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Angle Grinder Uses for Various DIY and Commercial Projects

angle grinder uses
Written by Brent Butterworth
Last Update: May 2, 2023

Grinding, cutting, polishing surfaces and cleaning are tasks which require a special tool. When it comes to DIY and commercial projects, you will find a common tool which comes handy. An angle grinder is a power tool which one can hold by hand and is used for a number of purposes. What are the angle grinder uses? If your job requires you to cut, clean, polish or grind, this tool can be highly useful.

Also known as the disc cutter or side grinder, there are many manufacturers who have made their version of this. However, it all goes down to the motor power and overall quality and build of the tool.

The question is ‘What is a grinder used for?’ We all realize that an angle grinder is an extremely versatile tool. Although, you cannot cut stone and metal with the same type of disk. Speaking of metal and stone cutting, the most common uses of this tool are removing paint, sharpening the blades, metal polishing, cutting tiles, concrete and steel sheets, cleaning debris, cutting plunge-cuts, cutting bricks, metal. Construction workers oftentimes use this machines for various purposes.

You may use it for DIY projects in your home or even commercial purpose. However, the specifications should be different for a myriad of uses. As we move with forward with this article, you will find the uses for an angle grinder.

Typical Angle Grinder Uses

When a buyer invests in an angle grinder, they must know that they would require a different disk for each task. The angle grinder powers up with the help of a petrol engine, electric motor or compressed air. You may choose the best product on the basis of the activity that you are going to take on. But remember to comply with US Govt regulations regarding the uses of abrasive wheels.

A user may sharpen the old tools in their workshop. However, you need to be an expert to sharpen objects with this grinder. Metal fabrication and auto-body repair stores use an angle grinder too. They use it for corrosion and rust removal.

If you are choosing a different type of disc, then you can cut metal, concrete, and stone. There are many more uses of angle grinder and different professionals use them in a variety of ways. Plumbers, contractors and auto-body repair shops make good use of the strongest disc, which is the diamond tipped one.

Cutting, Grinding, and Polishing

Now let us understand each of the angle grinder uses elaborately. This will help understand as to what is a angle grinder used for!

Angle Grinder Uses


These extraordinary tools can cut metal, stone, masonry, and ceramic. Most of the professionals use it as a replacement for a saw. The tool has excellent mobility and you can cut them in the original place with ease.


The main and most important use of any grinding tool is to grind materials and have the power to smoothen out the surface of the metal piece. As the name suggests, the tool is used for grinding There are many wheels in the market which will allow you to grind mortar easily. Make sure you are handling the tool perfectly because improper handling can damage the bricks.


A mop attachment or polishing tools are attached on this to polish objects. Since angle grinders have a high RPM, they will be excellent for creating an excellent and polished finish.

What Is a Angle Grinder Used For?

Let us take a quick look at all the uses of an angle grinder.

1. As a Cutter (For Cutting Bars, Bolts, and Rods)

The tool can be used for cutting bars, rods, and bolts. A construction worker may use this tool for cutting the metals for the building or the site. These can even help you cut steel, iron and other types of metal. A dry-cut diamond disc/wheel can be utilized for cutting tougher materials.

2. As a Masonry Work Tool (For Cutting Concrete, Bricks, Tiles, and Stones)

Masonry projects involve a wide variety of works, and construction workers may use this tool for cutting the bricks, stones, concrete and tiles. The saw may not be of good use but a versatile angle grinder can help you cut these tough objects.

3. As a Metalworking Tool (For Cutting out Mortars)

You may have seen artillery weapons which firebombs. It is made of tough materials. If this needs to be cut, the worker would require a mortar. The grinder has the ability to grind out and cut the tough and old mortar.

4. As a Sharpener (For Your Hoes, Lawnmower Blades, Shovels, and Others)

With an advanced angle grinder, some other appliances like a lawn mower can be sharpened. You can even sharpen the hoes and shovels too.

5. As a Polishing Tool (For Working on Aluminum Objects)

Most people would use a polishing tool for this purpose, but the angle grinder has versatile uses. Although, you would require a different disc for polishing and cleaning. You will get a number of mop attachments for polishing. Make sure that you choose a grinder, which has a high RPM. If you are using a wire wheel, it will clean the rust and flaking efficiently

Consider the speed, wattage, disc diameter, power source and safety features of the product that you are investing in. Disc diameter is the most important factor, because the bigger the disc, the more powerful it will be.

When you invest in an angle grinder, do ensure that you use the disc appropriately. The disc is made of a number of materials, and your safety should come first. When you know the equipment, there are fewer chances of having an accident.

Ideally, you should wear goggles and clothing which is not too loose. You can even invest in heavy duty hand gloves to keep your fingers and hand protected from the disc or minor/major accidents. We are sure that once you invest in an angle grinder, you will make good use of it! There is a plethora of angle grinder uses because it is versatile, but one has to select the type one needs and for a specific purpose. Don’t forget to choose a tool which suits your requirements.

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