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10 Best Chainsaw Chaps to Buy Now According to Over 9,800 Customers

No matter how skilled you are or how well-maintained your chainsaw is, an accident could occur anytime, anywhere. Chainsaw chaps are essential safety equipment because they protect your lower body – the most common place where chainsaw-related accidents occur.

In fact, a quality pair can stop a chainsaw running at 2,750 ft/min without even penetrating its inner layer. But how do you find such extraordinary safety pants?

We’ve reviewed today’s top choices here. See which pair ticks all the boxes for you!

Our Selection of Top 10 Chainsaw Chaps

01 Husqvarna 587160704 (Our Top Choice)

Husqvarna 587160704

The Husqvarna 587160704 chainsaw protective legwear topped our list due to its supreme level protection capacity. This model offers protection at several layers with sturdy building materials. Getting it should be a top priority if you are to work with a heavy-duty chainsaw with tremendous torque.

The Husqvarna 587160704 is a classic wrap design made with five layers of 1000 denier polyester with PVC coating and Tek Warp protective layers. This provides top-level protection for your delicate skin and arteries.

This cut-retardant material has proven to be among the safest when it comes to stopping power even with stronger chainsaws. This protection provides wearers with ample time to stop or move their tool away upon contact, which is what these chaps are for.

This model covers the entire front area of your legs as well as the back of your calves, offering increased protection. Three buckle systems are available to provide a snug fit. This technical wrap protection fits waists of up to 42 inches wide. This is rounded out by two pockets for phones and other essentials.

It is also UL certified among other compliances, which means that this pair of chaps can pass multiple requirements even for those with the strictest standards. While not important, it also has a very fashionable design and comes in bright orange and grey color that will help you stand out, a trait that is very important in construction or forest work.


  • Denier 1,000
  • Waist (inches) Up to 42
  • Material 5 layers, Polyester coated with PVC and Tek Warp
  • Certifications ASTM F1897, ANSI Z133.1, OSHA 1910-266, UL
  • Pockets Yes
  • Straps Acetal Delrin buckles
  • Length 36-38
  • Weight 2 pounds


  • It offers high level protection
  • It comes in a stylish orange and grey color
  • It has reflective strips for increased safety
  • It provides protection to multiple parts of the legs
  • It provides a snug fit with no loose areas


  • Dust may enter pockets during cutting
  • It can get hot during prolonged wearing

Our Verdict

We chose the Husqvarna 587160704 as the No. 1 chainsaw chaps because of their superior protection. Many people who have used this product swore that it saved them from serious injuries, and it has almost become an industry standard to get the Technical Apron Wrap Chap as far as chainsawing is involved.

Of course, it also does not hurt that the Husqvarna is one of the most fashionable and comfortable protective clothing that you can find for chainsaws, which is why this one tops our list.

02 Husqvarna 531309565 Chainsaw Chaps (Also Great)

Husqvarna 531309565 Chainsaw Chaps

This is another pair of chainsaw proof pants that provides top of the line protection against chainsaw. The Husqvarna 531309565 is composed of 5 layers of Kevmalimot yellow line protective material which are designed to break and stuff the blades with strips of the fabric. Many can swear to the effectiveness of this particular pair which is why we have positioned it in the second place.

This Husqvarna model covers the entire front area of the legs from waist to ankle, although sides and backs are not protected. This design makes wearing and removal a snap, though. The lack of enough straps or buckets, however, can cause the chaps to fit snugly especially for those with smaller waists.

Another gripe that we have about this is the lack of pockets, which is especially important as these cover the area of pants where pockets would usually be.

Considered as cheaper compared to some brands that offer the same level of protection, this model also complies with ASTM, ANSI, OSHA, and UL standards so you are guaranteed of the highest level of safety in the workplace. This is also the reason why many purchase this product for both personal and commercial use.

This Husqvarna model is available in three different colors and can also be bought in packs. They can be hand-washed, are easy to clean, and are quick dry for those who regularly use them at work.


  • Denier 600
  • Waist (inches) Up to 42
  • Material 5 layers Kevmalimot yellow line
  • Certifications ASTM F1897, ANSI Z133.1, OSHA 1910-266, UL
  • Pockets No
  • Straps Slide in Buckles
  • Length Up to 42
  • Weight 3.06 pounds


  • It provides good protection for covered areas
  • It is very easy to wear and remove
  • It is very affordable
  • It is adjustable for different sizes of waists
  • It is easy to wash and stains are not obvious


  • Its colors do not make you visible in the dark
  • A lack of straps may prevent a good fit

Our Verdict

The Husqvarna 531309565 is a top of the line pair of chaps that get the job done. It can certainly provide you with the protection that you need, although coverage is only limited to the front of your legs. Non-bright colors and the lack of pockets may put off some, but it makes up for that with its price. This is one of the top options you have for a safety compliant workplace.

03 Forester Chainsaw Safety Chaps (Budget Choice)

Forester Chainsaw Safety Chaps

The Forester model offers a superb value for money with its 1,200 denier Oxford shell outer shell with 12 layers of protection in order to guarantee absolute security when coming in contact with moving disc blades. The Forester Chainsaw Chaps is very easy to wear and remove, requiring only three straps to loosen and tighten.

These chaps keep the wearer cool as it is open at the back areas, although some may find that the straps would dig into the back of the leg areas when bending. It also has a single pocket that provides limited storage space but is, of course, better than nothing. At almost 3 pounds, this gear is not light, but the excess weight is just proof that the product did not skimp out on layers for your protection.

Aside from the usual certifications, the Forester model with pocket is also compliant based on the Canadian CAN/BNQ 1923-450-M91 39JY class B standard. This, along with the cheap price to quality ratio, makes this product a great purchase in bulk for companies with multiple users. Designed to last longer, this is a great investment that won’t get damaged anytime soon.

Colors available for this product include forest green, bright orange, camouflage, brown, denim, and safety green. As such, not only does this Forester pair provide protection, but it can be quite fashionable as well.


  • Denier 1,200
  • Waist (inches) Up to 44
  • Material Oxford Shell with 12 layer protection12 layers, Oxford shell
  • Certifications ASTM F1897, OSHA 1910.266, UL
  • Pockets Yes
  • Straps 1 for the waist, 2 for legs
  • Length (in inches) Up to 40
  • Weight 2.9 pounds


  • It offers protection for both front and side leg areas
  • It is one of the most affordable products in the market
  • It is easy to take off and remove
  • It is comfortable for long term wear
  • It comes in a variety of colors


  • The fit on the waist feels insecure
  • The pockets may not fit larger hands

Our Verdict

This Forester model is a fashionable, comfortable, durable, and affordable pair of protective chaps for chainsaw users. This is suitable for construction or woodcutting jobs that require multiple pairs as it is very easy to buy in bulk. The variety of colors available also makes identification in the field very easy.

Having one of the highest deniers and layers among other models, you can’t go wrong with the Forester especially if you want to get top value for your money.

04 Husqvarna 587160702 Protective Leg Wear

Husqvarna 587160702 Protective Leg Wear

The Husqvarna 587160702 is one of the safest chaps to work with as it’s made from 600 denier polyester with PVC coating with Tec warp protective layers.

The model is also highly adjustable and capable of protecting users with a maximum of 38-inch waist width, and up to 35.5 inches in length. The chaps have three straps, with one along the waist and two along the waist areas to provide a tight fit.

However, our tests have shown that the waist can get loose and would need to be re-tightened after a few minutes. A quick workaround is to use suspenders, so this is not a big factor.

This model also features a pocket where you can put important things such as your mobile phone or other equipment. The product is colored in two-toned brown and has reflectorized strips on the lower area so that users would remain visible even in darker conditions. Not only is the design function to increase visibility, but they are quite aesthetically pleasing, too.

These chaps are a bit on the expensive side and are heavier than usual, but the quality is top-notch. It meets ASTM F1897, ANSI Z133.1, and OSHA 1910-255 regulations. It is also UL certified so you are guaranteed that you will be protected even against higher-powered chainsaws. This makes this model a staple in companies that have strict safety regulations and policies.


  • Denier 600
  • Waist (inches) 38
  • Material 5 layers, Polyester coated with PVC and Tek Warp
  • Certifications ASTM F1897, ANSI Z133.1, OSHA 1910-266, UL
  • Pockets Yes
  • Straps Acetal Delrin buckles
  • Length (in inches) 35.5
  • Weight 5 pounds


  • It provides easy wearing and removal
  • It has a pocket for storage of small items
  • It has been proven to protect against chainsaw cuts
  • Adjustable straps provide a snug fit
  • Reflectorized strips make you more visible


  • It has a lower density than other chaps of the same price point
  • It covers the front of the legs only

Our Verdict

The Husqvarna 587160702 is a nice piece of gear for sale. It befits those who regularly operate chainsaws. It offers superb protection and looks great as well. These chaps are comfortable and can be worn for longer periods of time due to their open-back design. It is also compliant to numerous standards and has the certifications to prove it, so you are assured of quality for your ease of mind.

05 Redneck Convent 37” Safety Chainsaw Chaps

Redneck Convent 37” Safety Chainsaw Chaps

The 37” Inch Redneck Convent are no-frills chainsaw chaps that provide a good level of protection against chainsaw related injuries. Coming from the manufacturer, Redneck Convent, these chaps are also oil and water-resistant, making cleaning a breeze. Although not as durable as the other items on this list, our tests have shown adequate protection against regular chainsaws, with its 1,200 denier Oxford polyester fabric construction.

One strap along the waist and two along the leg areas allow for waists from 30 to 42 inches. Typically, these cover the front of the legs from waist to ankles. For longer legs, a longer pair may be required. The crotch area is not covered, however, so wearers should take extra care even if they are wearing this pair during cutting with a good battery chainsaw.

The RC Safety Chaps are also flexible and comfortable, so wearers can use them for longer periods of time even during hot days. It is also very light so it will not hamper with your movement at all, something that is very important for work that involves climbing and working around uneven or irregular terrains.

At less than fifty dollars a pair, these are also very affordable, and with its multiple certifications, buying them in bulk for your team would seem to be a practical choice. Since it is also made of durable materials, you are assured of several years’ worth of service per pair, saving you a lot of money in the process while also promoting safety in the workplace.


  • Denier 1,200
  • Waist (inches) Up to 42
  • Material Oxford Polyester
  • Certifications UL, ASTM F1897, CAN/BNQ 1923-450-m91, WorfSafeBC
  • Pockets Yes
  • Straps 2 cinch clips
  • Length (in inches) 37
  • Weight 1.41 pounds


  • It is very light
  • Wearing and removal is very easy
  • It is oil and water resistant for easy cleaning
  • It is comfortable to wear even in a hot climate
  • It has an additional pocket for simple storage needs


  • It does not cover the crotch area
  • The material does not seem as durable as others

Our Verdict

This 37” safety gear provides basic protection for those who work around chainsaws regularly. It is not recommended for electric-powered chainsaws, though, as well as some of the most high powered gasoline engine powered ones.

These chaps are, however, certified to meet both local and international standards. It is also very comfortable to wear and is easy to take off, so using them would not be an issue, especially to those who think that wearing chaps are inconvenient.

06 Forester Chainsaw Apron Chaps with Pocket

Forester Chainsaw Apron Chaps with Pocket

If you want quality protection from even the most powerful chainsaws in the market, then the Forester Chainsaw Apron Chaps should be one of your top choices, too.

Featuring 12 layers of cut proof material under a polyester with PVC coating outer shell, injuries due to chainsaws will be a thing of the past as these have been proven during our tests to be able to protect the wearer against injury.

To prove it, the Forester Chainsaw Apron Chops come with OSHA, ASTM, and UL certifications for the peace of mind of anyone that would want to invest in their safety. And, at less than 40 dollars a pair, getting these chaps would be a wise investment indeed.

With straps that are fully adjustable, you need not to worry about them falling down during operations. You might need to get a longer variant of this product if you’re on the tall side though, as 35 inches from waist to bottom may not cover you completely. Take note also that apron type chaps such as these do not offer protection for your legs other than the front.

The Forester Chainsaw Apron Chaps has a 1,200 denier count, which is one of the highest in the market. It also has a pocket on the side which is large enough to carry numerous kinds of supplies. This is an excellent feature as most chaps have too small pockets. Carrying too much in these pockets may cause your chaps to sag; so, only carry supplies that you really need.


  • Denier 1,200
  • Waist (inches) Up to 42
  • Material Polyester with PVC coating, 12 layers
  • Certifications OSHA 1910.266, ASTM F1897, UL
  • Pockets Yes
  • Straps Three buckle style straps
  • Length (in inches) 35
  • Weight 2.8


  • One of the tops when it comes to protection
  • It is fully adjustable
  • It has a large pocket
  • The price is very good
  • Color is bright and distinguishable even without reflectors


  • It doesn’t protect the back of your legs
  • One size does not fit all

Our Verdict

The Forester model was one of our favorites during our tests not only because it performed well, but also because they looked great. Wearing them was a snap, and storage is more than adequate for the usual stuff that you lug around when at work. It is also quite cheap, so you will have no trouble stacking a bunch in your cabinet for you and your team.

07 Cold Creek Loggers Chain Saw Chaps

Cold Creek Loggers Chain Saw Chaps

The Cold Creek Loggers chainsaw chap was able to successfully protect us against chainsaws during testing. It was expected due to its OSHA, ASTM, and UL certifications. It also comes in a variety of colors, including orange, brown, and blue. However, our favorite by far is the reversible camo and orange blend that would definitely catch anyone’s eye.

In fact, there’s really nothing to complain about when it comes to these chaps from Cold Creek Loggers, except maybe for their weight and somewhat loose fits. As the chaps featured pockets, it would be safe to assume that placing stuff inside would be okay. However, after just a few tools the waist straps would sag, and you would have to retighten to keep it from falling down.

As for the weight, the Cold Creek Logger can be quite heavy at 3 pounds and you will really feel it after a couple of hours of logging. Sure, it is cool and it does not limit your movement, but the excess weight can really drain you long term if you are not careful.

These minor nuisances did not sway us from liking this pair of chaps though as it was still able to serve its purpose. It can also protect the sides of the legs – more than what most had to offer. Add to that its safety certification and you have a product that should definitely rank among the safest chaps around.


  • Denier 1,200
  • Waist (inches) Up to 40
  • Material Oxford Polyester
  • Certifications OSHA 1910.266, ASTM F1897, UL
  • Pockets Yes
  • Straps 3 buckles
  • Length (in inches) Up to 40
  • Weight 3 pounds


  • It covers up to the sides of the legs
  • It is oil and water resistant
  • It is affordable
  • It has a spacious pocket
  • It is not uncomfortable, even after prolonged use


  • The waist will sag, especially with full pockets
  • It is quite heavy

Our Verdict

You can get most of the specifications that the Cold Creek Loggers have with others on this list. What sets it apart is its comfort as it was made using premium materials that are not only tough but soft and flexible as well.

It might be on the heavy side, but this only means that they did not skimp out on materials to give you the utmost protection. For the price, the chaps from Cold Creek Loggers are definitely worth the money.

08 Forester Protective Trimmer Safety Chaps

Forester Protective Trimmer Safety Chaps

If you are doing some gardening or trimming at home, then the Forester Protective Trimmer Safety Chaps are just right for you. This pair of chaps will help in protecting your pants against flying weeds, grass, as well as other types of debris that may fly around when cutting small pebbles and branches.

Unfortunately, that is all that this pair can do, as it is not intended to protect against chainsaws, trimmers, and the like. As such, it was not developed for toughness against cuts. It is developed to be durable, though, and it is also washable and water resistant, allowing for years of useful life.

The Forester Protective Trimmer Safety Chaps are very cheap as well. Each pair costs about 30 dollars, and are available in two colors that are both bright and fashionable. It is also very light and comfortable to wear and has a perfect fit, with buckles and zippers available so that they can adequately protect the entirety of the front leg area as well as the entirety of the calves.

These chaps are great for garden work as well as for weed clearing. For any other purposes that require protection from injuries, however, this will not work in any way as it offers no type of protection against blades, cutters, trimmers, or any other type of tool.

In this regard, the Forester Protective Trimmer Safety Chaps are geared more towards gardeners and those whose jobs require them to work with branches, grass, and the like. This is definitely not recommended for any other functions aside from these.


  • Denier N/A
  • Waist (inches) Up to 42
  • Material Canvas, Polyester
  • Certifications N/A
  • Pockets No
  • Straps Yes, with zippers in the calf area
  • Length (in inches) Up to 40
  • Weight 1.65 pounds


  • It is very cheap
  • It is water repellent and washable
  • It provides protection from flying grass and weeds
  • It is lightweight and durable
  • It is snug and comfortable to wear


  • It offers no protection against any type of chainsaw or trimmer
  • It does not comply with safety standards or certifications

Our Verdict

While not the best in terms of protection, it cannot be denied that the Forester Protective Trimmer Safety Chaps look good. It comes in some very cool colors and is quite nice to look at. It is also very cheap, which makes this great for work at home, or you can also get this if you have an onsite gardener that doesn’t work with more dangerous tools but would like at least some level of protection while doing their jobs.

09 Forester Arborist ProChaps Apron

Forester Arborist ProChaps Apron

The Forester Arborist ProChaps is said to be able to stop electric chainsaws. Unfortunately, we were not able to take this test. However, they are able to stop gas-powered chainsaws just fine with its 1,000 denier Cordura nylon plus 8 layers of WTS knitted nylon and polyester blend. This was intended to protect even under more severe conditions and against even the most powerful chainsaws.

The model is also light in weight yet durable, weighing in at 2.6 pounds. Adjustable straps are also available so that differing waist sizes can be accommodated. Three different varieties are also available for shorter or taller people so that the perfect waist to ankle ratio can be achieved. However, don’t expect full leg protection as it only covers the front area of your legs, and measure the chaps carefully for a perfect fit.

These chaps meet ASTM and APA standards. It is also quite affordable and can last for a long time for as long as they are not damaged. This makes the Forester Arborist a great investment for individuals and companies that do a lot of cutting work. With its adjustable buckles, multiple users can also wear a single pair, giving you even more savings.

The Forester Arborist model comes in the default orange color. Although it does not have reflectorized strips like other chaps, the color is very bright and can be seen even under poorer light conditions. This is another great feature that makes this particular pair of chaps a favorite among experts in the field.


  • Denier 1,000
  • Waist (inches) Up to 48
  • Material Cordura nylon with 8 layers WTS knitted nylon/polyester
  • Certifications UL/ASTM 2008, APA Class A and B
  • Pockets Yes
  • Straps Yes, three buckles
  • Length (in inches) Up to 40
  • Weight 2.6 pounds


  • It provides superior protection
  • It is light weight
  • It provides various sizes for a better fit
  • It is easy to wear and take off
  • It has limited protection against electric chainsaws


  • It protects the front part of the legs
  • The zipper pocket is difficult to access during operations

Our Verdict

The Forester Arborist ProChaps is an amazing find that is quite affordable given the protection that it provides. It has a simple yet effective design, allowing for supreme levels of safety and protection while still remaining comfortable for long term use even under harsh conditions.

10 STIHL 0000 886 3202

STIHL 0000 886 3202

The STIHL Protective Apron Chain Saw Chaps come with a protective six-layer Entex cut-retardant material to help you feel safe when working with chainsaws. It oversees the safety issues when you delve into the cutting process with great attention.

This product is surprisingly lightweight and will prevent you from weighing down. The apron style chaps and open-back design makes it comfortable and easy to wear. On top of that, the waist size is adjustable, making it suitable for people having 30-42″ waist.

The Entex cut-retardant material is the most notable feature of these protective gear as they are capable enough to protect the users by preventing accidental cuts. Your skin will remain well-protected for years due to the durability of these protective wears. The thick 6-9 protective layers do the job here.

You will never complain about the quality, but STIHL doesn’t offer much choice when you want to choose another color. It comes in only orange color and leaves you with no chance of preferring other colors. Though these chaps feature an open-back design, and you may still feel warm inside and sweat on summer days due to the thick protective layers.


  • Length: 36 Inches
  • Waist: 36 Inches
  • Color: Orange
  • Material: Entex Cut-Retardant
  • Protection: 6-Layer Protective Material
  • Weight: 2.6 lbs.


  • Lightweight & comfortable to wear
  • Excellent heavyweight protection
  • Deep pocket for the accessories
  • Suitable for warm working conditions
  • Adjustable waist size


  • Available in only one color

Our Verdict

If you want to feel safe and confident while working with your saw, have these chaps on. It’s always better to prevent any potential danger. So, safety first. These lightweight chaps will surprise you being rugged and comfortable at the same time.

The adjustable waist size and exclusive protective layers are really effective, making it a topnotch safety gear. We recommend that you get these chaps for the added safety you want to ensure when dealing with chainsaws.

Why You Need Chainsaw Chaps

chainsaw chaps review

Chaps pretty much serve as armor for your legs. However, they are not composed of hard substances like you might think. Instead, materials such as Kevlar or nylon are used for increased toughness. Chainsaw chaps work by latching onto the blade and locking it before it reaches your skin. This will cause your chainsaw to jam and prevent injury.

The top-rated models are made of premium materials that can stop even the most powerful of motors. Some also are more comfortable or have additional features that will add value to your money. These features are what we will be discussing in the succeeding sections of this article.

Of course, protection is the main reason why you would use these gear on the job. Also, some companies and government bodies do require the use of protective equipment as part of safety regulations and policies. It is still recommended, though, that these would still be used even when you are doing DIY work or minor cutting jobs. Protection should always be a top priority, especially when in the presence of such dangerous tools.

In terms of safety, the cheap ones on the market offer the least. The cheapest ones might better than having none, but when your limbs are at stake, you must not compromise on the quality. The sections below provide our criteria and how we were able to come up with the safest models so that you would no longer have to do the research and legwork by yourself.

Chainsaw Chaps Buying Guide: What You Need to Focus On

best chainsaw chaps buying guide

1. Material

Different types of material are used when creating these protective gear. Varieties include nylon, polyester, leather and Kevlar, while other composites and materials may also be available.

Density is also a variety as this is directly proportional to fabric strength and durability. Density for these protective clothes is measured in deniers, a unit of measure for density similar to thread counts.

2. Size & length

As with other types of clothing, chainsaw pants must adequately cover you in order to provide optimum leg protection. These must not only fit well, but it should also cover the most important parts of your legs.

While most cover only the front parts of your lower limbs, some also protect your sides. When buying a pair, make sure that you are getting ones that fit correctly and cover you from waist to ankle. These protective gear come in different sizes and lengths to fit youth, adult and oversized workers.

3. Comfort

Your chaps should provide both optimum protection and comfort. You can expect to wear them for a long time, especially if you are assigned to cutting work. When looking for the perfect chainsaw chaps for you, it’s essential to make sure they are light enough and won’t limit your movement.

4. Design (Apron vs. Wrap-Around)

Apron style chainsaw pants basically protect the font of your legs, while some also offer limited side leg protection. On the other hand, wraparound models protect other areas specifically the back of your lower legs.

The latter is great for those who work with multiple chainsaws in a limited space, although sometimes the former can already do the job. Wraparound (also known as full-wrap) models are ideal for big and tall users.

5. Longevity

Like most protective equipment, protective chaps for chainsaws have a certain lifespan. While they can still be used after its intended length of service has expired, they may not be able to protect you as efficiently as before.

These protective gear with longer life spans will definitely be able to save you money as you would be buying less for replacements. Knowing this is necessary especially if you are following company, government, or international standards.

6. Safety

Safety is the number one issue when choosing these chainsaw cloggers. Of course, they should be able to stop chainsaws from injuring you. That is why testing using actual machines were done in order to see if they can deliver as advertised. Always make sure you put kids away when working with a chainsaw, as awareness is a better preventive measure than wearing a protective gear.

7. Machine compatibility

Wood cutting pants are specially designed to protect against different types of chainsaws. Electric and gasoline-powered chainsaws function differently, which is why chainsaw protective clothes are created specifically to address these.

8. Adjustable waist size

Adjustable waist sizes are important, especially if there would be multiple users for them. Most models have adjustable waists either through Velcro or elastics. This feature makes the safety pants interchangeable for both men and women when working. This is important to ensure a good fit for both comfort and safety.

9. Multiple straps

Chainsaw pants must have straps to ensure a snug fit. Loose models can be a hazard at work as your saws may accidentally snag them, along with other obstacles in the work area.

As a general rule, having an adequate number of straps is necessary to ensure a safer workplace. Of course, the straps themselves may snag branches and other machinery, so the type of straps used are important as well.

10. Ease of wear and removal

Different manufacturers use different methods of wearing and fastening such as Velcro, zippers, buckles, and the like. Ease of wear and removal will depend on these, as well as on the personal preferences of the wearer.

Ease of wear and removal is important because if the worker finds wearing them is too much of a chore, then they may opt not to wear them at all. This is also a matter of comfort as you might choose to take off your gear quickly if you are already uncomfortable, are too hot, or already on break.

11. Pockets

Some models have pockets that will allow you to put essentials such as nails, phones, and other equipment. This feature comes very handy when you are working on tall trees. As your access to your pants pockets can be somewhat limited, chaps with pockets are a great plus if you want to get to needed items quickly without having to take your chaps off.

12. Certifications

Depending on where you work as well as your personal preference, you may require certifications on the chainsaw chaps that you buy. Most known certifications include OSHA 1970, ANSI, and ASTM.

Certifications from other institutions may also be required by other companies. Certifications will guarantee that the legwear that you purchase and wear meet the highest standards within the industry based on select criteria.

13. Price

Of course, the price should always be a factor when choosing the quality protective gear for you. Still, expensive does not always mean good, and cheaper models may not give you the performance that you need.

With our comprehensive guide, you will be able to choose the safest product for the money, and you can find a pair that suits your needs as well as your intended budget.

A Word from Drillly

Here in our chainsaw chaps review, we’ve provided some of the most capable chainsaw chaps that you can find on the market today. We have ranked these safety chaps based on criteria that we think would sway your choice of purchasing. However, we always say that these are based on our opinions only and that you should go with what you personally like, although it really does pay to be informed.

For our personal choice, we chose the Husqvarna Technical Apron Chaps and Redneck Convent Safety ChainSaw Chaps. The Husqvarna was chosen due to its style and tight fit around the legs, while the RC chaps were selected because of its ease of wear. Both were also able to withstand our cutting tests with flying colors.

Do keep in mind that protective leg wear will never replace actual safety procedures when operating a chainsaw. Chaps, no matter how tough, may still have a chance to fail, and it is not an absolute certainty that you will not get injured should accidents occur. As such, focus and following safety protocols when operating a chainsaw is definitely a must even if you are wearing all the appropriate safety gear and equipment.

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