Top 10 Best Bench Vise (2019) Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

My father owned a furniture store. Hence, I started learning carpentry during my tender years.  But what strikes me most was his constant obsession with the vise equipment. A vise was the first tool he touched upon opening the shop and the last to one he used before closing down. Naturally, I grew attached to his bench working vices.

Now I am a grown up and manning my metal fabrication outfit. Despite the years passing by and me making the big switch, the vise has kept up with me. Almost every function within my small but busy workshop requires a vice. Naturally, I always used the best bench vise to get work done.

Vises help securely clamp any metal or piece of timber in position to enable fast and precise manipulation by the worker. In this document, I will share with you the best vises I have come across. I will share my extensive experience to help you learn how to select the bench vice brands meeting your budgetary and technical requirements, after reading this best bench vise review.

A vise is any mechanical apparatus that holds a segment of workpiece tightly in place. It’s used mostly in metal works and woodworking. It functions like extra strong and sturdy hands holding a workpiece.

These devices also possess two clamps to help set the workpiece firmly in place. Many of these devices are arranged on a bench, hence the term bench vise.

Bench vises were in existence in many workshops before 1750. Clamping was done using a hammer and wedge. However, securely holding the workpiece was hard since the tool could only move radially. In 1750, the introduction of a moveable horizontal jaw of the vise revolutionized the gadget.

Then, anyone who required gripping a workpiece manipulated the movable half of the vice to adjust the workpiece horizontally. The preferred construction material was die cast iron.  However, with the numerous pores left after the metal settles, the vise didn’t have much tensile to withstand high compression.

In 1830, the invention of robust forged steel manufacturing techniques changed all these. The steel bench vise transformed the functions of a fastener with sturdy and compact materials that have enabled vise to manipulate increasingly tougher and heavier elements. This design and construction are considered the father of the modern-day bench vise. Despite the numerous improvements, basically, this structure is what constitutes the modern day gripping devices.

There are numerous types of vice for workbench. Front vise enables you to either clamp a workpiece at the edge of a workbench using two popping jaws on either side of the fastener. It also grips large parts utilizing the functions of a dead man as well as gripping elements on top of the workbench via a bench dog. These prevent the twisting of the workpiece when you use only one clamp to hold your work plane.

An end vise is another type of a bench vise. It usually sits on the right-hand edge of a workbench and uses one central screw set to the corners of the bench top. It has a flexible jaw featuring multiple bench dog holes at the top aligned to the front row of dog holes on the workbench.

A front vise and an end vise are similar since they both have a screw and two rods. These features allow you to set your work either horizontally if you want to plan a board, or upright when you want to place dovetails along a workpiece edge. But front vise offers more versatility in their gripping tasks.

Broadly, two types of bench vises exist, the woodworking vices and the engineering vise. The former is designed for wood products. Hence, it’s specially designed to clamp the timber workpiece using jaws that are wood encased. This trait prevents clamp marks from showing off on the project pieces.

The engineering type is mainly designed for metal works. It’s heavy to support the massive steel workpieces firmly robustly. Further, it features a flat metal jaw designed to grip metal objects.

I have spent days researching and testing different vise brands. In the process, I analyzed the top ten vises used by DIY and professional contractors. By undertaking different gripping activities from small to big, I list the top ten vise brands as below.

What to do with a Bench Vise?

Bench vises are very versatile tools. They perform many functions, such as undertaking cutting, drilling, sanding or gluing.

A vise helps you to cut through or along the edges of work materials fast and precisely. Since the clamps secure the workpiece firmly, there is no worry about wobbling or uneven cuts. Besides, it frees both your hands, so you work more quickly.

Drilling a narrow hole through a thick board needs greater precision. Both the piece and the device have to be stable to produce a perfect drill. With a bench vise, you can drill to your specific measurements.

Sanding is usually slow and boring. Besides, it produced much dust that hinders your proper assessment of the surface. This is why you need a bench vise to enhance the stability of the worktop. A firm surface allows you to apply more pressure finishing your work much faster and smoother.

Gluing may be very messy if you smear incorrectly. And when the surface is uneven, it could spread to all unwanted locations. The best vices eliminate all these risks and allow you to apply glue at precisely when you intend. Further, a bench vise facilitates a faster and better drying of the adhesive.

How does a Bench Vise work?

A bench vise works by gripping a project in place securely for multiple manipulation positions and precise reach. It has clamps and jaws that set, whatever that you are working on an area.

They feature clamps on both or one side adjustable with a screw to set a project in position. They have toggles to place the workpiece upright or horizontally, depending on which side you plan to work on.

The bench vises can utilize the edge or center of a workbench. Besides, they are flexible to specific positions. These features make work easier since they enable you to hold a piece at the most conducive height, location, and grip. Further, they allow you to use both hands freely.

As such, vices allow you to drill better, cut precisely as well as sand more evenly. Bench vises vary in sizes and capacities; therefore, you can capture a small precision or electronic tool snugly in position during repairs or construction.

How did we pick the best?

My assessment is intended for DIY enthusiasts who want to improve their woodworking or metal working performance. Although in this assessment, we also understand that you could be planning to commence a fabrication venture, although you don't have any prior practical experience using these tools.

If a bench vise is what you are looking for, then we have provided you with adequate necessary information regarding the same.

I exhaustively examined numerous features of a workbench vice. Harnessing my many years of personal practical experience using different bench vices, I am confident of the factors I have based my assessment.

My knowledge notwithstanding, I have spent several months reviewing the internet to gather the different features as well as the benefits and shortfalls of each bench vise. I also managed to consult several reputable bench vise bloggers to gather their opinions on the performance of various bench vise. Besides, I collected the bench vise review ratings to conclude the last ten models listed herein.

Basic consideration for buying Bench vise

I have undertaken a thorough assessment of the vise reviews to come up with this report.  In this study, numerous features make a bench vise stand out from the rest. These traits are the determining factors that I used to establish the ranking of the bench vices that I have finally selected include the following:


These are the bench vice components that grip the wood or metal object during such manipulation. There are metal or wooden jaws. In case they are metallic but are designed mostly for woodwork, these jaws usually have a wooden bracing to guide against marring the workpiece. The wood facing of a jaw is called a cheek. Most movable jaws have flexible dogs that brace the work against the stationary bench dog located flush to the work surface. You should consider the jaw size as well as style – flat jaws are more versatile - when looking for a good vise.

Swivel base

To work well most bench vises have rotating bases. These features allow for the planning of circular or angular cuts of the project materials.  The bottom, therefore, is spiraled on a rotational gear. These gears swivel horizontally, or diagonally to deliver more complex patterns on the project material. Further, swiveling allows for easy access to the recessed areas of the work.


There are two mounting mechanisms on a bench vise. The bolt-on type features three or four bolts securing the bench top to the worktop. Bolting allows the bench vise to withstand higher pressure and heavy load. The clamp mounting system, on the other hand, is easier to set up. It is usually preferred when you desire to work temporarily at a location before removing the vise to another spot. Clamps work well where the work pressure is low. However, this mounting method doesn't provide the security afforded by the bolts.


Sometimes you need to hammer and straighten your project material. Hitting the worktop directly could damage the bracket clamps as well as the surface. Therefore, an anvil is necessary. An anvil is a flat metal top layered on top of the vice to withstand the impact of the hammer hits.

Quick release

You usually use a screw to fasten a clamp on the work material. Once the job is complete, you need to unfasten the latch. A quick release mechanism allows for an instant release of the spindle instead of manually twisting the vice all the way once you complete the job. Consider bench vise with this option. They don’t feature in all brands – only on the best bench vise.

Griping Power

Gripping power refers to the intensity of the clamps in holding a project piece. The larger the clamp mouth, the better the grip. A clamp mouth refers to the throat of the clamp from the top to the base that also influences the width and breadth of a piece it can securely grab. Others have grated/non-slip clamp tethered markings to secure the project materials against wobbling and sliding, even under intense pressure.

Price to the Quality ratio

When selecting your preferred bench vise, you need to assess the price to quality ratio. A higher ration denotes a better task handling from the bench vise.

Typically, a more expensive bench vise may mean quality material or additional features. However, this is not usually the case at all times. You may get a futuristic and versatile brand at a competitive price. If your job is not particularly heavy duty, then you can forego some advanced features that you wouldn’t use frequently.  Here, outdoor bench vise used in workshops with high humidity should have powder coating to prevent rusting.

Our Top 10 Best products

Below are the workbench vises that made it to the top ten. We have classified them according to several factors listed above. Each is a champion in its class. But the ultimate leaders are fair well in all the categories.

The categories include the best value, premium brands, versatility, heavy-duty operations, as well as light duty functions.

We have hence ranked them after checking the details outlined on the ‘What to look for…’ section of this write-up.

  • Editor Rating :
    • Star 4.6 out of 5 star
    • Star
    • Star
    • Star
    • Star

Best Overall


Our reviewers settled for Yost 465 6.5” Combination Pipe and Bench Vise as the best overall bench vise. Numerous factors influenced this decision.

First, the blue die-cast iron vise is a piece of versatile equipment. It can manipulate both pipes as well as metal sheets. It’s high in weight and performs all light tasks. You don’t need another vise to grip a steel pipe or a metal sheet since it performs these functions well.

Its strength comes from the full 6.5” jaw width that makes it aptly hold all light duty projects. Further, it secures a pipe dimension range of 0.125” to 2.5”.

Hammering is not an issue when using this brand. It features an anvil portion on top beside the standard additional worktop. Its top jaws are flexible while the grooved stationary jaws provide a firmer clamp.

It’s manufactured using cast iron materials for the mainframe and steel for the U channels bars. It measures just 15” from end to end with the jaws closed and weighs 39.1 pounds.

Its bolt-in mounting base further ensures a firm set. Besides, the sturdy stainless steel spindle withstands a higher compression pressure. Therefore, you can press the more substantial pieces safely.

It has two jaws - a right movable jaw expands 6.5” wide and 2.5” deep. The jaws are grove for a better grip on the project materials.

The 3600 base swivel enhances the function so this device even on restricted and recessed positions.

The handles have oiled rubber washers to prevent unwarranted sliding when working.

Product specification

  • Large anvil worktop
  • Four bolt mounting tabs
  • Covered main screw
  • Steel U channels
  • Dual locks
  • 3600 swivel base
  • 6.5” wide jaw width
  • Hard diamond cut and grooved machined jaws
  • Cast pipe jaws
  • Weighs 39.1 pounds


  • Heavy duty screws for a firm grip
  • Sturdy construction
  • Bolt up mounting for stability
  • Universal swivel for greater versatility
  • Stainless steel spindles for greater pressure
  • Serrated clamp prevents slipping


  • The rubber washer is weak
  • Not suitable for heavy tasks

Final Verdict

After researching and ranking the top ten performing vises, we selected Yoast Vises 465 as the best bench vise for the money.

The vice offers advanced cutting and aligning capabilities due to the swivel base. Instead of manipulating the workpiece, you simply rotate the base to get your best clamp position.

The wide opening jaws allow you to perfectly nip a large piece with ease. Further, the serrated teeth offer additional firmness.

Though it’s expensive, you get a good value for money with this futuristic product. Undoubtedly, you should try it to experience its superb and flawless power.

  • Editor Rating :
    • Star 4.6 out of 5 star
    • Star
    • Star
    • Star
    • Star

Best for Budget


The aggressive all-purpose TEKTON 4-Inch Swivel Bench Vise is a competitively priced bench top. For this reason, the vise has scooped the best gripping device for a low budget.

But you shouldn’t equate its low price with inferior features. Far from that, it has very advanced components usually available in the more expensive brands.

The first element is its grey high tensile die cast iron vise that is so strong to withstand 20,000 PSI. It can securely lock most types of steel to fasten, grid, cut, bend and sharpen without any risk of slippage.

The vice has a 1200 swivel base that hastens the work process. It harnesses the strength of a T-bar spindle to press the plane into a fastened position securely.

The main characteristics of this benchtop vise are the two jaws. One is movable and the other fixed. The opening of 3” allows the bench vice to grip most medium duty sheets. The serrated clamps feature stainless steel braces and are replaceable.

The deep throat of 2.25” also supports all radial locks. Another advantage you get from this vise is a thick anvil plate measuring 2.625” x 2.625” inches.

It’s heavy enough to support all medium duty tasks. It measures 15 pounds and is securely fitted to the base using three bolt in screws size 0.375”.  It measures 10.8 x 5 x 5.6 inches.

Product specification

  • All-purpose duty – fastening, metal works, car repairs, woodworks, shaping, drilling.
  • Heavy duty construction with reinforced cast iron
  • Swivel system with 1200 swivel
  • Medium anvil size : 2.625 x 2.625
  • Medium acme threaded screw
  • Jaw size – 4”
  • Weight : 15 pounds
  • Three bolt base


  • Secure three bolt fastening mechanism for more stability
  • Anvil for safer hammering
  • Faster adjustment with 1200 swivel
  • Durable stainless steel T bar for better grip
  • True value for money
  • Multi-functional gadget


  • A partial radial movement only 1200
  • Not smoothly finished – exposes users to scraps by sharp edges

Final Verdict

This is the ultimate choice for anyone looking to own a small bench vise but expects a consistently reliable service from it.

You derived great savings from this cheaply priced vise. So, if you want to commence your DIY on the cheap, you have a good reason to select this vise.

It’s easy to set up, needing just bolting on the worktop. Further, it’s light in weight and features acme drilled screws for a tighter clamp.

Its main drawback is the restrictive rotation span of its swivel. Additionally, it can only perform light and medium duties.  We voted it in due to reasonable pricing as well as its robust performance.

  • Editor Rating :
    • Star 4.4 out of 5 star
    • Star
    • Star
    • Star
    • Star

Best for Home shop


We voted for the handy Yost LV-4 Home Vise as the best vice for the garage work category.  Its robust construction and small size make light all the wood and metal works, including gunsmithing.

It’s also makes plumbing chores fun with the reasonable pipe jaws of 0.6 to 1.85” diameter. Further, you are sure of secure support since the vice has a sturdy a four-hole 3/8” bolt mounting base.

The vice - made from a cast iron frame finished in powder coated blue color for long life and protection against rust. The heavy-frame augments the jaws function of this gripping device.

The jaws themselves feature a stainless steel serrated cladding bolted firmly into the main jaw material with high tensile steel screws. The jaws feature a wide, thick frame 4.5”. These great teeth open to capture wide 3-inch materials as well as a vertical grip of tasks up to 2.375”. Hence assures you of dependable completion of all tasks.

Molding and shaping function is improved by the massive 2.6 x 2.6-inch size anvil plate.  Like most jaws, one part is movable for insert and release the clamp while the other is stationary.

Its spindle and center screws compress tough stainless steel materials. The base spins up to 2400 allowing for quick and fast manipulation of even the craziest cuts.

Product specification

  • Dimensions : 11 x 11 x 75 inch
  • Jaw width – 4.5”
  • Jaw opening – 3”
  • Piping dimensions 0.6 to 1.85”.
  • Material cast iron
  • 4-hole bolt in base
  • Swivel capacity of 2400
  • Rustproof powder coating
  • Strong steel jaws


  • Sturdy construction using cast iron
  • A compact base for non-slip projects
  • Rotational support allows manipulation of project up to 2400
  • Lightweight 10.5 pounds


  • Mounting bolts sold separately.

Final Verdict

This product is the cheapest bench vise we tested. It possesses superb quality functionalities that make it instant preferences to most DIY enthusiasts. It has a circular 2400 rotational capacity, and a great construction model applies some of the best cast-iron technology.

Further, the locking mechanism simplifies most of its tasks and allows for better precision performance. It also has powerful jaws to grip your work. However, it’s meant for light duty tasks around your home. But you don’t expect it to tackle strong and heavy materials.

Because of the above features, we vouch for this cheap bench vise to reliably perform all your light to medium duty home machining assignments rather than professional heavy duty applications.

  • Editor Rating :
    • Star 4.7 out of 5 star
    • Star
    • Star
    • Star
    • Star

Best for Professionals


Yet another Yost Vises 750-DI Heavy Duty Multi-Jaw Rotating Combination and Bench makes this the best bench vise any machining professional would admire. And rightly so since it makes it to the top of the vises professional choose.

The reasons are many. The heavy-duty ductile iron frame is to times stronger than other conventional iron materials and can withstand a higher tensile strength (60,000 PSI).

The deep-throated 4-inch jaw opening allows for a quick and better radical grab of any project material. The jaw opens an impressive 5-inch jaw wide helping you to fasten any thick plates you may come across for manipulation,

It braced with a strong 4-bolt in mounting mechanism for stability. Its swivel spins universally for ease work. But when you need to set a position, simply engage one of the 12 locks to secure your project in place.

Piping work is made easy with self-aligned piping jaws that allow the best grip for pipe sizes from 0.125” to 3.5”. The vise jaws are secured by a 5” wide hardened steel serrated jaws assuring you of a perfect grip of any metal under its grasp.

With the reinforcement, the vise easily withstands a mighty 9,000 PSI clamping pressure. The hardened steel pins effectively relay a high pressure for the locking mechanism.

Bigger and stronger bolts ensure that the different components making up this versatile vise are completely fused together.

Product specification

  • Multiple jaw clamps – top, pipe and V grip jaws for multiple applications
  • Vise head with 12 different lock positions
  • Heavy duty ductile iron material
  • Four-hole bolt in base
  • 3600 swivel capacity
  • Quick release pull out pin
  • Removable hardened steel jaws
  • Dimensions : 11 x 11 x 75 inch
  • Reinforced anvil


  • Super strong ductile iron construction
  • Compact and stable base for non-slip projects
  • Universal rotation capability
  • The heavyweight - 63 pounds - provides more stability
  • Secure four bolt mounting mechanism
  • Multi-functional jaws for pipes, beds, and clamps


  • Mounting bolts sold separately.
  • Expensive

Final Verdict

The benefits that you gain from the Yoast 750-DI bench vise are many. From the heavy weight of 63 impressive pounds to the multiple functions, allows you to complete your most demanding metal work on time and effortlessly.

The sturdy foundation makes the heavy duty benches vise tackle the heaviest of the project sheets. The 3600 swiveling base is ideal for quicker adjustments.

But it’s the jaws that make this particular vise a killer. It can bend sheets, grab pipes and twist V shapes. And your professionalism is enhanced by the 12 slots locking mechanism, ensuring that your projects' dimensions are precise.

The setting, shifting and adjusting pieces is easy. The robust 3600 rotating base helps you attain your desires without breaking a sweat.

It’s highly priced, but with all these advanced functions, supported by a lifetime warranty, you get the best value for money in this professional gadget.

  • Editor Rating :
    • Star 4 out of 5 star
    • Star
    • Star
    • Star
    • Star

Best for Multipurpose Operation


If you are looking for a multipurpose vise that can undertake unlimited types of projects, then look no further than Grizzly G7062 Multi-purpose 5 inch bench vise.

It features a powerful 5 inch, a built-in pip jaw that rotates 3600 for any form of workpiece positioning.

The vise stands on a firm base riveted with a 4-hole bolt in mounting to ensure maximum stability. Although it doesn’t come with the nuts, 0.5” inch bolts fit the bores well; hence you can use any hardened lugs for this purpose.

Further, you can use it for many applications. The circular construction makes shifting of the work parts between different positions on the vise a breeze.

The hardened stainless steel spindle ensures your grip function is firm yet malleable for the most intricate maneuvers.  Better still, thumping has never been more straightforward on this robust bench vise. It has a hard anvil to support all your hammering functions without destabilizing the worktop.

The wide-mouthed jaws comprise a gritted bracing for a firmer clamp of the project materials. What’s more, there is a ready tape along the vise to take an accurate measure while working - no need for interruptions to look for a measuring device.

The vise has a pipe clamp to grip circular pipes up to 3 inches.

The compact 9 x 18 x 9 inches can fit anywhere within small confines of your tiny workshop. It weighs 42 pounds. Its powder coat protects the device from adverse weather conditions ensuring long stress-free service.

Products description

  • Weighs : 42 pounds
  • Dimension : 9 x 18 x 9 inches
  • Color : Red
  • Cast iron construction
  • 3600 base swivel
  • Four bolt in mounting system
  • Heavy duty anvil
  • Stainless steel handle and screw dive
  • Stainless steel spindle


  • Rotating jaw help simplify massive projects
  • 3600 swivel option makes maneuvering easy
  • Stainless steel handles and spindle makes for a higher strength
  • 4-inch jaw captures large parts effortlessly.
  • Reduces inaccuracy since it’s strongly set on a bolt-in mounting platform


  • Only available in the US
  • Doesn’t come with mounting bolts

Final Verdict

The smooth circular and robust construction makes the brand attractive. It’s designed to last through years of heavy and punishing projects.

You can convert intricate tasks to pleasant pastime with the help of a swivel that rotates as you work. With big jaw teeth, you stop worrying about the thickness of your project.

It’s also versatile. It takes both pipe and sheets with ease. And the convenient location of the pipe jaws beneath the primary jaws makes it work better. This setup allows you to undertake a synchronized project when you perform tasks that require both these two components concurrently.

From the above gains, we found that this quality bench vise possesses advanced features found only in the superior bench vise brands. We, therefore, grade this vise with a five-star thump up.

List of 5 other Bench Vise We Reviewed

  • Editor Rating :
    • Star 4.4 out of 5 star
    • Star
    • Star
    • Star
    • Star

When you want to work conveniently and efficiently, the powered Wilton 11104 Bench Vise is the tool for you. Its most significant advantage is the electrical power supply. You don’t need your muscle to perform even the more demanding chores. Just power this good bench vise, and you get your work accomplished.

The bright blue angular construction provides the toughness this bench vise requires to perform difficult chores.  The solid metal cast improves its toughness.

The stable base has a sturdy swiveling gear with a rotation of 1800. This characteristic allows you to make intricate incisions and grabs that are not possible with fixed support.

The three holes 3/8” lug nuts in mounting mechanism support the vise in place, and the double lock swivel base ensures you can lock your preferred working angle.

Our research has established that hammering is a prominent part of metal work. Wilton 11104 Bench Vise has a large anvil that effectively withstands your hammer pounds. It thus cushions the vise’s base and the worktop for denting and weakening due to constant bangs.

The jaws are large enough to capture any project piece 4 inch wide. Our tests also confirmed that the powered jaws perform a stronger and more accurate grip.

Besides, the power assistance helps enhance the speed with which you can manipulate your project pieces. This benefit is more apparent when undertaking monotonous tasks. You also gain greater efficiency when working on many parts that require similar patterns and sizes.

Product specification

  • Size : 12 x 5.9 x 6.4 inch
  • 1800 Swivel
  • Heavy padded square anvil
  • Double lock for safety
  • Stainless steel spindle
  • Weight : 15 pounds
  • Jaw size 4 inch
  • Powered by 120v electric power


  • Sturdy due to bolt in mounting
  • Easy to install – simply set and bolt on a worktop
  • Power assistance for better functions
  • Tough, solid metal cast construction
  • Better value for money with lifetime manufacturing warranty


  • Doesn’t come with lug bolts for mounting
  • The restricted swivel of 1800

Final Verdict

Whether you are an avid DIY enthusiast with constant projects or a small contractor with light metal works projects, the Wilton 111104 bench helps you turn your projects dreams into reality.

You enjoy the power assistance for faster tasks completion. Its solid-state construction material supports your heavy pieces well. Further, the lifetime warranty props this specific make to the top-rated bench vise.

The reinforced stainless spindles allow you to set strong pieces effortlessly. You also have the opportunity to hammer and resize your pieces thanks to the large and heavy anvil pad. We rate this vise highly in our overall assessment.

  • Editor Rating :
    • Star 4.4 out of 5 star
    • Star
    • Star
    • Star
    • Star

When you need a perfect project finish, and speed is of an essence, then the Eclipse Quick Release Woodworking Vise is worth your serious consideration. It’s made from cast iron to enhance stability.

The quick release function allows you to dislodge the pieces you are working in one move instead of repeated spinning of the spindle. This feature makes adjusting and changing whatever projects you are performing convenient.

To enhance safety, the vise incorporates a fused tommy bar that bends when you reach the maximum stretching point of the clamp. What this component does is to forewarn you that you have exceeded the maximum thresh hold. That protects your spindle from cracking under pressure.

It has two powerful jaws reinforced with serrated braces to clamp any hard piece securely. This sturdy grip simplifies all tough tasks. Further, they have a wide 9” jaw gap that allows you to secure a very thick work plate safely.

What we found interesting also in this best bench vise is the adjustable front dog that offers double functions on either a regular vise or tail vise. The dual options work well, especially when manipulating a large piece in a confined space.

We found that the cast iron construction provides stability and the heavyweight needed to endure the intense pressure and the constant thumping synonymous with metal works.

Lastly, the vise features good and sturdy design and is evenly spread out. It measures 20.1 x 12.1 x 9.1 inch, providing an ideal space to wiggle in. It’s designed to let your hands and workpiece move flawlessly around it.

Product specification

  • 9” jaw
  • Front stop (dog)
  • Weight 34.2 pounds
  • Material gray cast iron
  • Adjustable front stop
  • Dimension : 20.1 x 12.2 x 9.1 inch
  • Weight : 35.9 pounds
  • Strong torque 15Nm/132 PSI


  • Full 9” jaw allows for wider garbs
  • The tough brace provides more firm grips
  • Adjustable front vise for better maneuver
  • Durable construction supports heavy tasks.
  • Bolt-in mounting mechanism prevents uneven cuts and vibrations during work
  • Powder coat for added protection


  • Designed for woodworks

Final Verdict

Our woodworking bench vise reviews note that the quick release feature of the Eclipse Quick Release Woodworking Vice makes it stand out. This mechanism hastens the pace at which you change and adjust your workpieces.

The vice is toughly constructed to offer added torque that you require to press thick plates. Further, the wide jaws allow you to take in even the substantial thickness of 9”.

Another unique feature of this vice is the front stopper (dog). The jaws have stoppers that allow you to set the grip at a position that offers maximum convenience during your woodworking. This feature helps you perform difficult maneuvers.

Overall, it has some functions not generally found in similar vises. However, even with these useful add-ons, it’s still reasonably priced.

  • Editor Rating :
    • Star 4.6 out of 5 star
    • Star
    • Star
    • Star
    • Star

Our team's extensive reviews have established that the bright blue Yost M9WW Rapid Acting Woodworking vise is a top rated bench vise. It’s specifically designed to tackle all your woodworking requirements effortlessly.

It beams with many benefits. The most prominent is the heavy duty cast iron construction that makes it’s tough on all its work. Again the wide jaws are also beneficial for your work. It allows you to capture even the widest wood part without any worries,

These jaws are made from cast iron and reinforced with serrated stainless steel teeth. The teeth can be removed to widen the jaw width further. These teeth facilitate firm clamping without leaving mar marks on the workpieces.

The inclusion of the ingenious Yoast Rapid Action Nut is another benefit that makes this indispensable. The nut action allows you to open and close the vise instantly. It’s manipulated by the use of the central screw that allows the nut to engage and disengage.

The pre-drilled setting holes allow you to fix the vise on a worktop securely. The spacings are well laid to offer maximum stability.

You note that the jaws are dependent on the central screw for adjustments and clamping functions. This brand has reinforced screw threads to clamp firmly and move on the dies more smoothly. This buttress helps the jaws to grip on the workpiece securely.

Finally, as a standard benefit to all Yost vises, he M9WW comes with a lifetime warranty on manufacturing defects. This warranty covers all your doubts and anxiety on the performance of this vise. As a result, all you enjoy from this vise are many years of trouble free operations.

Product specification

  • Dimension : 19 x 10x 9 inch
  • Weight : 32.1
  • Color : blue
  • Designed for word work
  • Jaw widthm9”
  • Reinforced Main screw buttressed
  • End stopper
  • Rapid Action Nut
  • Bolt-in mounting
  • Cast iron construction
  • Throat depth 3”
  • Torque 30,000 PSI


  • Wide jaw allowance of 9”
  • End stopper prevents the central screw for falling out
  • The buttressed main screws offer smoother movements and firm grip
  • Rapid release nut allows for quick operations
  • Bench dog allows for grabbing of oversize parts
  • Tough-built and withstand high pressure for better performance


  • Mounting bolts not included

Final Verdict

Yost M9WW Rapid Action Wood Working vise offers you the means to produce high-quality wood products without a struggle. You don’t need much training to install and work with it. The robust construction and simple design make it a simple gadget.

Even with the simplistic design, it's still designed for durability and performance. Its wide jaws, the tough central screws and the rapid action nuts turn your every task into swift action.

What’s more, the vice is protected from quick deterioration by the powder coat. Besides, it’s guaranteed against unwarranted breakages and unreliable performance by the unlimited warranty cover.

These benefits make this brand a good bench vise.

  • Editor Rating :
    • Star 4.6 out of 5 star
    • Star
    • Star
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The heavy-duty, multipurpose Yost 750E rotating Bench is the bench vise for all your home improvement. It’s tough, compact and reliable.

You derive many benefits from this tool. You can shape, cut pipes and bend projects efficiently using the same instrument. The four bolt mounting system makes this devise a stable workhorse.

The swiveling base that rotates 3600 makes it easy to undertake all complex projects with ease. Another benefit this robustly constructed bench vise large anvil. Flattening pieces has never been more convenient from this device.

The powder coating allows it to weather extreme working and weather conditions. Besides, it’s a product that is supported by a world-class manufacturer. Hence, you enjoy the lifetime warranty offered by the makers.

What we found enticing about the vise is its multi-tasking ability. If you have plumbing issues, gun boring metal works or carpentry projects, you don’t need to look for different fasteners. Yost 750E tackles all these needs quickly and conveniently.

You further gain by having to finish all your various chores using just one vise. Its massive serrated jaws allow you to clamp pieces up to 5” and pipes/tubes whose diameter is 3” and below.

Product specification

  • Dimensions : 18 x 8.8 x 8.5 “
  • Weight : 35.9 pounds
  • 5” jaw width
  • 5” jaw opening
  • 3” pipe jaw
  • Swivel head for easy clamping
  • Large built-in anvil for quicker shaping
  • Color : blue
  • Dimensions : 35.9 x 7 x 9 inch


  • Height 9-inch
  • Weight 35.9 pounds
  • Material cast iron use in the mainframe and stainless steel for spindle enhances the vise’s durability
  • Powder coating for superior protection against humidity and harsh climate
  • Jaw width 4.7/8
  • Universally rotating swivel base of 3600
  • Four mounting holes
  • Lockdown hold the head of the clamp at any angle
  • Lifetime warranty



  • The jaws don’t have a grated surface

Final Verdict

Yoast 750E is one of the many reliable bench vises made by Yoast. Its 3600 swivel makes it work exceptionally well.  The solid bolt-in mounting style enhances the stability of this device - effectively muffling the rattling and the wobbling associated with a weak platform.

The lockdown hold mechanism present in this particular brand enhances accuracy when working with precise dimensions. The many features let this product resolve all your home and DIY projects.

The fully rotating swivel simplifies your work while the reinforced steel spindle allows you to exert greater force. In summary, therefore, our rigid tests confirm that Yoast 750E is the best bench vise in its category.

  • Editor Rating :
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Our team included the IRWIN Tools Multipurpose bench vise in the list of top ten vises because of its sheer functionalities. Its huge benefits come from its versatility in handling multiple complicated tasks.

Its ability to undertake these assignments emanates from its durable cast iron construction. When it comes to its jaws, we noted that the large and sturdy 5” stationary and removable clamps hold most project widths firmly with ease.

Another reason for its superb performance is it’s the design. This particular model blends angular shapes with circular curves. The removable section of the jaw is angular for precise setting to the fixed part.

The anvil adds to the many conveniences, this vise provides. You perform your plating and flatting functions on the spot. Again, the anvil protects the worktop surface from the direct impact of these actions.

The tube jaws are the central feature of this device. These grips rotate making it easy to secure a tubular piece in any direction. This feature makes bending and twisting pipes very handy. It’s particularly helpful when working with long pipes within constrained confines.

The handle and lockdown clamps are stainless steel materials. We tested these materials and confirmed that these components of the vise highly durable. They withstand high pressure as they secure heavy gauge pieces.

Indeed, you need such strengths for tough jobs. To back the quality craftsmanship that the device exhibits, the company offers a lifetime warranty on manufacturing defect. This reassurance makes the workbench vice attractive to many users.

Product specification

  • Dimensions : 18.8 x 9.9 x 9.1”
  • Weight : 33.1 pounds
  • Swivel with 3600
  • Rotating pipe jaws.
  • Color : blue
  • Large anvil
  • Large 5” jaw
  • Spindles made from fused steel materials
  • Four-hole bolt-in mounting using 3/8” nuts and bolts


  • Convenient adjustment with fused steel handles.
  • Faster piece manipulation with base plate swivel
  • Higher stability from a bolt-in mounting
  • Bright blue powder coating for high durability
  • Heavy duty cast iron construction for greater strength
  • Ergonomic design blending well with hand and worktop


  • Light to medium duty performance
  • Designed for medium duty tasks

Final Verdict

When you want a high-performance vise for medium and light duties, IRWIN Tools Multipurpose Bench vise aptly fits the bill. It has a flexible pipe jaws that hastening your tubing assignments.

The closely coupling primary jaws – with their wide 5” grab width makes in quite handy. Another reason upping its ranking is its weight. The bench vise is heavy enough to withstand the demanding light and medium duties that it’s designed to perform.

How to Install a Bench Vise?

Since bench vise grab parts, they need secure fitment. You can fix them using any of the two methods.

Use a suitable attachment to clamp the vise to a worktop. These clamps have a top to a bottom extension that you can affix to the edge of the work surface. Fortunately, they are an easy and quick fit.

The most stable method of installing a bench vise is to fit the tool on top of a worktop. You secure it with the bolt-in mounting so that it’s permanently fixed at the location.

There are some few unique fastening techniques. You can use the vise supported on stands of optional base plates. These add-ons offer more accuracy when you are working on detailed jobs that need greater attention as well as concentration. These are affected by your position and the higher the vise, the better the production.

The latter method offers the necessary safety against working with heavy and sharp parts. The earlier way is convenient for light and small parts. You also enjoy shifts in positions as you work with a clamped devise.

But we recommend that bolt-in mounting method to improve the vice elevation to surface while at the same time avoid accidents.

Safety Tips

You understand how risky it could be working with machine tools. Bench vises are no different. You could suffer a severe injury and even loss a limb if you throw caution out of the window. You, therefore, must exercise extreme care every time you are using a bench vise or any machine for that matter. Adhering to such precautions help you enjoy a long working relationship with your fastener.

Use the right components : Don’t use any part of the vises for a different task. For example, don’t use a pipe grab to lock a metallic sheet. Further, don’t hammer a piece while clamped on a jaw. Use an anvil harness instead. This measure helps improve the stability and efficiency of the bench vise.

Use the right equipment for the job. There are many bench vise brands, and each has its essential functions. Use the right vise for the right job. This saves time and improves efficiency.

Wear ideal clothing : You need to protect your ears, eyes, hands and even body against drops, freckles, and blasts. We urge you to use the correct size of googles, gloves, ear muffs and industrial shoes. You should also wear tight fitting and comfortable cloth while working with the bench vises.

The stability of the vice for workbench is everything. Therefore, set it firmly in place on top of a sturdy worktop that is supported by a firm foundation. Besides, test if for firmness before you start using it. In case it’s loose at the base, you risk minor inconveniences such as vibrations to significant accidents such as ripping the device out of the harness.

Care and Maintenance Tips

When you take great care of your bench vise, you naturally derive greater value and joy using it. You should develop a maintenance schedule to keep the device at a tip-top condition. Below are some of the factors you can keep in mind while caring for your beloved workhorse.

Always clean the machine prior to use : During work, the workplace becomes messy with the bits and scraps from the machining. Some of these particles and residues could get stuck in the delicate segments of the machine leading to damage. Hence, wipe the tool and workplace to prevent such incidents.

Inspection : Make a periodic inspection of the tool as you deem suitable. In case you want to perform an extended and intricate job, it’s wise that you check each element of the bench vise to ensure that it's correctly aligned and adequately fastened.

Lubricate you bench vise : Cleaning and oiling your bench vise goes hand in hand. After wiping your machine, you also need to lubricate certain parts. Ensure that the moveable elements are well oiled and greased. Also, test the entire system for stability by refastening all screws and bolts again.

Protect against weather : When the bench vise is not in use, cover it to prevent dust and dirt from getting it. If you have a portable bench vise, you can remove it from the worktop and store in a closed box. These measure help prolong life while preventing the tools from rusting in case of high humidity.

Final words

You have now perused our woodworking bench vise reviews. From the report, you note that there are few and crucial factors that determine your selection of the best vise.

Vises come in many shapes and sizes. All these distinctions facilitate a wide range of functions while also performs particular tasks ranging from light duties to heavy professional craftsmanship.

A perfect bench vise has swivels. This function offers additional efficiency and delivers quality at a price that you can afford. So, apart from the price check for jaw widths, jaw throat, mounting bolts as well as the construction materials. These components determine how well the best bench vise will work.

Die-cast and stainless steel are favorable construction materials. They improve the lifespan of the vises. Regarding aesthetics, we discovered that circular body molds are smoother to work with although angular shapes provide more significant strengths. So check for a blend with these shapes and have warranties.

To conclude, the professional we contacted for this vise reviews concur that you derive a better value for money if start with small dives and grow as your aptitude and workload increases.

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