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How To Remove Paint From Wood Furniture Without Damage

how to remove paint from wood furniture
Written by Willie Osgood
Last Update: May 2, 2023

Furniture is all about its beautiful carvings and glossy color. As time flies by, this furniture slowly lose the gloss that once made it so exceptional. The color tends to wear off, and it will look like furniture from the prehistoric era. You won’t want shabby looking furniture, would you? This is why you need to know how to remove paint from wood furniture so that you can get these repainted.

Now, to repaint the wood, you might think of hiring a professional woodworker. Surely, you can do that. But wait, do you know that removing the paint from wood is a very easy task which you can do all by yourself? If your answer is ‘no,’ you’re in the correct place. To help you in removing the paint, we’ve come up with a guide on how to remove paint from wood. This will help you do all your repainting yourself and will save you a lot of money. There are multiple ways of removing the paint from wood furniture. We will point out the top five ways on how to remove paint from wood.

How To Remove Paint From Wood Furniture

Repainting the Wood

This is the simplest way in which you can ‘remove’ the old paint from your furniture. You’ll just have to apply an extra coating of paint on top of the existing color coating, and there you have it! The furniture will look just as good as new. The only problem with this method is that the old paint may have cracks or grooves in them, which can slowly affect the new coating as well.

Repainting the wood to remove the paint

Using Heat Guns

When you’re using the heat gun method, you must put a heat gun in front of the wooden furniture. Carefully pull the trigger and point it towards a small area of the furniture. As you see the bubbles rising, you can slowly clean the paint off with a chisel. Be sure to handle the heat gun with care as the inability to do so might result in serious injuries. You must also not place the heat gun onto the furniture for a long time as this might cause a burn mark. You may also have a water bucket near to the furniture to prevent any chance of fire catching up. Using heat guns is a very simple yet effective way of removing the paint from wood.

Sanding the Furniture

Sanding the furniture is a great way of removing the paint from your furniture. This method has been used by woodworkers for many centuries and still exists viably. To perform the sanding process, you will need sanding paper of different grit level. At first, you’ll have to rub the sandpaper against the furniture with a coarser grit, and then slowly moving onto the finer grit. Always notice the pattern of the wooden particles because sanding from the wrong direction might result in the wooden fibers coming off.

Sanding the furniture to remove the paint

Manual sanding is a laborious process requiring ample amounts of time. This is why using a high-quality sanding machine is recommended. You can do the whole sanding process within minutes and get the same texture that you would’ve gotten if you used traditional sandpaper.

Using Chemical Strippers

Chemical strippers are special liquids or gels that you can apply on your furniture to dissolve the paint. There are great for removing stains as well. If you don’t know how to remove stain from wood, you must know the proper procedure before you start. At first, you must at first get the best paint stripper that you may find. Don’t rely on the cheaper ones because it might damage your furniture.

Using chemical strippers to remove the paint

Once you’ve bought such a paint stripper, you’ll have to apply a coat of chemical on the furniture carefully and leave it for half an hour until the paint becomes soft. Once the paint is softened, you can strip it off with a scapula or a chisel. Next, you must sand through the furniture to make it look as good as new. When using the chemical strippers, you must be careful not to inhale or intake the chemical as it might be hazardous.


Knowing how to remove paint from wood is an essential skill that can help you make the furniture look as good as new. Removing paint from wood furniture is a very easy task, and you can do it all by yourself.

To remove the paint, you may use a heat gun, chemical paint removers, sanding papers or just repainting the furniture on top of the old paint. These are very simple processes which you can use to save money and can then design your furniture according to your choice and will.

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