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Top 10 Tools for Working Wood Projects

Tools for working wood
Written by Brent Butterworth

We’ve all come across the feeling of trying to get away from everyday life and decide to invest in our creativity. Many of us even try different tasks for a while. One of the most popular tasks that people love to do in their free time is woodworking. Woodworking in America is also very common.

To start a woodworking project, one requires the necessary tools for working wood. This is why you may look up for the best woodworking tools for sale on the internet. But with so many tools each with hundreds of variants, you may be overwhelmed with the possibilities you may choose from. This is why we have created a list of the top 10 popular tools for working wood projects.

Best Tools for Working Wood

Combination Square and Tape Measure

To start woodworking, a person has to have a plan set out. He/she must decide upon the size and the design of their project. To measure the dimensions of the wood, they require a tape measure or a combination square. These tools enable the user to calculate each side and to point out which sides to cut precisely.

Tools for working wood: Combination square and tape measure

Power Jointer

This tool is essential for ensuring that the edges are straight and that the sides are perfectly smooth. Many woodworkers use the power jointer because of its simple but effective way of operation.

Tools for working wood: Power jointer

Workmate and Clamps

The accuracy of your woodwork project will significantly increase if you can manage to make it immobile. You can do this by using a workmate and then securing your project by using some clamps. A workmate is a great tool that many woodworkers use. This type of folding table is very quickly set and has built-in clamps which can firmly hold your project in place.


It is one of the most common woodworking hardware that people use. Although very simple, it is a handy tool. People use it to attach pieces of wood with nails or to pull off an existing nail. You can also purchase a woodworking toolkit set which contains a hammer and few of the necessary tools that you may need for woodworking. We’ve made a list of the best toolkit sets so that you can compare between the best and most popular toolkit sets that are available.

Chisel and Wooden Mallet

A chisel is a useful tool for cutting off small pieces of wood from the lumber. It is small and simple to use. A wooden mallet is also used to strike the wooden part of the chisel. It helps the woodworker to complete chipping the wood efficiently.

Tools for working wood: Chisel and wooden mallet


A planer is a tool used for smoothening the surface of the lumber. It is a simple hand-held tool which has a metal blade which cuts through the surface of the wood. It is a very commonly used tool amongst beginners as well as professionals.

Tools for working wood: Planer


A band saw is a tool that is widely used for professional woodworking. It has a blade attached to a non-stationary body and is used for cutting the wood in the desired shapes. Although other types of saws such as jigsaws, handsaws, and bow saws are quite popular as well, the best bandsaw enables the user to cut the wood very quickly and within very little time.

Tools for working wood: Bandsaw

Joinery Tools

Joinery tools let you combine two or more pieces of lumber to create what you’ve planned for. The most common joinery tools are the biscuit joiner and the pocket hole jig.

The pocket hole jig is one of the most used tools. When you want to combine two or more lumber to make a thicker one, you can use the best biscuit joiner. This tool has a circular saw blade which cuts a crescent-shaped hole through the lumbers and holds the pieces tightly in place. Then glue is applied between the layers. As the glue expands, the bond gets stronger.

Tools for working wood: Joinery tools

Drill Press

A drill press is required when you have to drill a hole into the wood or will have to tighten a screw which is when a drill press comes in handy. You may either use a corded drill press or a cordless one, but the function of both is the same. Many people prefer the cordless drill more as it eliminates the hassle of the wires and electricity supply.

When purchasing a drill press, you can consider going through our recommended list of drill presses. We have picked up the best drill presses that you can buy as an addition to your woodworking hardware.

Tools for working wood: Drill press

Belt Disc Sander

The belt disc sander is one of the best woodworking tools you may find. This tool helps you in giving a finishing touch to your working wood project. This powerful tool is essential to a woodworker when it comes to sanding and polishing the surface of the lumber to make it attractive. Most of the professional woodworkers widely use it.

Tools for working wood: Belt disc sander


These are our picks for the best tools for working wood. Although most of the tools are safe to use, you must ensure that you are working in a safe environment and maintaining all the safety procedures that are advised by a professional woodworker. You may use a safety goggle to prevent the wood particles from entering your eyes and a pair of gloves to protect your hands from sharp wood pieces. When you’ve ensured that all safety procedures are maintained, only then you can go on with building a great woodworking project.

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