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Dewalt DCS391B Review for DIY Pros Looking for A Circular Saw

Dewalt DCS391 Review for DIY Pros Looking for A Circular Saw

You have a few wooden doors left in your backyard to shape up. You are thinking about a handsaw to cut the portion of the wood, but later it turns out to be a monotonous effort and will take at least half an hour to complete the job. So, you are thinking about how to do it faster. Hence, you realized that you need to have a small circular saw to finish this job with less effort. With a powerful motor and faster working power, Dewalt DCS391B 20-Volt Max Li-Ion Cordless Saw is the appropriate tool for you. But you need to be certain about this DeWalt cordless circular saw if you can really count on it when the need arises. Are you curious enough? We’re going to deliver a satisfying answer by the end of this review.

Can you think of purchasing Dewalt DCS391B for its lightweight structure with comfortable usage? We think you should know better than that. Read below what we have recommended for you.

Whom is This Dewalt DCS391B Ideal For?

If you are a carpenter or craftsman and looking for a precise cutting tool with appropriate depth and angle cutting, you need a convenient circular saw like DeWalt dcs39 to accomplish it. In addition, if you are a hobbyist and want to do a bigger project related to cutting, you need to have this handy power-saw. You can have Dewalt DCS391B cordless circular saw as your cutting essentials.

Key Features of Dewalt DCS391B

1. 460 MWO and 5250 RPM Motor

This feature includes powerful motor strength and creates a faster working environment when you need to cut according to your demand.

2. Magnesium Shoe

For long term cut accuracy and jobsite durability, magnesium shoe integrates high strength lightweight working experience.

3. 0-50 degree Bevel Capacity

If you want to cut wood or sheet by quick adjustment, this circular saw provides aggressive bevel cuts for a multitude of application.

4. Over-molded Rubber

For optimal balance and control, the optimized over-molded rubber gives your comfort while gripping the circular saw.

5. 5-inch Carbide-tipped Blade

The 6.5-inch blade enables you to cut 2 times material at 90 degrees and 45 degrees including more cuts per charge.

Specifications at a glance

  • Type: Dewalt DCS391 B
  • Product Dimensions: 8.5 x 15.5 x 10.5 inches
  • Speed: 5250 RPM
  • Voltage: 20V
  • Head Style: Flat
  • Number of Handles: 2
  • Measurement System: Metric
  • Model Number: DCS391B
  • Item Weight: 7.1lbs
  • Recovery: 32.2 inches Per Turn
  • Color: Yellow
  • Style: Circular Saw
  • Components Included: 20v 6-1/2-inch Circular saw
  • Handle Material: Rubber Over-molded


  • Lightweight and Durable
  • Long-term cut accuracy
  • Optimal balance and control
  • Powerful and smooth cutting


  • The battery may create issues

Common Questions and Answers

  • Question: Will it work for cutting 2×4 and 4×4 sheets with 2 amp batteries?
    Answer: It definitely cuts 2×4 and 4×4 size sheets. For batteries, you need to higher the amp to work for more cuts.
  • Question: Does it have any dust collection port?
    Answer: The manufacturer of this circular saw doesn’t think it needs any dust collector especially for 20v battery version.
  • Question: How to change the cutting angle?
    Answer: There should have degree markings on the plate where the lock is. Keep plate flayed on material that you are cutting and allow the tool to do the rest. Make sure the plate is locked and follow precaution while removing power source.

Our findings on Dewalt DCS391B

Let’s see the real-time usage this time. Find out a few details we established based on our own trusted review about this product.

1. Performance

I used to have a saw that had several features, such as, 20v batteries, rotary hammer and 3 different chargers as well as the 12-volt vehicle charger. To ensure top performance cutting is the essential part of any power-saw. Using this DEWALT DCS391B, I cut a solid oak with ease with the 6.5-inch sharp blade. The powerful motor of this cordless power-saw ensures you to cut down the thicker object with less effort. The only drawback I have faced with this saw is, it doesn’t have any rip fence, and it does take more effort to cut corners without the rip fence tool. You can purchase the rip fence separately for your convenience for smooth cutting and corner cutting. Other than this, the product was good enough to cut your essentials.

In a word, we observed the Dewalt DCS391B for a longer period of time, and we found no issues. This power-saw offers an accurate cutting and durable performance by its iconic components.

2. Ease of use

I used this circular saw blade, and it was easy to operate. The easier and comforting hold of this circular saw provides better working ability. I cut a sheet with a 90-degree angle, and it provides the smooth and effortless cut within no time. In addition, the carbide-tipped blade provides enough strength to cut a portion of the surface according to your demand. So, I am satisfied with the way it cuts with less effort.

How to use and maintain Dewalt DCS391B?

1. Using the Circular saw

  • Mount blade on the right side of saw’s motor
  • Stretch out the tape measurement
  • Mark the accurate cuts
  • Use chalk lines to mark straight cutting lines
  • Take two seconds to double check the markings
  • Clamp before cutting any angle
  • Place the cutting board with precision
  • Cut the board according to the markings

2. Maintaining the Circular saw

  • Don’t start cutting in humid or moisture environment
  • Accumulated pitch, sap may dull the blade
  • Clean the saw blades after every work
  • Never use a wire brush to clean
  • Avoid overheating surroundings
  • Never put circular saw blades on a cement surface

Customers’ Feedbacks on Dewalt DCS391B

We were more than judgmental about the product than most customers on Amazon did. Its outstanding 4.6 stars with over 600 customer reviews from real buyers should be enough to come into a conclusion about DEWALT DCS391B as an optimal product, but some users went exceeding the average positive lines as they shared their bitter experiences due to the battery drains faster.

However, this product has the ability to handle extra pressure, and aggressive bevel cuts capability to cut with quick adjustment and its powerful motor provides a systematic way to run the circular saw.

Our Final Thoughts

So, you are aware of every detail about this cordless circular saw, and it takes us to make the final result about this product. You might be waiting for the final outcome that would keep your interest awaken. When we examined this product for a significant amount of time, later, we came to the conclusion that this product can perfectly work with its value on different circumstances. As this product features demanding cuts ability using the powerful motor and includes portability with 20v Li-Ion battery, this cordless circular saw is surely a better product than most of the Li-Ion Circular Saws out there.

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