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Stanley STMT71654 Mechanics Tool Set Review

Stanley STMT71654 Mechanics Tool Set

It’s a common thing that you often fail to get the right screwdriver for fastening or driving out a screw, nut or bolt. Now there is the Stanley tool set by your side to overcome all the frustration. It’s a collection of 201 piece tool that can help you to work with the nuts.

This is a toolset that can help everyone in their personal and professional life. 201 piece tools in the case! So, there is a little chance to miss any important tool that is required for personal home improvement and professional jobs. Words are not just enough to describe these tools of importance and efficiency. Let’s try to sort out what we are getting in this Stanley STMT71654.

Whom is This Stanley STMT71654 for?

You can’t specify a class or group of people for this Stanley tool set. Anyone can get benefited by using this set of tool. From a flat screwdriver to sprocket every tool is there to make the hard job convenient for a worker. With 201 pieces it can be a great Tool Set for mechanics, and also it can help ordinary people to get the DIY’s done comfortably. It becomes really enjoying when you have all sorts of support to make sure all the nut and bolts are in the right place, in the right way.

Stanley STMT71654 Explained

201 piece tool set can’t be just for DIY use. It can be thoroughly used in garages and workshops to maintain the mechanical supply. You are getting 3 different size sprocket, in this case, to make sure every nut is tight. There is a lot different size socket that enables you to grip any size nut and bolt with the help of the sprocket. Now you have a solid grip over any size bolt. These sockets need support from the sprocket to make tight or drive out any bolt or nut.

There is also a flat head screwdriver with different sized support to make sure no screw is loose now. It comes with the different sized automotive bolt driver to make sure your kids are safe with their cycles, and you are having a perfect ride with your car and a tension free life as you don’t need to bother the mechanics for any simple reason.


  • Product Dimensions: 26 x 10.9 x 2.7 inches
  • Item weight: 17.5 pounds
  • Brand Name: Stanley – Black & Decker
  • Model Number: STMT71654
  • Color: Silver
  • Number Of Pieces: 201
  • Material: STEEL
  • Comprises: ¼ In, ¾ In and ½ -In Round Head, Release Ratchets (Quick), eight combination wrenches, six-point regular & deep sockets.
  • Made in: USA


  • Ratchet handles are ergonomically ratchet handles come with ergonomic design and great usability associated with reverse-switch techniques.
  • Tough and durable carry case for simple storage and mobility
  • Quick release allows the user to remove extensions or sockets with one hand
  • The chrome finish prevents rust, corrosion and other potential wears.
  • Chrome vanadium forged body for strength, torque, and durability
  • ANSI certified quality tool


  • No list of tools in this 201 PCs toolset, it becomes hard to manage

Common Questions and Answers

  • Question: Where Can I Get The Listing Of All The Socket Sizes?
    Answer: You should not listen to others. It would be better to visit the manufacturer’s website.
  • Question: Do I get a spark plug socket with this tool?
    Answer: Yes, you will get a spark plug socket with this Stanley tool set for mechanics.
  • Question: Is the 9/16″ socket available with this tool?
    Answer: The 9/16″ socket is available with the toolset.

Our Remarks

All the home requires a good toolkit. No matter or specified concern where you live in the city or in a century-old house in the suburbs, eventually you will feel to make some home improvements and there the Stanley tool set comes into action. All 201 piece holds its own feature and necessity; you can’t put any piece down. Enjoy your hard works, with Stanley tools. Like the Stanley power tools, you might not be able to perform heavy tasks with it, but this toolset can assist you to get many things done.

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