How to select the drill press for the job?

Not all drill presses are manufactured same although their purposes remain almost the same. Assume that you are going to tackle a DIY project that needs a very specific type of drilling action. There must be a suitable model for this action. All you need is know how to select the drill press for your specific demands.

We have put together a few considerations and their technical aspects, so you can choose the right drill press for either metal or woodworking projects.

Factors to consider

Being the very fundamental components and operational essentials, the following features are present in any drill press. Here is a walk-through into the details that you need to care for.


Horsepower defines how brutally a drill press performs. Before selecting any drill press you should check its horsepower. If you use it for the drilling holes not much horsepower is needed.


Size of the drill press

While selecting the drill press, you should consider the size. A 16-inch drill press can drill an 8-inch hole from its edge. So, size is an important matter in the process of selecting any drill press for any job.


Variable speed

Variable speed of any drill press is also important. In lieu of selecting a drill press you should always bear in mind this feature. Because it may cause harm sometimes. For example, if you want to drill a wood with the high speedy drill press, it may burn the wood. So, the speed of a drill press also demands to be discussed as a major factor in time of selecting any drill press.


Floor model drill Press

It is a special kind of drill press where you can drill anything of any size. It is flexible and can be raised to upper and lower directions. It can be tilted up 360° if required.


Featured accessories

You should select that drill press that comes with the featured accessories. Sometimes, you may not find a good drill press equipped with essential accessories. But, in order to be useful, the machine needs to be compatible with the aftermarket upgrades (accessories) like the following.

  • A drill fence should be adjusted with a drill press to drill well. Because it helps to make accurate positioning of drill bit.
  • Mortising attachments are also a prime concern for selecting a drill press.
  • Attaching several sized sanding drums for a high-speed drill press.
  • Sanding drum produces finely round of every drill press.

While choosing a drill press for any job you must have to consider the above mentioned and described functions and uses of the drill press.

Drilling anything with perfection and precision requires the right machine for the task. As said, all drill presses may not prove to be equally efficient to serve uninterruptedly. Having a clarified idea about the different features and technical aspects can help you a lot to identify and select the drill press for your needs.

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