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WEN 4225 Variable Speed Drill Press Review

WEN 4225 Variable Speed Drill Press

Are you searching for a powerful drill press that offers different speed? WEN 4225, a powerful drill press, has variable speeds which make it very easy for drilling professionals to adjust through a belt system. Several other features work in a combination making the machine an all-around helper for any woodworking or metalworking projects. Read our WEN 4225 before making a decision on the purchase.

The machine features three spindles which are large enough to operate effortless drilling even through a board having 4×4 thickness. It has a runoff channel to help the worktable and the workpieces remain cool and prevent the drill from overheating. Do you feel bothered that most drill presses do not offer laser light to make accurate target or work in dark areas?

The WEN 4225 has brought a wonderful solution as it offers laser lights to target the drilling point of the workpiece with precision. The X-pattern laser pointer ensures maximum precision during drilling operations. You can use it in all-weather conditions as the worktable is made of weatherproof cast iron and offers a stronghold. The motor included in this WEN 4225 drill machine has substantial capacity to prevent stroke arises from overheating into it. This motor is very cool enough to work for a long time.

Is WEN 4225 Worth the Money?

1. Three Spindles

This wen drill press is designed with three tall and strong spindle that helps the user get a variety of speed setting ranging from 180 RPM to maximum 2940 RPM. These three spindles help to change the speed by the need. This different speed allows the drill press to make the hole accurate and sharp. This spindle is not very tight and provides a smooth operation to increase the flexibility of your desired task. You can stop the task by adjusting the belt simply.

2. One Precision Laser

The X-pattern laser pointer makes sure that you are getting an effortless drilling experience with maximum precision. You have to turn on the laser pointer to create an X through the center of your target to ensure that the right place is determined for making holes.

3. 5/8-In Chuck, Key Storage (Onboard)

The spindle of this floor standing drill press travel to a 5/8 inches chuck which can make holes of a 4-3/4 inch. The diameter of the hole is very impressive as you do not have to repeat the task to make the hole deeper. So, you can complete your task in a single attempt.

4. 14 x 14-Inches Worktable Made of Cast Iron

The work table is given the diameter of 14 by 14 inch made with cast iron can swivel to 45° at max. in either directions for perfect adjustment with the workpieces. You can change in any one direction that you think as suitable for your workpieces drilling. This offers an important feature to make the holes in precision.

5. A 13-Amp Motor

This 13 AMP motor has strong power and capacity to work for a long time. It has a full 4-3/4 inches of stroke capacity and delivers reliable performance across 12 variable speeds. The motor does not underperform in any overheating conditions. The range of speeds provided by this motor can accommodate metal, hardwood, softwood, plastic and more.


  • Product Dimensions: 25″ X 12″ X 63″
  • Item Weight: 170 pounds
  • Size: 15 Inch
  • Item model number: 4225
  • Part Number: 4225
  • Style: 15 Inch Variable Speed
  • Item Package Quantity: 1
  • Batteries Required: No
  • Warranty: 2-year warranty, 90-day commercial


  • Easy to adjust the speed
  • Helps to make the hole deeper
  • Capacity to hold a large weight
  • Laser light helps to target correctly


  • Unstable base

Final Verdict

The WEN 4225 is a very powerful tool to use in a workstation for industrial purpose. This is a combination of three spindles, 12 speeds, 13-amp coolant motor designed with the cast iron material to increase the synergies of this perfect operation tool.

Though there is a silly downside that can be handled by creating consciousness regarding the issue. As we have mentioned that the base does not remain stable in the same position when you place the heavy workpieces for drilling purpose. But we have brought a solution that may eliminate your troublesome to some extent.

You can place this WEN 4225 on a platform that is very heavy and made of cement so that the drill place cannot move when working with it. You can also place the drill press in the corner of the room so that it can attach to the wall strongly. After all, this is amazing equipment and trustworthy to use for construction purpose.

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