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RIKON 30-120 Drill Press Review For Simplified Drilling Work

RIKON 30-120 Drill Press Review For Simplified Drilling Work

The RIKON 30-120 Drill Press is a heavy duty bench drilling machine with solid steel and cast iron build. With this drill, you can drill identical holes on your bench-top with great power and precision since it comes with a depth setting and a ½ HP motor. While it’s designed for woodworking, you can work on practically any object, and you can do reaming and tapping on top of drilling. The drill press is so compactly designed that you can work very smoothly on it although it has a powerful motor. Read this RIKON 30-120 Drill Press review to know more about the product!

Key Features of RIKON 30-120 Drill Press

1. Powerful motor

The ½ HP motor of the RIKON drill press makes it an energetic machine for drilling. With this motor, this drill can generate accurate holes on any material. The hardest of materials get easier to drill with this motor.

2. Clutch depth stop

You can set the drilling depths with the clutch depth stop. This makes repetitive drilling very easy and accurate. This function makes the RIKON drill so popular.

3. Cast Iron construction

The heavy construction of the drill press allows it to have smooth operation although it has a powerful motor. The cast iron and steel build of the drill makes the drilling highly durable.

4. Adjustable table height

The RIKON drill comes with an easily adjustable table that offers various height settings, so you get comfortable drilling. You can also tilt the table from both lefts and right at 45°. This table allows for all kinds of drilling angles and positions, so the entirety of the piece you’re working on is covered.

5. 16 spindle speeds

For the most optimum result with drilling, there are 16-speed settings that you can use on any material. The speed ranges from 200-3600 rpm. The shifting speeds also allow you to work on different materials than wood.

Specifications at a glance

  • Type: Drill press
  • Product Dimensions: 24”x13” x39”
  • Model Number: 30-120
  • Power Source: Electric (Corded)
  • Motor: ½ HP
  • Motor Speed: 1720 rpm
  • Drilling Capacity: 5-8”
  • Rotation: 360°
  • Speeds: 16
  • Volts: 120V
  • Warranty: 5 years


  • Easy assembly
  • Quiet operation
  • Smooth, vibration-free operation
  • Powerful motor
  • Great for identical drilling
  • Heavy construction with heavy duty
  • Suitable for all sorts of drilling
  • Various spindle speeds
  • Comes with a long cord
  • Great customer service


  • The positioning of the cast iron handle is uncomfortable on the hands
  • The packaging is often done improperly

Our Findings

We had our own benchtop drilling to do. So we bought the RIKON 30-120 13-Inch Drill Press and gave it a go. Here’s what we’ve found out about the product.

1. Performance

The drill is very large for a benchtop. The base, the table, and the head unit are made out of cast iron. The cord, the power switch and the drive belts are made of plastic. Everything else of the device is steel. Even though it’s a heavyweight and heavy duty machine, the assembly is pretty simple. But two people are recommended for assembly.

We found the drive belts at the lowest speed, and we adjusted it to our need according to the speed chart that’s just on the top cover. The drill doesn’t come with any gimmick and is solely focused on performance and durability. The machine runs super quietly. The table might seem small to some, but you can always attach an additional work surface to the iron table.

Although the handle is solid, made out of cast iron and very strong, it’s not placed very practically. The gap between the tension lever and the handle makes it painful to control the tension of the machine. You might end up hurting your fingers if you try to do it too carelessly. So, be careful.

2. Ease of use

The RIKON drill press is designed to make your benchtop drilling experience easy. Since it’s a heavy duty press drilling machine, it does all the work for you. You need to find the correct setting for the job. The assembly is also easy with the product. The product is made to last for a long time with its heavy construction materials. So, the maintenance is pretty easy with this product.

3. Price

This is a high-quality press drill without the high price. RIKON cuts off the price by not adding any laser lights or digital functions that are found in other drill presses. You have to choose for yourself if you want a durable, low-priced and heavy duty press drill or you want the modern gimmicks.

How to use and maintain the RIKON 30-120 Drill Press

1. How to get ready with RIKON 30-120 Drill Press

  • Make sure the machine isn’t plugged in yet
  • Raise or lower the table by loosening or tightening the column lock
  • Tilt the table to get the angle you desire
  • Adjust the spindle speed by opening the belt cover on the top
  • Set the correct spindle lock with the depth stop collar lock

2. Maintenance

  • Investigate if there is any damaged cord or loose screw.
  • Use brush and cloth with compressed air when cleaning the dust.
  • Make the drill press worktable free of dirt, resin and rust.
  • Apply oil to the bolts along with other materials regularly.
  • Lubricate the quill sometimes and keep the column clean.
  • Remove oil, grease or any sticky substance from drive belt and pulley surfaces.

Whom is This Product Ideal For?

The RIKON is a drill press for the serious woodworkers who require a benchtop design. The powerful and efficient performance of the drill press makes it suitable for both amateur and professional users. Due to its sturdy build, users can easily perform heavy tasks using it. The depth clutch stop in it offers identical drilling. You can even drill metal and the hardest wood sheets with this drill press. Choose the right benchtop drill press for your usage.

Customers’ Feedbacks

The customers are content with the build and the outcome of the drill press. They’ve praised the quality product they get on such a reasonable price and the services they get with it. Some reviewers have complained about the handle wheel and the packaging of the drill press. But all of them have agreed on the impeccable heavy-duty performance of the product.

Some have mentioned the exclusion of a built-in light. This is rather a nuisance to the proper use of a drill press. Since you have to constantly change the head of the machine and thus fix the light every time, it’s better to use an external light for a drill press. Other than these, the customers are happy that they’re getting such a heavily constructed machine at such a low price range.

Our final thoughts

We’ve talked about the RIKON 30-120 in details, and now is the time to give our final verdict.

Whether you need a casual or a professional drill press, you can trust the RIKON 13-Inch Drill Press. No other drill press will give you such motor power and stability in this price range. The variable speeds and table heights make it all the more convenient to use. The extraordinary clutch depth stop function ensures accurate and precise drilling every time. You can practically customize the whole thing and make it give your desired outcome.


Q: How is the wobble on the RIKON 30-120?

Ans: There is no wobble on the machine once you install it correctly. Even with continuous usage, this drill press doesn’t show any sign of wobbling. To get the best out of the machine, follow the instructions on the user manual that comes with the machine.

Q: What do you need to do for changing the spindle speed?
Ans: Open the belt cover. Loosen the tension lock on the belt to release the belt tension. Put the tension handle backward. Now choose the speed you want to form the speed selection chart. Put the belt according to the chosen speed on the pulleys. Before you tighten the handle, push it back towards the motor.

Q: Does the assembly need professionals?

Ans: The assembly of this machine isn’t that difficult. It’s packaged in several parts, but the manual is very easily comprehensible. Although a single person can do this with a little pain, it’s suggested that you have another companion with you. However, you don’t need any professionals to assemble the machine.

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