Senco DS332-AC Auto-feed Screwdriver

Senco DS332-AC Auto-feed Screwdriver

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Senco is a renowned power tool manufacturer. They have got a range of power tools for both home use and industrial use. The Senco screw gun is just another product line they got that serves the users efficiently. This drill gun is able to perform in a great deal. It has got screw strip to set the screws and drill it accordingly. This Senco screw drill machine has got a remarkable speed. The speed of this machine is about 2500 RPM.

To run this screw gun, we need 120 Volts and 6 amp current. It’s a heavy duty auto feed screw gun. Screws with 6 to 12 in diameter and 1ʺ to 3ʺ long screws can be fixed with this machine. All kinds of screw drilling work can be done easily with the help of this gun. It’s a lightweight power tool with just 5.9 lbs. This simple machine can help the user in great ways.

Screw guns can be used for a variety of tasks. Drywall drilling to deck drilling, every kind of task, can be performed with this quality screw gun. We don’t need to purchase a drywall screw gun when we have a Senco screw gun.

One year warranty of this collated screw gun makes it the more obvious choice for a buyer. At least for one year, we don’t need to think of the other screw gun. Of course, there are other brands that are making high-quality power tools. Makita screwgun and Dewalt screw gun are the tools that have got the reputation to serve the users to the perfection.

Makita screw guns are 18 Volt guns with a lithium-ion battery. Makita has got the cordless drywall screw gun that helps the home users to some extent. Who makes DeWalt so popular? The quality and the process of service they provide is the reason for their popularity. Li-ion battery is also used in Dewalt gun. Dewalt drywall guns have got the quality to serve the users perfectly.

Our Remarks

We often get confused between screw gun vs drill. Both are doing quite the same thing, but there is the difference. Screw guns are specially used for installing dry walls, and any kind of fastening of the screw can be done with a screw gun. With a drill gun we can drill holes on a surface, and for installing cabinets, drills plays an important role.

The Senco screw gun is a power-driven corded screw gun. The RPM of  this machine is very high. 3ʺ screws can be drilled by this powerful machine. It’s a very lightweight machine that can be handled by the home users easily. For installing drywall, it’s a great machine.

There various types of people out there who might not a suite with Senco. They have got the option of  Dewalt drywall screw gun to get the things done. For drilling Dewalt has got their product line also. Which you can select. There is a Pink drill, a set of drill machine having the pink color might be an auto choice for women.

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