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WEN 4210 Drill Press Review

WEN 4210 Drill Press Review

Since its initiation in 1951, WEN has been providing powered tools highly acclaimed by their users. Among them, WEN has some really topnotch quality drill press machines in their portfolio. With that being said, we are glad to present our WEN 4210 Drill Press review to help you make an easy buying decision.

Wood crafting requires the right skill and the right equipment. Cutting-edge technology has made crafting much less time-consuming. Woodworkers love to get an effortless drilling experience. For instance, you, if a DIYer, will feel efficient with the presence of the laser pointer for better accuracy and visibility. All these are the features WEN Drill Press 4210 offers. Are you the DIY craftsman willing to make masterpieces out of metal, plastic or, most importantly, wood, and plenty other materials? Whether it is for work, for fulfilling your handcrafting activities, or for woodworking projects, this WEN Drill Press is here for your convenience.

You might have the passion for crafting, a keen mind to learn, or simply the will to practice DIY projects as a handyman inside the home, or outside. In this review of WEN Model no. 4210 Drill Press, you will get an in-depth discussion on the effectiveness of this tool.

Feature Analysis

This machine assures you a topnotch quality drilling in your workshop, you will be glad that you decided to buy this one. Keep reading to know the details of the key features of this tool.

1. 3.2 Ampere Motor

It has a 3.2 Ampere motor that delivers the essential power to drill through wood, metals, plastics and many other materials. It also provides the users with smooth drilling experience..

2. Depth Adjustment Gauge

You can set the limit of spindle travel by using depth adjustment options for precise drilling outputs. This will help you determine the depth of any shape that has a step, groove, or slot.

3. Adjustable Worktable

Bevel the worktable 45° left and right, you will be able to perform the drilling at various angles. This will allow you to slope the table to any position within 45 degrees, left or right.

4. 5-Speed Operation

You can regulate the spindle speed at either 3400, 2400, 1700, 1100, or 600 rotation per minute as per the thickness and strength of the materials you are drilling.

5. 2/3 HP Induction Motor

Durable 2/3 horsepower and induction motor help the tool develop ample torque and smooth performance.

6. 10-inch Swing and 2-1/2-inch Stroke

Drill directly through the center of the circle measuring up to 10 inches in diameter and 2-1/2 inches thick.

7. ½-inch Keyed Chuck

The spindle taper (JT33) accepts bits up to ½-inch in diameter while the onboard storage keeps your chuck key close-by.

8. Cast Iron Base

The sturdy cast iron base prevents walking and wobbling when you are operating using bolt holes and to mount the drill machines onto a benchtop according to your need and convenience.


  • Product Size: 21.5inches X 14.5inches X 9.5inches
  • Weight of the Product: 51 lbs
  • Color: Black
  • Item model number: 4210
  • Part Number: 4210
  • Brand: Wen
  • Style: 10” 5-Speed
  • Batteries: 2 AA batteries required. (included)
  • Power Source: ac
  • Quantity: 1
  • Batteries Required: Yes
  • Average Battery Life: 5 hours
  • Motor: 3.2 Amp durable motor
  • Speed: 600 RPM – 3100 RPM.
  • Spindle Size: 2-1/2”
  • Worktable: 7-5/8-inches x 7-5/8-inches cast-iron
  • Warranty: 2-year warranty, 90-day commercial


  • Precision drilling as facilitated by the precision laser.
  • Sloped drilling up to 45-degrees
  • Can cut through plastic, metal, wood etc.
  • The mounted chuck(JT33) is fit for extreme drilling activities.


  • This tool is very heavy and difficult to transport and assemble alone.

Final Verdict

Now, it’s time to get the essence of our WEN 4210 Drill Press review, and we are about to tell you what we finally suggest.

In fact, making an ultimate statement is the trickiest part of any WEN 4210 Drill Press review. Instead of persuading or dissuading you to purchase the product, we love to convey you a more useful piece of advice. If you prefer a precise, clean cutting drill press experience, the WEN Drill Press 4210 10-inch with laser is a good variant of drill machines. We have also stated the weight issue of the WEN 4210 Drill Press, but that can be explained with just a little help from others.

In case, you are really into crafting or simple woodworking, whether you are planning to it professionally, or simply need to drill a hole; you will most certainly find this enjoyable to use.


Q: How to replace and remove a chunk for the first time?
Ans: Break and pull out the taper, clean it, then place the chunk right on the dedicated shaft, tap upward to lock the chunk. Check the efficacy before using it for the next task.

Q: Can the table be removed?
Ans: It can be assembled without the table. Alternatively, just turning the table around to face the other way so that it is not in the work area can help.

Q: How is WEN 4210 Drill Press with laser 10-inch better than the WEN 4208 8-inch Drill Press?
Answer: The 4210 has a larger table, built-in precision laser, and a work-light, has a lower speed range by 140 RPM in the lower extreme, a swing of 2 inches higher and a spindle travel of 2-1/2-inches instead of 4208’s 2-inches.

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