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Best Carpenter Tools in 2023 for Woodworking Contractors

Carpenter tools
Written by Willie Osgood
Last Update: December 29, 2022

Do you want to be a carpenter but can’t decide which tools to use? You’re not alone. Many people face the same problem when they want to start the profession as a carpenter. Deciding your equipment is a very important step because if you do it right, you may end up with more orders than a regular carpenter. This article will let you know about the best carpenter tools, starting from the basic carpenter tools to all the complex tools.

Carpenter Tools for Professionals & Beginners

The Hammer

The hammer may be one of the simplest and common tools that you may find. The hammer is also one of the old carpenter tools that are still being used today. This is a must-have tool, and it is used for all sorts of things. You can find the hammer and some other essential tools in a tool kit set. Professional carpenters prefer the best toolkit sets as most of the important tools are provided inside the set and that the tools last a long time.

Chisel and Mallet

The next important tools that you must buy are surely a chisel and a wooden mallet. The chisel will help you chip through the wooden lumber. The wooden mallet is particularly important while using a mallet, as it struck onto the head of the chisel to make the chisel chip through the wood.


Tape Measure

The tape measure is a particularly important tool for a carpenter. It’s particularly handy when measuring a piece of wood. The accuracy of this tape measure is usually high, and the tape can be rolled into a small coiled up formation, which increases its ease of storage.

Thickness Planer

The thickness planer is very handy when it comes to smoothening the surface of a piece of wood. It can trim the wooden boards to a consistent thickness throughout their length on both surfaces.


Joinery Tools

Joinery tools such as the biscuit joiner or the pocket hole joiner are great at sticking multiple wood lumber onto each other. The biscuit joiner has a round shape blade which cuts a small semi-circular hole on the two opposing edges of two pieces of wood. Glue is then applied to the hole, and the boards are attached  with each other. As the sodden glue enlarge the biscuit, the bond is strengthened. Make sure that you are using a top-notch biscuit joiner or pocket hole joiner as it may affect the quality of board produced.


Workmate and Clamps

For well-built furniture, you must ensure that the project you’re working on is stationary. To do this, you can construct the project on a workmate and secure the wooden board with pieces of clamps. The clamps will hold the wooden board in place, making it easy for you to cut and shape it. Thus, your work will be easier, and the shape will be uniform all throughout.


Band Saw

What the band saw is another useful equipment used by professional carpenters. This equipment is easy to use and can cut through big chunks of wood in a very little time. If used properly, a high-quality band saw can save time and effort. Safety precautions must always be followed before using this equipment.

Band-saws - Carpenter tools

Circular Saw

The circular saw is one of the essential carpenter tools that you’d need to purchase. This powerful handheld tool can cut through the wood in a matter of seconds. It comes very handy when you have to be precise on a smaller piece of wood. A high-quality circular saw can save you a lot of time and effort when compared to a regular hand saw. The circular saw can be easily sharpened, which makes it a very versatile tool.

Circular-Saw - Carpenter tools

Disc Sander

The disc sander is a type of trim carpenter tools that are used to make surfaces smooth. The disc sander uses sandpaper that can be attached to the body. As the motor inside the body rotates, the sandpaper rubs against the wood. This is how the wooden surface turns smooth. Once you have this machine you might not need a belt sander.

Disc-Sander - Carpenter tools

Drill Press

The drill press is probably the most important tool as it is used in almost all of the woodworking projects. It can be used to drill holes onto the wooden board so that bolts can be inserted through the holes. A high-quality drill press is always recommended by professional carpenters.

Drill-Press - Carpenter tools


These were our picks for the best carpenter tools that you must purchase if you want to pursue the career of carpentry. Take note that these are just a few of the tools that you may need. Always be sure to follow the safety instructions to carpentry. We hope that you find this article helpful.

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