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How To Drill Into Wood Without Splitting or Damaging It

How To Drill Into Wood
Last Update: April 28, 2023

A woodworking drill press is used by carpenters from all around the globe for its efficiency. Drilling can be done by placing the drill press on a table or on the plain floor. It comes with a column made of steel.

One of its best conveniences is the drill woodworking operates using a geared technique and mechanism unlike a hand drill machine. As a result, you can use the lever to rise or descend the bit.

Before you start your drill woodworking, it is necessary to know that the piece which is going to be attached should be kept on the table that is adjusted with the upstanding column. Drill press offers another advantage by helping you drill at a desired angle. You will be able to constantly drill in the same exact location with the help of a fence and stop block.

So, let us start our discussion on the use of drill press in drill woodworking:

How To Drill Into Wood

How To Drill Into Wood Without Splitting or Damaging It

Getting Things In Place

Drill woodworking needs correct measurements to secure its drilling location. You can buy drill guides from hardware shops. These can be available in a wide range of diameters. Place it carefully on the exterior part of the target work and insert the bit gently like a professional.

Caring About The Drilling Operations

This drill press can solve your issue related to drilling guides. You can drill holes of different diameter all by yourself in blocks and pieces of wood. But be careful while doing this as the holes can differ from that of drill guides. Large holes often comes with more difficulty as it’s hard to place the drill press perfectly.

Doing The Alignment

To align the bit, you should remove a rectangle or square piece of wood. Then make a right angle with it and put the bit to a corner. Thus, a perfect alignment will be created. As you place the bit with the nail by touch, you should insert a large headed strong nail for extra protection.

Some More Things To Remember

Use a strong and empty spool of the bobbin of a sewing machine to keep the hole straight. At first, mark the intended spot with the help of the machine by creating a beginning hole. Pass the drill bit though the bobbin mand start drilling the hole. This hole should follow the starting hole created by you in the first place. Thus, you can drill in a perfectly straight or perpendicular way.

These are few simple guides you can consider before starting a long desired woodworking project by using  an efficient drill press. Also, you may spend some time choosing a great one from the popular drill presses We hope the instructions will be helpful for you to drill holes flawlessly. Send us a question if you still have a question!

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