most crucial part. Wolfcraft’s 70 years of innovation resulted in 3751405 Dowel Pro for smart woodworking bench solutions that ensure smart and stable wood piece handling.

We found that the 3751405 is well designed to be operated by professionals and amateurs alike. The simplicity of the unit defines the level of smart engineering that has gone into designing this tool. All you need is to clamp and drill holes into them then dowel the pieces together. You wouldn’t need to do any measuring.

We tried various types of joints with this tool e. g. edge to corner, T-Butt, and edge to edge. Yet, none of the time we needed a tape to do the right alignment or marking before drilling. The points were already there and Wolfcraft had already pre-aligned the jig. We found 9 holes that came really handy.

The jig is made of cast aluminum. It is durable and the holes are bushed by hardened steel for the same reason. We could drill more than one board simultaneously, thanks to its unique clamp system.


  • For 0.25?, 0.31? & 0.37? dowel pins
  • Operate on 0.5? to 1-0.25? thick wood
  • Houses Two-part drilling jig
  • Three steel bushed depth stops
  • Two clamps
  • 60 fluted dowel pins
  • ‘How To’ guide on doweling included


  • Accurate dowel holes each time
  • Strong connections can be established by nine pre-aligned holes
  • Holes bushed with hardened steel
  • Three types connections can be established with tool


  • Extra care needed for lining up the wood boards for getting perfect alignment by the holes

Our Verdict

Our team used the jig thoroughly pushing it towards its maximum capacity to hold up with a range of joining. It didn’t frustrate us at all. If you are a professional woodworker or a hobbyist, this tool will certainly make your tasks easier.

07 Dowl It 2500

Dowl It 2500

The Dowl It 2500 doubles as a self-centering jig and a drill press dowel jig. As much as we have been reiterating how much of a difficult task doweling can be, it is important to know that it becomes easy when mastered. Mastering the art of doweling can be fast-tracked when you use the right tools. With the dowel self-centering jig, you are able to understand and master doweling better.

As a simple and easy-to-understand the tool, this tool comes with a number of impressive features which includes:

  • Clear steel construction: Unlike other dowel jigs that come with plastic or acrylic construction, this jig comes with steel construction that protects it from damage. It also makes it comfortable for you to work with it resting assured that it would not in any way fail you in the process.
  • Amazing self-centering ability: Self-centering is one of the basic factors to be considered when buying or making a dowel jig. The ability of a jig to self-center itself not only benefits you, but it also ensures you’re safe from any danger that may arise. Being able to self-center itself automatically also hastens the speed saving you not only stress but also time as well.
  • Hardened steel drill guides: These steel made and coated guides are tough and can last for a long time. With this specification, you as a beginner can be able to carry rigorous tasks and still achieve the same excellent result as a professional. This also makes it last longer while saving you the extra cost that can result from maintenance.
  • Accurate dimensions: Dowl It 2500 is one of those very few models known to have the perfect dimensions. These dimensions have guided holes in them that allow you to balance items and surfaces on it. With this, you are able to work on the attached surface as it is clamped firmly on the jig.


  • Comes with 4 different tapped holes for replaceable drilling
  • Comes with 6 hardened steel bushings that are removable
  • Weighs about 2.65 – 3.00 pounds
  • Has precision hardened center blocks
  • Comes with additional compatible parts


  • Very simple and easy to use
  • Comes with an instruction guide for easy use
  • Not so wide that allows for liberty
  • No external measurements needed when working with this jig
  • No need to attach any external part for effective operation


  • Though a self-centering jig, it’s limited in function and feature

Our Verdict

When it comes to self-centering, Dowl It 2500 is an amazing choice you can make use of. It stands out from every other dowel jig with self-centering abilities. If you afford this tool, you do need to make this your companion.

08 Woodstock D4116

Woodstock D4116

As a woodworker or furniture maker, a multipurpose jig should always be on your priority list so you can save some money when a variation of work happens.

This jig is one of those many multipurpose drill jigs for wood that possesses some features that makes it good for use for a number of works. These features include:

  • It comes with six hardened bushings: The six hardened steel bushings of the Woodstock jig is one of its notable features. This is largely due to the fact that these bushings help in fastening the load firmly to the jig. They also help to create a base for the load that assures balance while working. So with this, you are able to work confidently and effectively.
  • It also has automatic centering: Just like other jigs of its kind, the Woodstock D4116 is able to constantly position itself without having you interfere with it while working. So with its automatic centering ability, the jig is able to align itself well with any shape of the load. This helps to enhance the outcome of the work
  • It is a multipurpose jig: This jig stands itself out from other jigs because of its inherent multipurpose nature. As a jig, it can be used for a number of other purposes at the same time delivering excellent results in all. While serving these purposes, you do not have to move the jig around or from one place to another.


  • Has handles that stock up to about 2? thick
  • Comes with 6 hardened steel bushings of 1/4, 5/16 and 3/8 inch
  • Weighs about 2.5 pounds
  • Self-centers around any shape – regular or irregular
  • Package dimensions of 5.2 x 4.1 x 3 inches


  • Able to handle a number of stocks other jigs might not be able to
  • Produced by a brand known for excellence and quality
  • Easy to understand, handle, and use
  • Comes with a comprehensive warranty plan that covers manufacturing damage
  • Not only durable but with durability comes reliability as well


  • More will be spent on maintenance than purchase
  • Quite large in size, making it very uncomfortable to use sometimes

Our Verdict

That a jig comes at an affordable price doesn’t mean its quality was traded. This is the case with the Woodstock D4116. With this jig, you can do so much more at the same time and still achieve excellent results in all of it.

09 Grizzly G1874

Grizzly G1874

As a woodworker or furniture maker who has spent a number of years doing what you do, you know the importance of quality tools. Grizzly G1874 Improved Dowel Jig is one jig every woodworker, furniture maker or one who drills should look to have. It is among other things, known for its versatility; its reliability; and how adaptable it is.

Tested by a number of woodworkers across the globe, the jig has been known to be a trusted one. Though high performing, it still comes at an affordable price.

  • It is known to be versatile: Versatility is one of the highest points of Grizzly G1874. Designed to possess six hardened bushings, this jig can serve a number of these steel bushings and work well with its three insertion holes that ultimately allow for precision, comfort and accurate delivery.
  • It is highly reliable: How well will you want to work with a jig that is not so reliable? Definitely not. This is why this jig should be your companion as a woodworker. Making use of this jig, you are able to avoid and shield yourself from any danger whatsoever as you can bank on the jig for reliable outcomes.
  • It is comprehensive: The comprehensiveness of this jig covers its design as well as use. If you ever use Grizzly G1874, you will not be able to agree less to this. No extra or additional tool is needed when working with this tool; no much energy as well is also required. You do the arrangement, the jig does the work.


  • Self-centers on round regular and irregular shapes
  • It is able to handle stock as thick as 2?
  • Comes with drill hole of different sizes
  • Not so heavy as it weighs 2.5 pounds
  • Has six hardened steel bushings of 1/4, 5/16 and 3/8? each


  • More comfortable to engage
  • Comes with an instruction pack with all the necessary info
  • Light in weight due to being made of aluminum
  • Has a portable size and doesn’t occupy a lot of space in the workshop
  • Maintenance is as affordable as its price


  • Can be too demanding for a novice

Our Verdict

Notwithstanding the cons of the jigs, it is clear that Grizzly G1874 remains a tested and trusted one for the money. It is one companion every woodworker and furniture maker should possess. It is durable, affordable and reliable, so you wonder, what more can someone want of a jig?

10 VCT Dowel Jig Kit

VCT Dowel Jig Kit

During the testing session, we noticed that VCT had done an amazing job in designing this particular jig kit. We were able to maintain high accuracy in less time with this 2.48 pound tool. It is highly affordable yet they didn’t compromise with the quality.

Since it centers itself automatically, we had no problem with precision drilling on square, round or any other irregular working pieces. It came with 0.25″, 0.312″, 0.375″, 0.437″, and 0.5″ hole sizes for convenient drilling. We were also able to create identically parallel holes and there was no need to move the jig.

The kit allowed a maximum 2” deep hole and we received six bushings with the package. These were made from hardened steel for durability.

The design includes a couple of tiny allen screws and a large main screw sitting in the middle of the kit that help to keep it stable when working. The leveler can be re-centered when required.


  • Weight: 2.48 lbs
  • Dimension: 6? x 5? x 3?
  • Drill holes: 0.25?, 0.312?, 0.375?, 0.437?, and 0.5?
  • Bushings: 6
  • Bushings material: Hardened steel


  • Ergonomic design
  • Instruction manual is elaborate
  • Automatic self-adjustability
  • Highly portable
  • Easy to maintain


  • Heavy, yet no deal breaker

Our Verdict

VCT is offering the jig at a fantastic price range and we couldn’t help liking it more for that reason. It does deliver when you are subject to heavy-duty projects. However, it all depends on how much you can make the best of it. We recommend this model even if you are a professional.

11 Eagle America 445-7600

Eagle America 445-7600

This self-centering dowel jig offers a wide variety of doweling options with ease that we found much useful for professional use. While testing, we noticed this product was quicker with higher accuracy when compared to the other listed products.

This is slightly more expensive than the other items of our list, but none of our tested products could handle thick materials (1/4-Inch to 6-Inch) so much precisely like this one.

Drilling and woodworking are not so much of an easy task, and as such a tool that is equal to the task is always required. One of those tools is this wide capacity self-centering dowel jig. This is a great choice if you are looking to handle the more rigorous tasks. With a world-class design and comprehensive structure, this jig is one that should be much desired.

  • It is made of aluminum. Eagle America 445-7600 is completely made of anodized aluminum steel. This makes it way more resistant to all sorts of wear and tear, assuring you of its durability. With this, it is also light making and easy for you to carry it from one place to another in the workshop saving you stress and time.
  • It comes with guide holes of different sizes. This dowel jig comes with a number of guide holes. These holes allow for the bushings to stand firm while making drilling an easy task. With these guide holes, your safety while working is assured, you also do not have to worry about the wood getting damaged.
  • There are two different bushings as well. Despite not having as many bushings as other dowel jigs, this jig is able to accommodate two bushings. These bushings are of different sizes and help you work well on larger surfaces. This makes working with this wood dowel jig more convenient.


  • Has jig handles with 1/4 to 6-inch material thickness
  • Weighs about 3.24 pounds
  • Comes with an anodized aluminum body
  • Has supplied bushings and hardened steel guides
  • Has two fixed holes of 7/16? and 1/2? respectively


  • Very simple to understand and use
  • Can be used by both beginners and professionals
  • Helps deliver accurate results quite quickly
  • Able to produce excellent edge joints, butt and miter points
  • Can be used as a jig to drill holes and work on surfaces
  • Can generate high capacity offset holes quickly and effectively


  • A bit complicated and clumsy when handling rigorous tasks
  • Setting up requires excess attention to the details

Our Verdict

If you don’t mind the cost provided, all you are out for is the quality a tool has to deliver to you then Eagle America 445-7600 is for you. Its reliability, capabilities, and durability can all be taken into consideration when opting for this dowel jig. When you do opt for it, you will not regret your decision.

Types of Dowel Jig

Dowel jigs are small tools used for cutting dowel holes that are so common in woodworking. All you have to do is lay the jig on the wood piece and it will create the dowel holes without which the whole process could be problematic and time-consuming.

Irrespective of the many dowel jigs available for sale, they can be classified into three main types – basic, intermediate, and advanced. Your woodworking skill level will determine what type you might prefer. The more you advance in knowledge, the more you will be able to move from one type of dowel jig to another.

1. Basic

This is by far the simplest and most common dowel jig known. Being the basic type, they are mainly used by beginners and apprentices who are yet to grasp the working of more advanced dowel jigs. They are so much easier to understand and safer to use than the other types. If you have never used this tool before then the basic type is the most suited for you. Any DIYer can make such a homemade dowel jig themselves following some easy steps.

2. Intermediate

This type of dowel jigs can be used by both beginners and advanced dowel jig users. It is not so complex in its operation but comprehensive in structure. They are perfect for the simple and less daunting tasks while you master the art of doweling. They come with instructions that help you while making use of it and also have safety precautions to be followed.

3. Advanced

The advanced dowel jigs are being used by professionals who have mastered the art of doweling perfectly well. With the advanced doweling jig, you are able to carry out advanced woodworking tasks. They make the whole process seem easy and ensure you are safe when working with and on them.

Best Doweling Jig – Buyer’s Guide

Best Doweling Jig Buying Guide

1. Intended Use

The first thing you should consider is for the purpose for which the dowel jig is needed. Here you have to ask yourself some basic questions like Do I need this for drilling? Making sharp edges? Or just for working on a planer alone? It is on the strength of the decision that other considerations lie.

2. Accuracy

The accuracy of every dowel jig differs. So what accuracy level are you seeking to achieve? You should know that this is based on the task to be carried. Tough tasks will require that you consider more accurate dowel jigs than other basic tasks.

3. Flexibility

As a beginner, the dowel jig you will desire will differ from that which will be required when you eventually master doweling. So considering your understanding of how to operate a dowel jig, you should take into consideration the flexibility of the device.

4. Self-Centering

Self-centering is the ability of the dowel jig to center itself and align well on workpieces without you having to initiate the alignment. Almost all jigs are self-centering dowel jigs but the ability of a dowel jig to self-center itself differs from one jig to the other.

5. Multiple Sizes of Bushings

Also, the sizes of bushings just like the self-centering ability differs from dowel jig to the other. While some dowel jigs allow for just two bushings, others allow for as much as six bushings at a time. Don’t mistake the number of bushings to make it suitable for use. The size of bushings required should go in line with the intended use.

6. Clamping Capacity

Clamping capacity is the ability of a dowel jig to hold items and loads firmly. Each and every dowel jig comes with its clamping abilities. You should make sure that the dowel jig you are considering has equal or sufficient clamping capacity to the task it is to be used for.

7. Hardened Steel Bushings

Tougher tasks require hardened steel bushings. So if you are just to carry out a basic task, you can opt for any of the jigsaws with ordinary steel bushings. When the task is a tough one, make sure you are all out for a dowel jig with hardened steel bushings.

8. Ease of Use

This is particularly important for beginners. Some models can be complicated and if you try them as a beginner, this will just make you frustrated and exhausted. If you are yet to master the art of dowelling, then do yourself some good considering any of the easy-to-use models.

Dowel Jig Uses: Tips & Tricks


  • Make sure to work with safety precautions: Remember that as good as a dowel jig can be, it can also be very dangerous. This is why it always comes with some safety precautions for use. Make sure to adhere strictly with all of the precautions provided to keep yourself safe always.
  • Gradually master the operation of dowel jig: The dowel jig is one that requires a long while to be mastered. It is not a one-day journey to fully understand the working of a dowel jig. Pay attention to every single detail as you work with the dowel jig, as this is the only way to master it.
  • Keep the dowel jig out of reach of children: The dowel jig is not one that should be used as a toy. As a tool, if not handled well, it can be harmful to even adults while children are more vulnerable. Keep it far away from the reach of children. Alternatively, you can lock them up in safety cupboards, this way you are certain that your kids will not be able to access them.


1. How deep should dowel holes be?

Ans. You need to drill holes about 1/16 of an inch deeper than half the length of the used section of the dowel. The commonly used 1 1/2-inch dowels need 13/16 inch long holes to accommodate.

2. How much weight can a dowel hold?

Ans. 1-inch dowels have approximately 1/3 the strength of 1.5-inch dowels. The safe load for the weakest dowel is 3200 pound-force (lbf) with a failure load ranging from 5000 to 6000 lbf. Dowels don’t fail suddenly but gradually. Lots of noises will state a problem.

3. How far apart should dowels be placed?

Ans. A rule of thumb is to leave 1/8 inch or more spacing between the edges of the dowel and the wood. The more space surrounds a dowel, the stronger the joint is. For inner joints, the width should be at least 1/3 of the material but less than half.

4. Do dowels need glue?

Ans. A small amount of glue is enough for dowels. Putting too much of them will squeeze out the dowels or make it difficult to slide them inside. You want to immediately remove any glue that squeezes out using a dampened rag.

5. Are dowels stronger than screws?

Ans. Dowel joineries have more strength than any screw joineries. The glue deeply penetrates the wood, which gives the dowel better holding power. The clamp and dry technique ensures the dowel joint is set before you for the next step.

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Willie Osgood

An Avid Metalworker

Willie doesn’t really consider himself an artist, rather a craftsman involved in practical trades. Yet, most of his projects require him to make interesting and fine objects. Being the eldest son of a carpenter, his background is 100 percent rooted in crafting. He found the art of blacksmithing quite appealing since his teenage years… that fire, the sound of swinging hammers, and those long and shiny blades that came out as a finished product. Soon he literally became obsessed with metal – the way it moved, worked, and changed when heated or cooled.

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