Wilton 11694 Drill Press Vise Review

A drill press vise is a tool designed to secure small materials in a workpiece for drilling purposes. It holds the jaws firmly so that the drill press does not move while making holes in any woods. The construction and performance are critical when perfect drilling is your purpose.

After using a Wilton Drill Press Vise, we have written this Wilton 11694 Drill Press Vise review to help people who might be interested in buying it.

01Wilton 11694 Drill Press Vise Overview

Wilton's Cross Slide Drill Press Vise slides in the two axes and allows you to do woodworks repeatedly. The vise features hardened V-grooved jaws for holding round objects and clamping vertically and horizontally.

The durable cast iron construction provides firm support for a long time. The base is easily mountable on the table.


  • Part Number: 11694

  • Jaw Depth: 1 3/8 "
  • Jaw Width: 4"
  • Opening Capacity Max: 4"
  • Height: 5.75 inch
  • Width: 10.5 inch
  • Length: 7 inches
  • Net Weight: 20 pounds

03Feature Analysis

3.1 Smooth Movement

Wilton's Cross Slide Drill Press Vise slides smoothly in horizontal and longitudinal directions. You may have precise spots while doing your woodworks. The Cast Side Knobs increment by 0.1mm accurately.

3.2 Durable Construction

The overall structure of Wilton Drill Press Vise is sturdy and well-engineered. The fine cast iron materials provide strong support to the base and allow for drilling repeatedly. The Hardened V-grooved jaws are a fine addition to hold the round or oval objects in horizontal and longitudinal directions.

3.3 Easy Mounting on Table

There are five bolt lugs in the base for an easy installation process on the machine base. You do not need any support from other to mount it.

04Pros & Cons

4.1 Pros

  • Slides in horizontal and longitudinal ways

  • Cast side knobs dial in 0.1mm increments
  • Hardened V Grooved Jaws to hold round objects
  • Fine cast iron construction
  • Easy mounting with five bolt rugs

4.2 Cons

Lubrication. required frequently

05Final Verdict

For smooth sliding and repeated movements, you need to apply machine oil or lubricants to the vise base. Such an action will also protect your vise from friction and erosion, the two main culprits for reducing the lifespan of a vise.

When it comes to buying a cross slide drill press vise, a high-quality vise is critical to the overall performance of your drill machine.

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