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How to Cut Bricks With an Angle Grinder? – The Easiest Method!

how to cut bricks with angle grinder
Written by Brent Butterworth
Last Update: January 11, 2023

It is likely that you will be using bricks whenever you are constructing a wall. However, it is true that bricks don’t always fit every application. For example, there might be times when you need to cut a brick in half or angle a brick slightly.

Here we shared a simple process for cutting bricks with an angle grinder and what you need to do it.

How to Cut Bricks With an Angle Grinder


Step 1: Gather tools

  • Angle grinder
  • Protective gear
  • Bricks
  • Safe workbench

Step 2: Protect yourself

Put on a mask and goggles to protect your eyes from the brick dust. Masks will help to stop any dust particles from entering your lungs which can cause asphyxia. Gloves are important to protect your hands from being cut on the angle grinder.

Angle grinders are very loud, so you should wear ear protection to look after your ears.

Step 3: Buy quality discs

Diamond blades Angle Grinder Discs

Wheel size should be chosen carefully. The smaller one, which measures 155mm in diameter, is not capable of cutting deeper, whereas the larger one, with a diameter of 230mm, can do so.

Diamond blades are the most effective option for cutting.

Step 4: Mark your paver

Marking paver

You need to measure out the area you need to fill and copy that estimation to the brick. A simple pencil will do the trick. In most cases, when you are cutting bricks, you should mark the four surface areas of the brick.

Step 5: Correctly set materials

The workbench needs to be set up first. Some add plywood screws to the bench to make a little slot for the bricks to sit in. This can make it easier to cut without worrying about the bricks moving around.

Step 6: Make the cuts

Cut bricks with angle grinder

On the workbench, place the brick marked with a number.

Now you just hold the angle grinder with one hand and place the blade on the brick you want to cut.

Turn the tool on. You want to slowly lower the blade to the surface of the brick. Find the marked spot and start cutting each brick. You won’t need to push down very hard, but you will have to guide it.

Once cut, the brick can be snapped. Try to cut the brick with just one pass.

Safety Tips for Using an Angle Grinder

  • Please remove all jewelry, strings, and earphones

Angle grinders should be free of anything that can get stuck between them.

  • Avoid wet areas at all costs

Don’t work in wet areas or during rain. If the tool isn’t completely dry, don’t use it.

  • Handle power cables with care

Make sure they’re behind you, so you don’t damage or cut them. Also, make sure you will not trip over them.

  • Dispose of flammable materials

Remove fuel, diesel, oils, and paper to prevent fire hazards. The angle grinder produces sparks during operation, can ignite these substances.

  • Clean up your workspace

Make sure that all tools, cables, and toolboxes are removed so you can move around with ease without worrying about making a mess. In case you need any tools, make sure they are in an easy-to-reach place.

  • Be prepared with a fire extinguisher

Fire hazards should be prepared for. Many accidents can be avoided by having the right extinguisher for each type of fire.


1. Are angle grinders safe to use?

Ans. So long as you have the appropriate safety equipment, you are safe. However, if you use it without following instructions, it can cause injury.

2. To cut pavers, what kind of blade should I use?

Ans. A diamond blade is what you need. Small diamond particles have been deposited on the blade’s edge, which grinds through brick and stone. For best results, look for one that is specifically designed for bricks.

3. How big should an angle grinder be for cutting brick?

Ans. For example, 4” and 6” grinder models can cut bricks of small sizes. On the other hand, a 9” angle grinder can cut larger bricks.

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